Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman

When you first look at a Sagittarius man, you will know that he has all the characteristics that a woman looks for in a man. He is typically tall, dark and handsome and has an air of charm around him. it is often found that a sagittarius man keeps good company and has friends around him almost every second of the day. He is honest to the “T” and has very strong moral values. He cannot help but be truthful in dicey situations and this quality is what probably earns him the tag of being mean and hurtful.

An aries woman, on the other hand, is one who has immense flair and natural talent to be beautiful and attractive. She does little to get men to notice her and when they do, they can’t help but keep away from her. Though she portrays herself to be fiercely independent and strong, she is vulnerable from the inside and can crumble like a piece of cake if not dealt with correctly. The aries woman is generally found to be a little low on self confidence, a quality that lets her believe that she is unworthy of the trust and attention she receives from her companions and friends.

However, when a Sagittarius man and an aries woman come together in a relationship, they are found to be extremely compatible, a quality that paves way for a long lasting love life ahead. They are both smart and intelligent and know the art of appreciating each other. This helps them stay close to each other, even in the face of adversities and allows them to understand what each is thinking without being too judgmental. A Sagittarius man and an aries woman make a pair that sticks like glue in good times and bad.

The affectionate, giving nature of the Sagittarius man is what attracts the aries woman to him. She likes getting attention because her low self confidence gets a boost that allows her to come out proud and strong in front of the world. The couple complements each other in various ways and that makes for a strong foundation for their relationship. They allow little inadequacies to pass through, only sparing energy for big issues that need to be sorted out immediately. They know their priorities well and work towards achieving them without compromising on their relationship.

The compatibility of a Sagittarius man and an aries woman shines through in the bedroom as well, where each individual ensures that a fulfilling feeling lingers through the air. The Sagittarius man appreciates the diminutive beauty of her Aries woman and she in turn welcomes his straightforward approach to lovemaking. The couple thus understands each other well, whether it be in the bedroom or in a social setting. There is almost a level of telepathy that floats between the two that allows them to stay so connected and passionate about each other. And consequently, with little or no effort, they live a strong, happy and independent life together.

Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

This combination can be one of the most fun, exciting, and adventuresome in the zodiac. It carries the possibility of genuine friendship, passion, trust, openness, and honesty. It is also likely to be low maintenance as both partners are interested in forward motion rather than keeping a score of grievances. This is a very forgiving pairing with staying power.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Sagittarius Man

She’ll love your sense of humor. Like all fire signs, she sees life as one big playground. If you can approach her as a playmate, she’ll be immediately at ease. Invite her on a date that engages her physically (without being intimidating) and she’ll be especially impressed. She appreciates your honesty, but it will come as no surprise to you that your truthfulness can hurt, so be careful in how frank you are with her. Blunt remarks about how she’s gaining weight or needs a haircut will shut her down quickly. An Aries woman has more testosterone than most men, so she’s always afraid you don’t see her as an attractive female. Only when she’s sure you think she is a desirable woman will she open up romantically. You’ve naturally got all you need to capture her heart, just watch your tongue.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as an Aries Woman

Sagittarius and Aries are both fire signs, so be as Aries as you can be to attract your Sagittarius love interest. He will be looking for someone open and honest, with a lot of goodwill, self-possession, and interest in personal growth. He sees life as a journey and he seeks an adventurous travel companion who is enthusiastic and open-minded. Be active, in good shape mentally and emotionally, and ready to join in spontaneous activities.

Degree of Romance

This combination might be a little disappointing in the romance department to the Aries girl. Sagittarians tend to look at Aries women as “pals”. These men actually score pals higher than romantic interests, but at times she could feel like just another one of the boys. Sagittarians are not caught up in the trappings of sentiment. He’ll too easily forget important occasions, but he will wear his heart on his sleeve and be her best, best friend.

Degree of Passion

There is a high degree of passion in this combination; however, it is generally directed toward a love of life rather than intensity toward one another. Sex can easily be just another shared activity that is has no potential for depth or bonding. Both Aries and Sagittarius dread stick situations, though, so this may be a plus.

Degree of Friendship

There is a chance for these two to be the greatest friends in the world. They are are both looking for someone to pal around with. If their interests coincide in the least, they’ll be perfect traveling companions. Look for these two at rock climbing class, manouvering the rapids or hiking the nearest mountain.

Degree of Marriage

There is a good chance this friendship could turn into marriage if both have common interests.

Progression of Relationship

This relationship will move along at a merry pace. Two fire signs together can set the world ablaze. Neither one is interested in playing games, testing, slowing down, hiding, or engaging in ultimatums. They just want to get on with it, so let the fun begin!

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Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman
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