Scorpio Man in Love

You see that man, peering at you with unblinking intensity, seemingly oblivious of anyone else in the vicinity - that’s Mr Scorpio, and he has serious intent. This man is led by his loins. There is no man more deeply and strangely attractive than the Scorpio - he promises to lead you into the dark mystery of sex: you sense you could be in trouble, but who cares! He’s not always the most sociable and communicative of guys - he has his own agenda, and that’s apparent to all. He is jealous and controlling; he can be cruel and manipulative. Yet he can also be gloriously romantic and utterly loyal. By the way, the best way to hook him is to treat him with disdain: he needs to be kept painfully interested - that’s why he is so attracted to airy women, those who are as cool as cucumber and sometimes as cold as ice.

How Scorpio men conquering women?

Girls, women, wives, you can suddenly find the male gaze, asking for love and lust in the eyes neutolёnnoe Scorpio. Sooner or later you will respond to this call, inviting eyes, and do not understand, as has been proved to be in his bed. What a thrill, the adrenaline and enjoyment! But do not take the time to make plans for the future.

You were caught on the first date? In vain! Scorpio perfect lover, but he never allows himself to relax and fall under the spell of women. Availability does not appeal to him. He has to win a woman an independent and equal in mind, enjoy the victory. Beat you, he may soon leave you, though, and make it honorable. And do not ask why? He himself did not fully understand it, just went on about passion.

If the love - the soul and flesh - the passion, they are constantly fighting with each other in it. The soul wants to be true, and the body requires new thrills. He is looking for love in order to justify a passion, and he sometimes can not distinguish one from the other. He falls in love, but unfortunately, I do not know how long. This is the wrong star sign, if we speak about the man. And you do not change his decision to leave - it irrevocably. But regret is not worth it! The reward temperament and sexual experience.

Scorpio Male Love

Scorpio - the hero of love triangles. It will not show their feelings in public can behave indifferently, sometimes rude and even cruel, but alone it opens without a trace and acknowledge his feelings. If it happens, it is impossible to conclude that the marriage, he may love his darling stronger and more tender than the lawful husband.

Office romance for Scorpio - is also not uncommon. But in a business relationship with a man Scorpio woman has to be careful: the victory of love are often used to achieve career goals. The contradictory nature of good intentions and the use of funds is not always worthy generates conflicting opinions about it, and your credibility will suffer.

Scorpions long married, have love affairs, sex is easy to fit and usually they begin to engage at an early age. It’s the sexiest horoscope sign, and Scorpio is quite difficult to imagine in marriage as a respectable husband.

Scorpio Man in marrige

Still, Scorpios marry. Scorpions married intelligently choose compatible in understanding woman. His house they guarded like a fortress, provide family and are excellent fathers, though there are too harsh. However, extramarital affairs are not uncommon among scorpions. A passionate affair they perceive to be independent of the marriage area of human relationships, but never allow casual love affairs threatened the family and married, do not allow the thought of divorce. You may say that it is immoral that they are selfish. Maybe so. But such their nature intended. His sexual appetite and the possibilities are unlimited. Besides, he recovers his strength to continue to work for the good of the family. If a wife understands this, then he will appreciate his wife even more. In addition, it easily manages to meet and wife.

Dear wife, think better as his favorite Scorpio married to please. Give him enough sex, but do not do it too quickly. In his youth, Scorpio loves soft light, romantic music and perfume. Later, bright light and mirrors clean and well maintained body. The wife should be in all accurate, true and faithful. Scorpions owners do not give them reason to doubt. Do not insult: he will remember and revenge. Remember that the Scorpion can be unexpected outbreaks of aggression, when he can frustrate the evil in you. Do not react violently. In his race for the success of today, he just exhausted physically and mentally. Cook had better bath. Tomorrow, he will forget his troubles and you will be grateful. Taita not angry with him.

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Scorpio Man in Love
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