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At first glance, the Aries woman and Virgo man appear to have little in common on which to base a long term relationship. Can this meeting of an alpha female and a somewhat reserved male last the distance?

The attraction between the Aries woman and Virgo man isn’t particularly obvious. The Aries woman is strong, powerful and very dominant – quite a loud and in your face personality, often. The Virgo man, on the other hand, is typically quiet, modest and a little shy socially speaking. He may be intimidated by the Aries woman to begin with, but she is likely to be attracted to his enigmatic aura. For the Aries woman, her interest in the Virgo man may start off as a kind of quest or conquest, to see if she can “win” him, and she is likely to take the lead in the early stage of the relationship – but if these two do get together, their strange attraction will quickly turn to something more.

The gentle and unassuming Virgo man has a great deal to offer the Aries woman. He is fiercely loyal, devoted and full of practical ideas. He can ground her fiery temper with just a raised eyebrow or too, and since he has a relatively low emotional level himself, he won’t return fire with fire, which would only prolong a row. Instead, he will listen to her outbursts, calmly make a suggestion and then walk away – which ironically, is just what the volatile Aries woman needs. Aries woman Virgo man compatibility therefore works surprisingly well on this level.

For her part, the dynamic, confident Aries woman has a great deal to offer her Virgo man, too. She can boost his self-esteem and help him to grow in stature and confidence. He’s certainly flattered to have her attentions, and in some way the Virgo man brings out the protective side of the Aries woman – she can become his biggest defender and champion. It’s a little bit of a role reversal, in the sense that the Aries woman will appear to be the dominant partner rather than the man, but the Virgo man is no pushover and will be very influential on the partnership behind the scenes – he just prefers to avoid drama. Aries woman Virgo man compatibility always has more going on that bystanders don’t know about.

Because the Virgo man is able to soften the Aries woman’s temper, this romance can be a surprisingly tender one. It’s a fire and earth combination, which doesn’t always work terribly well, but here it stands more chance than most. The Virgo man is free from ego, and doesn’t mind it looking as if the Aries woman is taking the lead in their lives, because he knows that he is the power behind many of the decisions she makes. Don’t forget that Virgo is a mutable sign, so if the Virgo guy is head over heels with his Aries woman, he’s smart and savvy enough to adapt to her fiery ways.

The Virgo man does tend to criticize his Aries woman a lot, though. This inflames her temper, initially, but when she calms down she’s almost always forced to concede that he does have a point. Eventually, she will grow to love and depend upon his constructive criticism, and this will make the Virgo man feel needed and appreciated, which is always a good thing. Aries woman Virgo man compatibility works because both partners will come to a mutual understanding about who they are and what their roles are in the relationship. Blending the Aries woman’s fire and passion with the Virgo man’s earthy sensuality is a sure fire winner too, so this couple have plenty of sexual compatibility to fall back onto.

This unlikely pairing is likely to go from strength to strength as both partners mature. As they grow together, the Aries woman will learn that she can’t always win against her Virgo man’s faultless logic and debating skills; the Virgo man will learn to love life a little more and to take more risks. In this way, Aries woman Virgo man compatibility is at its best many years into the relationship rather than at the start. If the couple can only make it that far, however, then they stand every chance of success.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The Virgo man may be intriguing to the Aries lady at first blush since he presents such a challenge, but this relationship is fraught with difficulties. Just because something is a challenge doesn’t mean it’s worth pursuing.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as an Aries Woman

Virgo men are so sensitive and basically very shy that you may not be able to attract one unless you make the first move. Herein lies the rub because Virgo men are incredible flirts. You may be throwing yourself at him, and he is just bouncing you around like a play thing to stroke his ego. If you get beyond the beginning stages of interest, try to resist castrating him which will be hard because he will play hard to get. Be neat, clean, and punctual (LOL). Try not to be as blunt as you normally are about finances, his hairstyle, the car he doesn’t drive, your ex-boyfriends, etc. You’ll have to tone your personality down so much you will begin to wonder why you are even trying with this guy.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Virgo Man

Getting an Aries in your life is something that happens to you. You’ll notice that most people talk about “getting mixed up” with a ram. If your number is up, she’ll appear, and you’ll have to figure out what to do about it.

Degree of Romance

This relationship will promise great romance but it will never deliver. Virgos are in love with their daily routine and the details of their lives. It is an accumulation of precise, exquisite small things that bring them the greatest delight. You know as well as I do there is nothing small about an Aries. The ram is liable to do a cannon ball into the hot tub and be blamed for making waves.

Degree of Passion

This relationship may be very passionate to start with, but the more Virgo focuses on housework and the other minutae when Aries would rather take a roll in the hay, the quicker passion diminishes to a weak flame crying for help.

Degree of Friendship

There is an outside chance for friendship if both are healthy and sports oriented. This is possible because Aries loves to be active and “do things” and Virgos pride themselves on being fit. Since all Virgos are bachelors at heart, they usually have the afternoon free to go cycling.

Degree of Marriage

We find this a slim chance for marriage. But one Aries-Virgo scenario that might work is a lady ram with an exceptional amount of energy and a Virgo man so weak that she needs to take over a lot of his territory. That could be a win-win for both.

Progression of Relationship

This relationship progresses in fits and starts. Aries lights the match to the flame, then Virgo lets the flame go out. Ram strikes another match, etc. It may take you a while to figure out what is going on, but don’t confuse busyness with progress. Many Virgos are absolutely committed to themselves and their tidy lives which are usually in excellent working order. Deep down inside they are not interested in upsetting the status-quo or introducing any disruptive elements like demanding girlfriends or needy wives.

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