Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman

A Libra man and a Sagittarius woman share ample qualities in common. They also make a wonderful pair and their striking similarities are primarily responsible in keeping them together. However, like every couple, this couple too faces unwanted fights. They mostly revolve around taking important decisions, their timing and its pros and cons more than anything else. A Libra man’s indecisive nature coupled with a Sagittarius woman’s clumsy and lazy attitude makes matters incredibly difficult for them. Fortunately, both the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman are smart individuals who know that they don’t need to waste their energies on such trivial issues.

A Sagittarius woman likes to give and she does so happily. A Libra man accepts wholeheartedly but only when he knows he deserves such attention. Though the Sagittarius woman takes initiatives, she doesn’t need to do much because there exists an unspoken connection between her and a Libra man that draws them toward each other. Unconsciously, they come together because each sends out perfect signals that the other catches almost involuntarily. This relationship between a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman is celestial and happens naturally without any external forces that act on them.

Though the messy attitude of the Libra man will not enrage the Sagittarius woman, it surely will drive her crazy after a while. She will try to put things in place, but with constant upheavals, there is little that she will be able to do. She is a cleanliness freak, bordering at OCD and he is an easy going man who doesn’t care about the location of his car keys or his socks. Minor tiffs may arise due to these differences but then again, there isn’t much that can be done about this because these qualities are a part of their personality that can’t be changed.

The best part about being in a Libra man and Sagittarius woman relationship is that it is based more on friendship rather than physical lust. The two individuals come together because they like what they see in each other’s personalities rather than their bodies. They have a deep bond that exists between all friends and it enriches as and when they take their relationship forward. They live their lives supported by this bond, which is absent in many others and once they find comfort in each other, they do not make an effort to look elsewhere.

While many of the characteristics that seem similar in the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman help them survive each other, there are others that totally tear them apart. However, this also happens in other relationships and is not unique to a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman’s relationship. When there is a smart, understanding and tolerant person such as a Sagittarius woman in the relationship, there is little cause for worry. And with a Libra man’s charismatic nature, a Sagittarius woman doesn’t stand a chance to retain her uptight nature for long.

This relationship is a bond that allows the two individuals to come together by shedding their inhibitions and pretences. It allows them to live comfortably in each other’s presence.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

This bright, breezy, fun combination is a clear win not just for the couple themselves but for anyone they interact with. They definitely bring out the best in each other. This pair is oriented toward win-win solutions. Compromising comes easily. Good will towards all! At heart, these are two jovial philosophers who have a broad, benevolent understanding of human nature. They ask of themselves and each other only what they are capable of and forgive the rest with a smile.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Libra Man

You have to find out enough about her to cross her path. She’s a busy gal. Chances are, if she caught your eye, that you have some friends in common who can introduce you. You both are probably the most popular people in your crowd, and friends will be delighted to see you get together. With the support of friends, and the flow of the universe in your sails, it could just be a breeze. You fall into step together and begin a lifelong, ideal companionship.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Sagittarius Woman

The best way to catch his eye is to catch his ears, too. Chances are he’s physically attracted right away, not just by your physical appearance, but by your bright, cheerful aura. Librans love to be around positive people. He should narrow your focus enough to find out what he’s interested in. A good place to start is his career, but the two of you will never run out of things to talk about, so you might as well get started. Deep inside each of you is a genuine humanitarian, an idealist, and a believer in the goodness of human nature. That’s a whole lot to have in common.

Degree of Romance

Sagittarius will probably never be romantic enough for Libra, but she will go along for the fun, and she’s a great sport. If you overdo it, Libra, she might let a giggle slip out, but it will be warm and friendly.

Degree of Passion

There will be a surprising degree of passion when these two get together. It’s the kind of passion that comes along when you say, “Let the good times roll.” In other words, it’s the kind of passion that doesn’t burn out but can last a lifetime.

Degree of Friendship

Libra and Sag are the best friends in the whole universe. They are basically in love with life and people and the perfect traveling companion for each other on this journey through life. They are so compatible because of all the signs these two are the best at adamantly refuse to see anything but good in others. Some people might accuse them of being Pollyannas, but they would just say the person was having a bad day.

Degree of Marriage

What’s not to like about this combination? If an hour together is heavenly, imagine a lifetime together. Why would either one of them ever want anyone else?

Progression of Relationship

This is the most even match in the zodiac. Sag will tend to set the pace, but Libra will take turns graciously. It will seem like no time before they can’t bear to be apart. They will probably use all means of communication equally: texting, emailing, chatting on the phone, chatting, and face to face conversation. There are probably so many people in their collective lives that they bump into someone they know everywhere they go (not a jealous bone in their bodies).

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Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman
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