Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

This unification of a Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will be lacking in excitement as the Taurus man is a practical person and doesn’t believe in indulging in perilous and uncalculated activities. While on one hand the Sagittarius female doesn’t hesitate to experiment and is impulsive in her actions. These opposite traits may keep the relationship cold and stagnant.

A Taurus man expects an unwavering and a faithful partner who can connect with him emotionally and sentimentally in a relationship. A Taurus male can toil endlessly to achieve his aims and he can apply the same efforts to make his partner happy but in return a Taurus man expects only appreciation for his efforts. The manner in which the Taurus male perceives the world can make people around him think that he is a cynic. But in reality, he is a very level headed person.

However, a Sagittarius woman is a free soul who is not afraid to try out new and different things in life. She loves adventures and strives to make her life attractive and impudent by means of continuous experimentations. Due to her cheerful spirit she can easily bounce back to normalcy even if she is in deep trouble or if she is in any complicated situation in her life. A Sagittarius female is an extrovert and for this reason she is outspoken and likes to speak her mind while communicating with others. She might voice her honest opinion but that might not earn her any brownie points with others at all.

There is a high probability of frequent quarrels between the two due to the rounded and outspoken nature of the Sagittarius female which can hurt the Taurus male who is known for sudden and random aggressive streaks. The Sagittarius female believes and has a positive outlook on the world and the Taurus male even though is a realist, tends to become pessimistic which makes both of them not so compatible. A Sagittarius woman’s outgoing nature may come in way of a Taurean man’s hesitant nature. The relationship can work out only if they learn to give and take.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

What these two have in common is a comfort level with their casual animal nature. A Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman will both scratch where it itches. They have a big “hangout” zone. Neither sign will have anything to do with pretentiousness or unnecessary formality. The home they create together may be hopelessly sloppy to everyone else, but to them, it’s just home. Home to a Sagittarius is anywhere she hangs her hat. Home to Taurus is the place where he doesn’t to hang up anything at all. Let’s just call them “the Happy Campers.” The only place where this can become problematical is with the budget. Taurus is tight and Sagittarius is loose. Some type of compromise will have to be struck.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Taurus Man

Well, um, try not to fawn over her too much. Chances are she’s busy, has lots of friends and activities, and likes to be independent. You’ll have to convince her that you don’t want to put a fence around her — even though that’s exactly what you want to do. A Taurus man can be very possessive. You may honestly think you have a right to own her, and there isn’t a Sag gal in the universe that won’t jump that fence and run free. But let her do it — she’ll come back. Not to worry. Try to take her somewhere fun, even if it means getting off the couch for a night — and try not to be cheap about it either.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Sagittarius Woman

I wish I could tell you to wave a red flag in front of the bull, but you lack the patience and finesse, so you’ll have to get his attention some other way. There are only two things he’s really interested in — money and his own bodily functions. I think I’ve given you enough to work with here.

Degree of Romance

These two can’t be bothered with romance. Too contrived. Think of two farm animals grazing and breeding, when inclined, in the pasture.

Degree of Passion

These two can actually get pretty fired up together. Sagittarius is half horse and Taurus is symbolized by a bull — the universal fertility symbol. In fact they may not get a lot of other things taken care of. They can go all night long and have a great deal of fun in the process. They are likely to be quite uninhibited with one another and enjoy sharing their bodies in an especially relaxed way. We can only hope they keep it in the bedroom.

Degree of Friendship

Tauruses are the most introverted sign in the zodiacs. They are famous for self-sufficiency and the attitude, “I’ll do it myself the hard way”. They do not make friends naturally, preferring to go it alone. It just doesn’t occur to them to reach out. Sagittarius, on the other hand, reaches out to everyone in the most casual manner possible. To the righteous Sag, strangers are only people who aren’t friends yet, so you can see that there is quite a contest here. These two are not likely to be friends in any meaningful sense of the word, but will be the gift of the Sagittarius woman to bring other people into the universe of the Taurus man if they spend enough time together.

Degree of Marriage

These two have enough in common to make a happy marriage, if they can compromise on the freedom issue, which is a big one. Sagittarius simply will not be confined, and Taurus must get over his unconscious feeling of ownership. People are not property. Sagittarius will come in to your life to make that very, very clear. If they work out that issue, the Sagittarius woman and Taurus man can be extremely comfortable with one another and enjoy a camaraderie that could be considered unusual between a man and a woman.

Progression of Relationship

There will be little logic to the progression of the relationship. Neither sign is inclined to follow rules. They will quickly sense that about one another and work out a shared agenda for getting together. Sagittarius moves a lot faster than Taurus, but she will keep busy in other ways until he catches up with her. Both signs have a marvelous sense of humor. Tauruses are among the funniest people alive and Sagittarius’ other epithet is “the Clown”. Humor is a rare quality that they share.

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Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman
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