Cancer Man and Libra Woman

A Cancer man and a Libra woman will enjoy an easy-going relation. Individuals from these signs will experience mutual attraction towards each other. While the Cancer man carries a charismatic aura around himself, the Libra woman overpowers him with her raw vital appeal.

Though the Cancer man will not reveal his real intentions until very late into the relationship, one can be certain that if he has been committed for a while, he will definitely pop the question sooner rather than later. A Cancer man loves being in love and takes ample care of his partner. He may not display his love very often, which may mislead his partner but rest assured, he is completely committed once you decipher his impenetrable exterior.

A Libra woman, on the other hand, is generous with her love and compliments. She will let her partner know what she is thinking if he asks and will not spare any detail. She is very carefree and expressive, which seems striking to the Cancer man. A Libra woman will seem nonchalant at first but as the relationship progresses, she will become very possessive about her partner. Though she will never admit to the world that she is possessive about her partner, she will be seething with anger inside if someone makes an attempt to flirt with her man.

When such a couple comes together in a relationship, their lives mesh into each other’s increasingly well. This gives them the freedom to live a separate life as two different individuals and enjoy life as a couple too. Though the Cancer man might appear to become clingy at later stages in the relationship, the Libra woman will tolerate this change in his behavior. She will look upon it as his expression of love for her, which may help avoid messy fights later.

Though the couple will have relatively easy lives than most other pairs, one cannot rule out the differences that will creep in every now and then. The trick here, like with everyone else will be to work around the differences in such a manner that makes the relationship stronger rather than employ a way that hampers the union.

A Libra woman and a Cancer man will definitely have their share of happiness with each other and if they continue to live their lives without altering it much, they will be joyous and successful together.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

This relationship invites negative polarization along gender bent lines — that is, she winds up acting like a poor imitation of a man while he acts like a poor imitation of a woman. They can be crabby and bossy, making each other miserable. it helps if they fall into roles where he can be nurturing and she gets to be business like. She should run things, being better at it by nature, but both signs are cardinal and neither is likely to give up control. If he tries to exercise the male prerogatives she can do a particularly ugly version of passive aggressive. This is also a prime example of the elemental dictum, “Air tortures water”. The more hurt and vulnerable Cancer, the water sign becomes, the more distant and cold the air sign Libra gets, finally approaching the point of real cruelty to Cancer’s sensitivities.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Cancer Man

Compliments will get you everywhere. They don’t even need to make sense. Most of all, tell her how beautiful she Is.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Libra Woman

Show him how you like to take control. He’ll hate you for it later but it’s a real turn on at the start. He likes a clean, “fresh” look, soft colors, a little fluff with the Board Room Aire. You can be such an intriguing combination of yin and yang. He will appreciate what a good conversationalist you are since he lacks that skill set.

Degree of Romance

No two people will ever try harder to play the romantic parts but I’ll save you the frustration. You don’t really go well together that way.

Degree of Passion

Can’t go here either.

Degree of Friendship

This is out, too.

Degree of Marriage

After an initial period of infatuation, you’re likely to fight about everything, never realizing what’s underneath it is that you both need to run the show. Libra’s normal diplomacy and ability to compromise is predicated on her being in charge. If she begins to sense (after the honeymoon is over), that this never was and never will be the basis of the relationship, she will be harder to get along with than her Evil Twin Aries. Her abrasive pushiness, constant nagging and passive aggressive ploys like “Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to have your cat neutered while you were gone” will drive him into the most childish pout that ever unbecame a grown man. He may also display whininess and petulance as well as getting clingy just to get on her nerves. Anyone in the presence of a Libra long enough is going to find their own version of passive aggression.

Progression of Relationship

At this point, the beginning, they will be conducting the “perfect” relationship. He will be doing everything his mother told him to do and she will be Miss Goodie Two Shoes. Later on out comes the battle axe and screams of “That’s not FAIR.” These two are also voted most likely to be heard saying those four nasties, “I told you so!” They are pleading to an imaginary court. She expects Athena, Goddess of Just Wars, to come to her aid, while he is secretly trying to invoke the Furies. When they finally realize it’s all in their own head – there is no Greek Chorus — no one else cares, is listening or hears — then It’s over.

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Cancer Man and Libra Woman
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