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The relationship between an Aquarius woman and Leo man is an interesting one, and it’s fascinating to see how these two personalities play off one another. There’s certainly a strong friendship here, but whether that translates well to romance or not is very much up for debate.

The Leo man is attracted to the Aquarius woman by her enigmatic aura, and by her interesting ideas. She sparks his imagination, and he loves that. She’s friendly, affable sociable and engaging and she listens to him – what more could he want? The Aquarius woman’s reasons for being attracted to the Leo man are slightly more shrouded in mystery. She is perhaps drawn to his love of life or his warmth, or his genuine kindness. It’s hard to say. She is definitely intrigued by something, and that’s probably enough for this inquisitive lady to want to find out more.

This will be a talkative relationship, and indeed it’s their shared love of debate and discussion which underpins Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility. The Leo man is creative and has a big vision, and the Aquarius woman is ingenious, inventive and also with a bigger picture view of life. Together they could solve world hunger and eliminate the debt crisis – or at least, they can talk about it. They both want the best for those around them, and shared humanitarian values are also a key strand in Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, this couple are a somewhat odd mix. The Leo man brings plenty of fire and passion, but the Aquarius woman is slightly aloof and a little bit distant – she usually has other things on her mind and is not the most physical of beings. Nonetheless, they are playful together and affectionate, and seem happy enough in the bedroom. For Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility, however, their sex life is an added bonus rather than what either drew them together or holds them together.

This relationship, founded on true friendship, may start to falter when it comes to the couple’s deeper natures. The Leo man can be quite egotistical and definitely wants to be adored. The Aquarius woman is exactly the opposite – these are opposite signs, after all – and has no trace of ego. She isn’t going to flatter his ego and finds his needs in that department quite mystifying and annoying. For her part, she demands freedom of all kinds – intellectual freedom, physical freedom or even sexual freedom – and she will quickly back away from a relationship which attempts to limit this freedom. Her Leo guy, unfortunately, is quite possessive and jealous, and won’t cope well with this at all. Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility may be a constant struggle between freedom and control.

The Aquarius woman’s blase approach to convention may also horrify the dignified, upstanding Leo male. He’s at once fascinated and repelled by her “who cares?” attitude, but will have a lot of adapting to do if he’s to learn to live with it on a long term basis. And this adaptability is something which is missing from Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility – both are fixed signs, and neither one will budge far from their basic natures, no matter how much in love they are.

Ultimately, it seems that this pair of opposite signs are simply too different to sustain long term love. They have a lot to learn from each other, as all opposite sign pairings do, but unfortunately they probably won’t, because they will each find the other too difficult to live with. Aquarius woman Leo man compatibility is underpinned by a genuine friendship and shared values, but the shared passion and emotional depth needed to overcome their differences is missing.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The Leo man and Aquarius woman is actually a very explosive combination. It starts out as an Attraction of Opposites but it can wind up with two willful and demanding individuals hurling orders at each other, irate and outraged that their orders are not being obeyed. These two may have met their match. They may also polarize badly along another line. Both Leo and Aquarius are teenagers at heart. Leo is the teenager in love with love and Aquarius is the teenage rebel often without a cause. They may start out with the Aquarius woman acting as if she is in love, being drawn onto the stage by Leo, then waking up to reality and trying to turn it into her favorite thing of friendship. You can see it gets at odds very quickly.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aquarius Woman

She’s going to love you because you are so headstrong and opinionated. Probably you are espousing your latest cause, be it independence from your parents or micro-lending in Third World countries. The best you can do for yourself is to not worship him. Not that you’d be too tempted to, but he is begging for it. Leo is looking for a loyal subject and you stand apart from the crowd if you don’t succumb right away. He will be astonished and aghast when you do or say something shocking. This puts stars in his eyes. He is so uptight and so concerned about what other people think, that he would never dare to do such a thing. You are like his liberator.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Leo Man

It’s pretty easy for you to attract an Aquarius woman. The problem would be how to keep her. You are possessive and demanding by nature, which is the prerogative of royalty. She is the egalitarian rebel. Like Princess Diana she wants nothing to do with royalty and could care less about prerogatives. It is not likely that either one of you will change so the prospects of this relationship working are quite slim unless both parties are young and fall under the “opposites attract” spell.

Degree of Romance

Leo is the King of Romance. Naturally he will try his best to bring it out in you but it won’t work very well. Deep down inside you really, really, really hate to make one person more important than all the others, which is what romance is all about. Also, frankly, you like to keep your distance, so you will likely keep the lion at bay.

Degree of Passion

Keeping the lion at bay is, of course, the way to enflame his passion. Remember the scene in The Gladiator where the lions came up from underground like a big surprise? That’s what Aquarius can unleash in the jungle beast. Quelle surprise. The question remains, once you have unleashed him, what will you do about it. You’re training him to do something that will annoy you to no end later on.

Degree of Friendship

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman have diametrically opposed definitions of friendship and can never fill each other’s needs. Leo comes on warmly, straight from the heart, loyal and pure. Aquarius is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz — no heart — and though Leo’s heart is big, it is not big enough for two.

Degree of Marriage

We do not recommend this combination for marriage.

Progression of Relationship

Leo will try to proceed along a resolute pattern of old-fashioned courtship. Aquarius will keep breaking up the energy because she likes to throw a stick in the bicycle spokes — or a monkey-wrench, just for the heck of it to see what happens. If Leo proceeds through with the courtship, it is in spite of her attempts at destruction. Most Leos don’t have any tolerance for that.

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Aquarius Woman Leo Man
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