Pisces Man and Aries Woman

A mix of fire and water – this relationship is exactly that. This is what Fantasies are made of. Although the Piscean man has traits which are very different than the Aries woman, they seem to complement each other very well. What is more interesting is how certain differences work in the favour of the couple and strengthen their bond emotionally.

Let’s start with the massive ego of the Aries woman. This is enveloped by the Piscean man by complete submission of his ego. The immature love of the Aries woman is put to calm by the mature love of the Piscean man. The Piscean man will love to serve, examine and give peace to the relationship. In contrast, the Aries woman is aggressive and it is this aggression that keep the relationship alive and in full blossom. This aggression is also matched by loyalty and generosity, as long as she is allowed a certain level of control over her man. This game of aggression versus calm and mature versus impulsive seems to go on and forever keeps the relationship in full blossom.

Romance levels are high in this relationship. A passive Piscean man will yearn for the love of the assertive Aries woman. The Pisces man is a thinker and will try to create excitement to enchant the Aries woman. This will allow room for ample respect in the relationship despite the opposite ego trends between the two. As it is the case with quite a few Piscean men, their dreaminess can often be transformed or misinterpreted as laziness and be very irritating to the impulsive Aries woman. Again, this an imbalance that sometimes smoothens itself out, just like water over fire. Love between the two can be sometimes explosive, and sometimes very pale. It is a fact that the Pisces man and the Aries woman look at life differently and this difference in attitude shows in bed too. When it is at its explosive peak, the secret fantasies of the Pisces man will blend passionately with the desire to explore the unknown of the Aries woman. There will be fireworks on climax; the ground will shake which will be followed by two very tired bodies.

The Aries woman longs for emotional protection and care. At the same time, the Pisces man admires the strength of the Aries woman. Deep down inside, both have the fear of losing each other. Once the Pisces man finds a soul mate in the Aries woman, he tends to open up and promises to tend to all her needs. It is at this point where cupid seems to strike and love blossoms uncontrollably.

It is very important for the Pisces man and the Aries woman to be aware that hasty decisions can ruin the relationship. Communication lines between the two should be very open and strong to allow for each other to vent their feelings. This is a relation that is sometimes “meant to be” and both will find the ultimate love, peace, intensity and sexual freedom in each other if minor creases in the relationship are ironed out.

Pisces Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

The world of Pisces is a strange and wonderful place and it is never stranger than to an Aries. You may enjoy this relationship more as the stuff fantasy is made of than trying to pursue it in reality. Both signs are extremely romantic but in very different ways.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as an Aries Woman

The best way to attract a Pisces lover is to be the silver moonlight on the water. The hook has to be baited with something silver and shimmery to catch the fish, and that is going to be a stretch for fiery Aries. You could shortcut the whole circuit by wearing silver earrings. I’m not kidding. Give it a try.

Degree of Romance

As I said, the degree of romance is high, but it could be very different for each of these very romantic signs. Aries finds the chase romantic. Pisces finds the unattainable object romantic. Do you see the problem?

Degree of Passion

This combination is can be almost devoid of passion. The fish does not vibrate on lower chakra levels. It’s confusing because he is a shape-shifter who can take the form of a passionate lover to please you one night, but when the sun comes up will disappear back into the ocean and swim away. Suffice to say Pisces water puts out the Aries flame.

Degree of Friendship

These two can be great friends, especially if the Pisces male is gay. You both enjoy going places, doing things, meeting and greeting people, and sharing life’s experiences. Aries makes a great support person for Pisces, while Pisces provides sensitivity and color.

Degree of Marriage

This combination is unlikely for marriage. It is a wonderful idea that will probably never materialize. The Pisces man is more likely to yearn than to consummate the relationship, while the Aries woman loves the chase more than the reality. This leaves two people in love with the idea of love, but not with each other.

Progression of Relationship

This relationship can go on forever in a sense, at just about the same level it begins. It only becomes a problem if you are looking for a dénouement. Burning Aries and yearning Pisces are brought together by imagination and the excitement of possibility. They each sense the beautiful tapestry of romantic ideals the other has woven about them. However, neither of them has the patience or ability to make it real.

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Pisces Man and Aries Woman
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