Sagittarius Woman in Love

Love is one of the eternal mysteries for our Sagittarius woman. Therefore it is also, at one and the same time, both her most longed-for prize and most hidden treasure. She wants a partner who is a mental and physical equal, someone who can explain the mystery of life and love to her. She often fears intimacy, and for her, love often blossoms naturally from friendships. A Sagittarius woman in love is honest and trustworthy. She plays by the rules and even when completely smitten, seems to be able to maintain a very attractive independence, which only serves to enhance her charm.

Understanding the Sagittarius Woman

According to the statistics that the Sagittarius woman is often the first novel to be lifelong, and seek to obtain a more in later life. Sagittarius woman in love are less burdened by family fetters than representatives of this zodiac sign male, but she highly appreciates his freedom.

Because of the love for freedom in personal relationships it will not tolerate the man requires it: a detailed report about her life and be accountable for the money expended. Such an attitude she sees no other way than an encroachment on its independence, which it closely connects with their material well-being.

All Strelchiham - Huntress I intend and wish happiness to your "Cupid’s arrow" certainly fall into the specified target. It categorically rejects the love of boys younger than her age, and all remaining members of the stronger sex is haunted by his own sexy fantasies. Marriage to a woman - Sagittarius always be interesting, fun and neodnoobrazen.

But do not presumptuous to hope that a woman of this sign will be spinning all day at the stove and to please her husband. For a woman of the family will not leave a job. In order to feel free, the woman archer need to live in a beautiful house built in a quiet area of the city every day to have a large sum of money in cash and go on holiday abroad. Moreover, if the husband can not accompany her on this trip, it is time to find a replacement for him.

extravagance Streltsov female, often leads to despair of their husbands. In an attempt to introduce restrictions on the wife of its financial expenses, it could break the whole tirade against him, consisting of derogatory words. Similar scenes only accelerate the inevitable break.

Sagittarius woman in love relationships

It is easy once survived a divorce, a woman Sagittarius, "trying to find freedom," or rather, financial independence, re-directs their attention to the rich men. Soon, she marries again. In fairness, it should be noted that the Sagittarius woman in love can be true and tender, if her life’s journey to meet a man worthy of her. With him she would go fishing, easy to carry hardships of camp life, and arouse admiration and envy of his friends.

As long as there was this fateful meeting, Sagittarius in the face of a female person does not burden itself by special moral bonds. Once it is outside of your own home, it immediately awakens sensuality and sex appeal. It is very frivolous and often did not hesitate to enter into sexual contact.

Like all Sagittarians, in bed, she can feel an inner inhibitory factor, due to the contradiction between her sexual appetite and the desire to look like a modest woman. Neutralize its deterrent effect helps to use a small amount of alcohol. Woman Sagittarius love and sex is different ardor, activity and passion that draws men to her. It is not complex, and closely follows the words, saying that in bed everything is possible.

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Sagittarius Woman in Love
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