Pisces Man in Love

Pisces men come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common, they will all have a tale of tragedy to tell you. They are great story-tellers, serious romantics and very difficult to pin down. When you go fishing for a Pisces man, you’ll need sonar equipment and a wet-suit: he is elusive and slippery, and he’ll drive you mad. Truth is very much as he sees it at the time, so don’t expect him to be reliable and consistent. He’s not the most faithful of men, either, but he has a reason: you. You didn’t care enough or you did something that he cannot fully explain, but you caused it. Of course, he has many redeeming qualities: he is deliciously sexy, sloppily sentimental, kind and caring. He needs a woman who will earth him and make sense of his dreams. If that’s you, go to him: you’ll never have a dull day in Neverland.

Pisces Man relationship with a woman

The love of a woman in a Pisces male life takes up less space than self-actualization. Boys of that mark ripen early and fall in love platonic: student in high school, teacher, inaccessible to the girl, and sometimes - in the unworthy hoping to save them with his love. Love comes to him quietly, growing quickly, and often in love with for a long time does not dare to open their senses and nurtures the dream alone. Growing up, Fish-men can also enjoy the highest spiritual level, with day-dreams and poems, prayers, or an easel and brush in hand. Emotion overwhelmed them, speech Pisces is maddening, his beloved ideal they believe, suffer and forgive the shortcomings. Their sensibility excites the woman and gives her a true delight of spiritual and earthly love.

But there are among the Pisces men who do not like at all, preferring a variety of sexual pleasures. Or men - "collectors" of women. But even in this case, they respect, appreciate and cherish your collection items. And if the fish can not make a decision and understand that leave, leave or return, then depart in silence. They are not invaders: you will not otvoёvyvat by an opponent or make a scene of jealousy, preferring to sacrifice himself for the sake of his beloved. Melknёt its silver fin your fish and float away. And who in this case happy? Yes anybody. Both wounded. Love Pisces can be heaven or hell. You dare, girls? Then - go ahead! Help him to conquer you.

How to build a relationship with a Pisces Man?

You can find their fish at work, Internet lounge, in the cozy bar at the university. His clothes can be low-key: he was not very concerned about fashion. You will find it in your eyes the color of a deep lake that hypnotize you and fascinate. Be discreet but persistent in their adoration. Even if he liked you, he does not know how to strike up an acquaintance, or start a relationship with you. Meet his friends, try to get into the circle of his friends. Sociable he does not hold, and start up a conversation.

You are waiting when he will appoint a date? Keep the shutter! He can not just call before to make sure that you really want to see it. Meetings, bye! He is ready to get married! Congratulations! Marry Fish meaningful, and stable family life. Pisces in marriage - the most devoted and affectionate of all the zodiac signs. You will be caring, affectionate husband. There may be many children. Create it coziness, comfort, give your love and faithfulness. Your union will be a happy, long time, and perhaps forever.

If you are a husband and wife, and suddenly your marriage falling apart, remember - Pisces in marriage always hesitate: stay or go? Help her husband to make a choice - make sure you really need it, he is the only in your life, the most coveted.

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