Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

The union of a Capricorn man and a Taurus woman is that of two similar beings coming together. They are individuals who share identical beliefs and characteristics in life. This is probably why they come together, for they know that their similarities will help them settle comfortably with each other without many quarrels. The Capricorn man and the Taurus woman can be good together and for each other given their steadfast natures and practical minds. There is seldom an overlap of feelings or emotions, a quality which helps both of them live happily with each other without grudges.

The Capricorn man is in many ways like the Taurus woman. He does not believe in letting his emotions get the better of him. He is practical in life to an extent that allows him to be insensitive to others and their feelings. The Capricorn man is rude and cold but that is an aspect of his personality he can’t change. He is often in the quest to find perfection, whether in family life or his personal and this ambition brings out the insensitive side of him.

The Taurus woman on the other hand is known to be quite calm and composed, often in stark contradiction to the Capricorn man. She is aesthetically pleasing and allows her creativity to rule her life. She is often known for her stubbornness and her steadfast decisions. She is flexible and mild, often letting her Capricorn man dictate most of her life. She willingly chooses to do so but when she knows she needs to put her foot down and make a stance, she will do so without hesitating. You can never win with a Taurus woman; try as hard as you may.

So when one looks at the Capricorn man coming together with a Taurus woman, it is often expected that the relationship will have fireworks because of the strong personalities involved but then again, there will be a mellow period of time where the two souls will come together in love. You can’t expect a relationship to come without arguments and fights and this relationship is no different. While the two souls will have to compromise in one way or another, there will be times when this relationship will feel like its made in heaven. To keep that feeling alive, the couple may have to compromise on a few levels, but then again, a perfect relationship ends up boring the people involved in it.

Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

This is a classic win-win combination between the two earthy signs Taurus and Capricorn. Both are interested in things that can be experienced by the five senses, such as material well-being. The emphasis will be on pride of possessions. These two are well-known pack rats and will begin to accrue objects of their desire as they pair up. This can be anything from a computer to a new Mercedez. The problems begin when one tries to take a possession away from the other since it could fairly be said that they indentify themselves with what they own.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman as a Capricorn Man

You have an authority and fatherliness that she will appreciate immediately. If possible, promise to do something practical for her and then follow through. She is really looking for someone stable and dependable. The sooner you can demonstrate this, the better. Also, let her know that you make a good living and intend to accrue even more wealth. She is good with finances and wants a life partner who shares that ability. You will find that she responds nicely to your lead, so don’t be afraid to take charge once you’ve shown her your convservative and responsible nature.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Taurus Woman

The way to attract a Capricorn man is to be classy, reserved, and a bit dignified. He has chosen a lifetime of standing out in the community, and he will want a partner who is willing to share the responsibility. It will help if you are somewhat serious by nature. It will also help if you are a status seeker because he is.

Degree of Romance

These two signs are too practical to be very interested in romance; however, Capricorn will be very good about appropriately observing all formal occasions such as her birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and seasonal holidays like Christmas. Taurus, expect a practical gift from this man. Capricorns can be stingy with their affections as well as their purse strings, but he will always provide for her.

Degree of Passion

Capricorn can surprise you with the passion underneath his shy exterior. Think of the lusty goat. This animal was a fertility symbol in some ancient cultures. This man is interested in the physical world and in her physical body. It may be touching that Capricorn reserves passion only for the bedroom. He would certainly prefer she do the same. The old country western lament “behind closed doors” was undoubtedly written with a Capricorn in mind. No public displays of affection, please. That shouldn’t bother the Taurus too much. She is more interested in substance than appearance, so his competent performance in bed should keep her happy.

Degree of Friendship

Capricorn is generally not interested in friendship unless it is of some use in climbing the ladder of success. He tends to compartmentalize his life, so his date, significant other, or marriage partner, will not be a friend, as well. Taurus friendship is always based on convenience and proximity, so while these two may not be friends for life, in circumstances where they share a common interest, they should get a long just fine.

Degree of Marriage

This is a very good possibility for a stable marriage based on traditional values and a conservative position in society. If your expectation is to marry, have kids, buy a house and live happily ever after, this is a good bet.

Progression of Relationship

If a Capricorn is serous about a woman, he will make his intentions known immediately. There will be no surprises, no false moves, no missed steps. He will touch each base before crossing home plate. She should expect him to take the lead and execute a tradtional courtship, engagement, and wedding day.

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Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman
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