Aquarius Woman Scorpio Man

What happens when one of the most emotional signs falls in love with one of the most aloof? The result for Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility is far from clear, but it is clear that this relationship will be a struggle for both partners – and not necessarily one which they will feel is worth their while.

There appears to be little common ground between Aquarius woman and Scorpio man. Although the Scorpio man admires the Aquarius woman’s intelligence, and she in turn admires the Scorpio man’s inner strength, there isn’t much of an emotional connection here. The Scorpio man’s intense feelings are alien to the Aquarius woman, and her cool-handed detachment from her emotions is not something the Scorpio man can – or indeed would want to – understand. Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility may struggle to get off the ground at all.

When this couple do fall in love, however, they may suffer from a sexual mismatch too. The Scorpio man is a strongly sexual being, but the Aquarius woman views sex as just another intellectual hobby. Where she trusts the Scorpio man enough to really open up to him, he can deeper her emotions slightly and allow her to explore some off-the-wall fantasies, which he’ll be more than happy to indulge….but passion isn’t one of the defining characteristics of this odd relationship. Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility certainly isn’t held together by their sex life.

It also isn’t held together by a mutual respect. The Aquarius woman values her freedom at all costs, and will not curb that in order to please her jealous Scorpio man. The Scorpio man demands an emotional commitment which he simply won’t get from the Aquarius woman – and what’s more, her take it or leave it attitude will wound his pride and inspire resentment in him. It’s worth remembering that both the Aquarius woman and the Scorpio man belong to fixed signs, and neither is very happy about compromise. Which is a shame, because without a whole lot of compromise, it seems unlikely that Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility is going to go very far.

The Scorpio man’s unfathomable moods will soon become a millstone around the Aquarius woman’s neck. She will try to reason with him, and to help him analyze his feelings – but she doesn’t understand that he doesn’t want to analyze them, he just wants to live them and he wants her to live them with him. That’s not happening. For his part, the Scorpio man will try to teach the Aquarius woman the value of listening to her intuition and her instinct, but he can’t get through to her super-rational world, and besides, she doesn’t want to live by her instincts, she wants to live by her brains. Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility suffers at this very basic level.

Since neither partner is willing to meet the other half way, and since they fundamentally just don’t “get” each other, it’s not likely that Aquarius woman Scorpio man compatibility can stand the test of time. It’s possible, of course, where true love exists, but this couple have so little in common even on a sexual level that there’s really not much left to bring them together.

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

It’s hard for an outsider to know what’s going on in this relationship because it’s one of the most self-contained, exclusionary combinations. What you have is two people with exceptionally strong wills who have agreed to compromise their wills — at least temporarily — for an ulterior purpose. These two god-like individuals do not ordinarily compromise. There is nothing warm, cute, or fuzzy about them. So whatever brings them together has to be very compelling. Perhaps it is just that they finally meet someone they consider an equal. It’s like two teenagers playing chicken in a car. Secretly each one can’t believe that they’ve met their match. No one in their right mind should mess with a Scorpio and it is gospel that it is utterly impossible to control an Aquarius. You can see immediately that this relationship will either function at a very high level or it will deteriorate rapidly into a war of control and wills.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as an Aquarius Woman

Just the fact that you think you can handle him is enticement enough. He’s used to stalking, but not the kind of mental stalking that you’re capable of. You can easily out-think him and you might as well get in practice from the beginning because you will need every advantage you can conjure. If he’s interested in you, he’s interested in your power, not your “feminine aspects.” Scorpios like to mate with something that they want to incorporate into their arsenal. If this sounds like a laboratory experiment, it is, and you know it.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Scorpio Man

Well, to begin with, you might as well be as rude and crude as you are capable of being. No reason to hold back on the shock and awe. She loves to be shocked, and if you’re lucky, you might awe her. It’s your power she’s interested in. Show your self-mastery and by all means, keep yourself under control. You are playing with a mind that fascinates you but that you will never control. See if you can get on her radar screen and let the games begin.

Degree of Romance

Romance is hardly the question. Where is all the power? And what are we going to do with it?

Degree of Passion

For these two signs, passion is a waste of time. It is actually viewed as a weakness. To be passionate would be to render one’s self vulnerable.

Degree of Friendship

After the war-room games are settled, and one of them has attained a slight edge over the other (depends upon individuals and circumstances), these two can actually be great comrades-in-arms, which is as close to friendship as they will ever get. Each sign has a constant edge on it, calculating advantages and options for power moves. If they agree to ally against the world, they’ll make a formidable gridiron of defensive and offensive strategies. With an ally like this, who needs friends?

Degree of Marriage

These two play for keeps. They may be one of the few pairs that can ignore the realities and just live together under the sacred bond of trust. Not to overly idealize Scorpio and Aquarius, but the bond of trust is likely to be spelled out this way: “If you leave me, I will destroy you and everything you care about.” You see, these two speak the same language.

Progression of Relationship

Slam bam thank you ma’am? If these two find a match in one another, they will both drive relentlessly for closure, each one moving to forestall other possibilities, to close off other options, and seal the deal. It’s like making a contract with the Godfather.

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Aquarius Woman Scorpio Man
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