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When the Aries woman hooks up with the Leo man, one thing you can be assured of is plenty of fire. This is a highly passionate match, as you would expect when two fire signs fall in love, but can Aries woman Leo man compatibility sustain itself once the passion subsides?

The Leo man is a very proud and dignified individual, but he is surprisingly emotionally needy and wants his woman to massage his ego constantly. The Aries woman is very independent and self sufficient and needs no such emotional reassurance – and nor is she likely to flatter her Leo man with empty words. She will love him thoroughly and honestly, but she’ll expect him to look after his own self esteem in the way she looks after her own. Aries woman Leo man compatibility brings together two strong individuals, but it’s the Leo man who needs the Aries woman, rather than the other way round.

Because the Aries woman has quite a strong selfish streak, her refusals to praise and adore the Leo man are likely to become more and more entrenched as the relationship goes on. If the Leo man doesn’t get his dose of flattery from the Aries woman, he may start to look elsewhere for it. He is a loyal and highly faithful man at heart, but if his needs are not met, he’s not above seeking affection elsewhere. For the Aries woman and Leo man, compatibility depends upon the Leo man finding his own self confidence without needing it fed to him.

Both the Aries woman and Leo man are very strong willed. Both are used to being in charge, which begs the question – who’s going to be in charge in this relationship? Neither partner will back down easily, and the Aries woman in particular needs to win arguments in order to fulfil her inner warrior. This can lead to some pretty extreme fireworks in the relationship, when tempers flare and innocent bystanders can be caught in the crossfire. The rows and fallouts from this couple can be quite frightening to behold, but the good news for Aries woman Leo man compatibility is that neither partner bears grudges. For this couple, their rows are soon forgotten and their shared passion smoothes over even the deepest of cracks.

The Leo man wants a woman he can be proud of, and someone he can show off. The Aries woman, ambitious and determined as she is, is a very good candidate for this, and he certainly approves of her ambitions and her drive to better herself. For her part, she appreciates and enjoys her Leo man’s romantic streak and his grand gestures. He knows how to make her feel special, and even a confident woman wants to know that she is loved. When it’s working well, therefore, Aries woman Leo man compatibility can be a very loving match, with both partners having a lot to gain from this fiery but creative relationship.

Ultimately, however, this partnership between two of the most domineering signs of the zodiac may be simply too competitive to last the distance. With this couple constantly seeking one-upmanship against each other, Aries woman Leo man compatibility can fade fast if they don’t take steps to remember why they fell in love in the first place. Once it simply becomes a race for first place, the Aries woman’s selfishness will kick in, as will the Leo man’s arrogance, and the relationship can become a very messy car crash quite fast. It will take all of this couple’s energy and optimism to prevent those competitive streaks ruining an otherwise strong and healthy partnership.

Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

This is one of the greatest combinations in the zodiac. Sparks are always flying, and there’s a lot of jealousy to fan the flames of passion. Each partner is a constant stimulant to the other. There may be a lot of separation, but then there is always the joy of kissing and making up. Outsiders may not understand their play fighting, but you can be sure that each partner is enjoying their role to the hilt. Both Aries and Leo need a challenge; these two can provide that for the other.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aries Woman

If you want to attract a Leo man, you should look as gorgeous as you possibly can and set yourself above others by any means possible. You know that you are getting the catch of the zodiac. Put a price on your own head to make yourself worthy of his attention. Leo men like a woman that they can show off. Flattery will also go a long way towards winning his heart, so long as it’s sincere. Fawning is an absolute turn off. It doesn’t hurt to pick a fight in public if it draws attention to you because a Leo man loves drama. Just make sure you can laugh at yourself when it’s over.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Leo Man

You wanted something exciting and now you’ve found it. This woman has more energy and passion than anyone you’ve ever met. She’s full of fire and you like it that way, so be careful not to blow the flames out. If you bully or criticize her, this will get ugly fast. You are, at best, supportive, warm, and life-giving. Show her those qualities. If she’s interested in you, she’ll take charge, so many of the courtship decisions will be out of your hands. If you want to get the ball rolling be the generous, romantic, chivalrous man that you are. Ask her for a night on the town with lots of drama. Let her know you’re not intimidated by her strength and intelligence. Treat her like a girl, in other words, and she’ll be yours.

Degree of Romance

There is a wonderfully high degree of romance with this relationship. Both partners believe in love at first sight, knights in shining armor, and true love with all their hearts. They will play these roles to the hilt as though they have an imaginary audience to appreciate every move and gesture. If love is a dance floor, these two are doing the tango.

Degree of Passion

Sometimes the passion between Aries and Leo is more of an act than a reality, but both are willing not to pass judgment in that regard. These two expect grand displays of passion, dramatic gestures, bigger than life love stories, and if possible the happiest ending there has ever been. Both are hold outs for true love.

Degree of Friendship

Surprisingly, these two can be best friends because of the degree of loyalty and honesty they are capable of maintaining. Leo appreciates the courage of Aries honesty, and Aries appreciates the sincerity of Leo’s loyalty. These are two pals who set out each day to find a new adventure.

Degree of Marriage

This is a good combination for marriage. In some ways they seem to deserve each other. The energy level is high, both appreciate the lengths the other will go to to win them back when they fight, and secretly they both enjoy putting on a show for friends and relatives. Children may suffer if these two get lost in their role as lovers, but at least the young ones will have a positive photograph of marriage to take with them.

Progression of Relationship

The dating that goes on between these two signs should be the most fun of the zodiac. Each has high expectations for excitement and passion which the other won’t disappoint. Both parties are willing to put forth their very best efforts. This results in some pretty impressive courtship with a crescendo worthy of any stage production.

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