Taurus Man in Love

This man does not move very fast. He does not believe in the sudden storm of love and he’ll need to road-test you for a very, very long time before he proposes marriage. As with everything in life, he wants guarantees and value for money. Mr Taurus is predictable and reliable, not spontaneous and daring, so if you want thrills and spills, head in the opposite direction. What the Taurus man is into is food and comfort - he’s the couch-potato with a fondness for haute cuisine. He’s also very sensual and sexy - quite the marathon man of the bedroom Olympics. To hook this guy, aside from being solvent and punctual, dazzle him with your intellect and tell him tall tales.

How to attract a Taurus man?

If you want to draw the attention of the Taurus, take care of the figure, a healthy complexion, clean skin and robust clothes made from natural materials. Smiling sensual lips, a delicate perfume and femininity make him look at you. If Taurus invited you to a party in a cafe surrounded by attention at work, or even had a chance connection, it is too early to talk about love. It does not affect his feelings and opinion about your friends or team recognition. Taurus only trusts his instincts and personal experience. His passion grows slowly and gradually.

Flirting, demonstrating their demand for stories about past victories totally inappropriate and only repel Taurus. It is almost impossible to seduce all kinds of women’s tricks. Restraint, some indecision, maintaining a distance, your success at work or school will attract him more. Man Taurus - stubborn, it will doggedly pursue their goal, and if you see in his eyes the fire of desire, attentions on his part became insistent and regular, so any deep feelings.

The desires and feelings for the bulls - the same thing. Now physical proximity determines everything. Taurus attach great importance to the behavior of sex and do not tolerate frigid partner. It is open to all forms of intimacy and openness implies the same in a woman. Taurus If you loved, his love touching and tender, strong passion, not of complicated inferences, excites and lasts long. Many Taureans are ready to surround their chosen luxury. If Taurus made an offer, then I look at you more than once, and the choice of its intelligent, marriage is designed to reciprocity, loyalty, and the inadmissibility of divorce.

Taurus: good owner and the faithful husband

Taurus in marriage and family life succeed. They are peaceful, can not stand the shouts and quarrels. Although there may be obstinate, capricious and lazy on the little things, but on the whole patient, careful and supple. They like the comfort of home, good food, and are ready to equip the house and garden.

Taurus, fathers are usually gentle warm parents care about their children, although there may be a little dictatorial towards him. Exclusive owner of his woman, they do not involve deceptions, novels or flirting on the side. Disharmony relations and instability - not for them. Adultery is not forgiven and destroy marriage. Taurus passes through the hell of jealousy, sadness, and does not want any, may fall in alcohol dependence, "Don Juanism" or deep depression.

Taurus Divorced often coerced by it and dependent negative bias. The relationship with him difficult. But if Taurus overcomes its proprietary jealous nature, there is no perfect lover and husband. Women aspire to marriage with Taurus. And more often Taurus happy marriage, although it does not apply to this special effort.

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Taurus Man in Love
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