Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

An exciting relationship to be in, a Leo and Sagittarius pair is sure to attract fun and joy wherever they go. Both, the Leo woman and the Sagittarius man are enticing people and love to be showered with attention. They don’t admire silently and neither do they like getting the same treatment. If you want to get in the good books of a Leo woman or a Sagittarius man, voice your compliments. Once you do that, half your battles with both individuals will be won.

This outward display of affection of a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman should not be misconstrued for their unemotional approach to life. These individuals are very sentimental too and if you mess with them in the wrong way, they are bound to come and get even with you. A Leo woman is smart and talented in many ways. She could be known as the jack of all trades but the master of none. However, do not underestimate her powers because she can take up a task and effortlessly finish it without complaining about it.

A Sagittarius man however, is the total opposite of his Leo woman. He is lazy, clumsy and prone to being a messy man. He will drop expensive vases, he will stain his tee-shirts with food and he would act like a complete baby when he needs some extra love and attention. Even though there is this side to his personality, there is also a wild side to him which calls on his primal flirtatious instincts and allows him to be the life of a party. A Sagittarius man has a pleasing personality and a charming face to go with it which makes it possible for people to remember him even if their meetings happened months ago.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman may happen to meet at a party. They are both wild people who love to have a good time and with their zest for life and everything that comes with it, they know how to make good use of it. Once introduced, the couple will find themselves to be instantly attracted to the other. Though both of them will play the game of “calling first”, it will be the Sagittarius man who will take the step. He will approach the Leo woman and she will take the opportunity without keeping him waiting for long.

Perhaps the only aspect where this relationship can trigger trouble for the Sagittarius man and the Leo woman is the egos that come to clash. This relationship has bucket loads of ego mixed in it and if the two individuals involved do not take the effort to change that in a better way, they will not be able to have as much fun as they would otherwise. This couple will be bright and shiny, like a button and will be a pleasure to be with. They will make for an excellent pair and will live together for a long time!

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

This is a really fun combination where the ball is always in play. One gets to play the Pied Piper and the other one follows merrily along. The only downside is that Sag is not likely to be romantic enough for Leo. The Sagittarius man will want to make Ms. Leo woman his pal or traveling companion, as it were, sometimes forgetting to open doors, kiss her hand, and help with the groceries. This relationship can fall into a yang-yang energy which will work for a friendship, but never for a romance — at least not “romance” in the eyes of the lady lion.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Sagittarius Man

You might have to tone down your friendly approach a little bit. Leo is the queen and does not appreciate familiarity from strangers. Not that you have to bow in her presence, but you will need to follow some protocol to gain access to her inner circle. Your sense of humor is generally an asset, but not if you use it to tease or make fun of her. Leos take themselves quite seriously, and although they are willing to be honest with themselves, it’s a stress for them to see humor in their own ways. Be bright and positive. Focus frankly on what you can do for her and keep her entertained in clownish ways, but take HER seriously.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Leo Woman

Don’t expect a Sag man to worship you the way most men do. He’s willing to pay his respect by giving you any attention at all times, but he is not slavish in nature. He is looking for a companion. Be as positive and as upbeat as you can about everything. One sign of a downer and the Sagittarius man is out the door. If you’re looking for help with your problems, you’re knocking on the wrong door. The Sagittarius man likes to travel light and will want someone whose life is in good working order or at least someone who is willing to sweep most of their stuff under the rug. You’ll have to focus on outer events rather than “the relationship,” and you will have to give him a lot of freedom.

Degree of Romance

Romance is not particularly a feature here, which is probably not going to please the Leo woman at all. She does not appreciate being treated like one of the boys.

Degree of Passion

Passion is directed toward love of life, spontaneity and adventure. Together this couple may have passion for travel, foreign languages, culture, religion, etc. but it will hardly be for one another.

Degree of Friendship

Sagittarians usually feel like they can be friends with everybody, but this is not the way the regal Leo woman feels. If he becomes too familiar too quickly, she will frost over, draw back, and ultimately end the relationship. He will never understand what went wrong. Leo’s idea of friendship is helping someone with their problems if they’re in the mood, or “stooping to conquer”. The legendary arrogance of Sagittarius may also become an issue. Both signs can be windbags. Sagittarius is the know-it-all, and Leo loves to deliver long lectures to loyal subjects. In its own way, Sagittarius is a more royal sign even than Leo, and Leo hates to be one-upped. All this gets in the way of friendship.

Degree of Marriage

There isn’t much to bind these two together in marriage, although they could live together comfortably and have a lot of fun. If they do marry, one of them is going to have to get serious.

Progression of Relationship

Sagittarius is very casual about everything. Leo can have formal expectations. The Sagittarius man will infuriate the Leo woman by calling at the last moment. He really doesn’t mean any disrespect; it’s just that spontaneity is his religion. If the Leo woman is very secure with herself, she may be able to hop on his bandwagon, but not without a few glitches and sputters.

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Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman
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