Aquarius Woman Aries Man

The key to understanding the Aquarius woman Aries man relationship is to look at the sign’s elements. Aries is a fire sign, and Aquarius is an air sign. Fire needs air to survive, but air can do quite happily without fire. And there you have it – it will be the Aquarius woman’s independence which is the most difficult thing for this relationship to conquer.

The Aries man is very emotional, driven by fire to heights and depths, and to great anger, and great passion. The Aquarius woman is an altogether different species; her emotions are controlled, disciplined or kept at arm’s length. She is faintly aloof and only really interested in these emotions in an almost academic way. She doesn’t go to the same places, emotionally, as her Aries guy does, and that puts these two at opposite sides of a very choppy emotional river.

The quirky, independent nature of the Aquarius woman is probably what fascinates the Aries man, but he – who needs to win at all costs – will find it infuriating that she seems all but immune to his charms. Of course the Aquarius woman loves as much as the next woman, but she’s not looking for a prince charming, or a knight in shining armor, or a man to lead her or on whom to become dependent. All of these thing are right up the Aries guy’s alley – but what she wants is an intellectual partner and an abstract lover.

For the Aquarius woman and Aries man, compatibility can falter at this first hurdle. They want very different things from a relationship. The Aries man will love to debate with his Aquarius woman, but he won’t ever win the arguments, because she’s too clever for him. He’ll love to seduce her in the bedroom, but he won’t appreciate her occasional disinterest in sex when she’d rather read a book. He finds her infuriatingly addictive – it’s as if he feels that if he only stays another night, another week, another decade, he’ll finally figure her out. The Aquarius woman, meanwhile, accepts his passion, enjoys his company and occasionally wonders why he’s still with her and how much longer he intends to stay around.

Of the two partners, it’s definitely the Aquarius woman who has the upper hand in this relationship. Even though she loves her Aries guy, she won’t change for him or anyone else, and she won’t necessarily be faithful either. If the relationship breaks up, it’s likely to be her decision, because she resents his attempts to corner her into some kind of commitment.

It’s a rocky road indeed, then, for the Aquarius woman and the Aries man. Compatibility can exist, of course, but both partners will need to do a lot of adapting. The Aquarius woman will need to allow her emotions more of a free reign and will need to sacrifice some of her precious freedom; the Aries man will need to lose the desire to win at all costs, and will have to accept that he’s not always her top priority. He will find it worth doing; whether she will or not is open to question.

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

Two very strong, unique, opinionated individuals find some reason to give a little ground to get some companionship or maybe just some sex in return but it’s a stretch. For one thing, although Aries gets the bad rap for self absorption, he is really the guy most likely to want to give it all in a relationship, 24/7, and what Aquarian wouldn’t throw up and run away at the thought? Aquarians make a vbd out of being in relationships but they are the biggest loners in the zodiac – it’s part of the price they pay for their highly evolved status. Relationships require compromise and it’s’ not likely to happen here. Picture a couple of gang bangers trying to divide up some heretofore unclaimed territory.

How to Attract an Aries Man as an Aquarius Woman

Challenge him right away on as many levels as you can while at the same time letting him romance you, open doors, carry in the groceries and throw you down on the bed. He is actually less egotistical than you so he may forgive outright willfulness on your part but try to put it on a leash. This is not a crusade.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as an Aries Man

Let her be outrageous. Applaud her for it. Show that you appreciate that she has strong opinions (whether you agree with them or not). Don’t act embarrassed if she takes someone on in a public place. Stand by your woman!!! You prefer face time but let her text you instead. In return maybe she’ll troubleshoot your new computer program for you. I’m afraid there’s one other sine qua non: she wears the pants.

Degree of Romance

Dispensed with early on and mourned over everafter by Aries, who doesn’t realize how romantic that is. Neither sign is noted for knowing much about human nature.

Degree of Passion

Smokin’ hot passion. Probably the best Aries will ever have. Ms. Aquarius is indifferent to passion which makes it all the more unbelievably exciting to the ram, who thinks each time he will finally take her over the top.

Degree of Friendship

These are essentially two loners. If they team up, it will, therefore, be quite meaningful. They probably trust each other to an astonishing degree — and no one else.

Degree of Marriage

Not that good. It can be explosive, easily disrupted, hard to reconcile and somehow irrelevant as they each do better alone and being single fits their self image better. Aquarians won’t stay in a marriage out of duty or obligation. They hardly recognize the institution anyway so please check it out, Aries, before having kids with this gal or giving your heart away. Really dig to find her beliefs about marriage. This is not to diss Aquarian women or to say that they aren’t good wives and mothers. It’s just that this is the gal we vote “least likely to put up with any s—“. She’ll walk instead.

Progression of Relationship

“Slam bam, thank you ma ‘am” and then again. And again. Each time is like the first time. Vividly alive and absolutely thrilling. No two dates or encounters are ever the same.

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Aquarius Woman Aries Man
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