Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

A Pisces female is normally very lovable by nature. She is trusting and at the same time somewhat immature. This is mainly because she has the habit of seeing and contemplating the best from everybody around her. Her goals and ambitions can seem to be a tad idealistic as well.

Although she does try to dissociate herself from sticky situations, she never seems to succeed in that endeavor. Due to her trusting nature, falling in love doesn’t take that long. Her personality also has a bit of a romantic side to it which sometimes hazes her judgment. However, a Taurus male has a more realistic approach towards life and can decipher the situations in life easily. He is honest as well as modest but can be quite overpowering as his personality has a tinge of stubbornness.

This comes out when things don’t go his way. A Taurus male is also quite outgoing and pursues to fulfill his dreams to the best of his abilities. But the entire process is mostly figured out by him as he does not take too kindly to others instructions. Both have an equal amount of affinity to settle inside on most days. This is because home provides consolation to their souls and they enjoy a degree of safety and solitude. They can become a perfect pair as both the Taurus male and Pisces female are more than willing to become cliches propound by the society.

The Taurus male is ready to become the contributor of the family and can turn out to be a typical husband. A Pisces female on the other hand can become the archetypal housewife depending on her husband for support, financial and otherwise. The sometimes lazy Pisces female can however anger the Taurus male who despises laziness. The Taurean man may also find the Pisces fantasy world somewhat frustrating and try to get her to reality which may not go down too well with her.

The most important thing for this kind of a relationship to work is understanding and reception. For the Pisces female the world is not divided into good and bad. Everything isn’t as simple as it is for a Taurus male. Pisces are generally incoherent about most of the matters in their life. Through mutual understanding however, these obstacles can be overcome.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

This is a magical combination that highlights subtle qualities in these two signs: patience and gentleness. There is practically no friction between the two. The Taurus man gets to be the stalwart provider and shoulder to cry on for the ephemeral Pisces woman. At its best, this union is blissful.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Taurus Man

You can count on the fact that you will be naturally interesting to her as you possess so many of the qualities she finds valuable. You’re willing to provide shelter from the world, and she appreciates the patience you show in all things. She is so impractical herself that anything you can do of a practical nature would steal her heart away. Can you fix that headlight on her car? Be careful and cautious in your courtship because she startles easily. Use your instincts to tune into her vibration.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Pisces Woman

It may be hard for you to get his attention at first because you are so much more subtle than he is. It’s like a butterfly trying to catch the eye of a bull. But once you do register on his radar, it will be pretty easy to draw him out because he is a straight forward no game playing individual. You might ask him to help you with something practical, such as how to put a stop payment on a check or maintain the proper air pressure in your tires. He’ll enjoy being useful and appreciate being thought of as someone who knows how the world works.

Degree of Romance

She will remain romantic forever, but he will quickly settle into routine and sentimentality, such as celebrating birthdays and Valentine’s Day in expected ways. The strongest points of the relationship are comfort and comfortableness. Both partners look at relationships and home as a haven from the hardships of the world and favor a minimum of friction. Each is genuinely interested in being there for the other.

Degree of Passion

Substitute the word sensuality for passion and this pair is off the charts. These two enjoy lingering over their lovemaking, savoring every moment of their time together. They are likely to enjoy soft breezes, fragrant smells, and beautiful settings rather than a fiery rush to the finish line.

Degree of Friendship

This pair can have great camaraderie. They are both genuinely interested in helping others and enjoy taking the time to express this in daily devotion. She will not mind polishing his shoes, and he id not bothered by requests to pick up some groceries on the way home.

Degree of Marriage

This is a good combination for domestic bliss. They can have a very beautiful home together and a coziness that is hard to equal. Both are interested in focusing on the other and not likely to wander as long as things are going reasonably well. He calms her down when she gets upset, and he appreciates the beauty and luster she brings to his somewhat mundane reality.

Progression of Relationship

This relationship progresses slowly but surely. Taurus simply will not be rushed, and Pisces becomes very anxious if things move too quickly. They understand this about each other at a visceral level, and can appreciate each other’s company because they have this important feeling in common.

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Taurus Man and Pisces Woman
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