Cancer Woman Aquarius Man

This air and water sign combination doesn’t look too promising at first glance, as it’s hard to see what the couple have in common. However, there’s cautious optimism for this relationship, since both partners recognize they have a lot to learn from the other.

The Cancer woman is a home loving woman, and her prime concern is creating emotional security and a nurturing base for her loved ones. The Aquarius man, on the other hand, isn’t concerned about home comforts at all, and is more interested in saving the world. Oddly enough, however, this just proves that both of these partners are very compassionate – in different ways. For the Cancer woman, her loves ones come first. For the Aquarius man, loved ones will have to get to the back of the queue behind the underprivileged of the world…but the compassion is the same. This forms the root of Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility.

On a personal level, the relationship is not without its difficulties. The Cancer woman seeks a man who can commit to her, heart and soul. The Aquarius man doesn’t do commitment, and he doesn’t do heartfelt expressions of love, either. His emotional distance and aloofness can be very hurtful and mystifying to the Cancer woman. He finds her moods upsetting too, and very distracting. He believes that his love for the Cancer woman goes without saying, but she needs to hear it said. For Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility to thrive, this couple need to get to grips with some communication issues.

One of the major difficulties for this relationship is that the Cancer woman can be rather clingy and possessive. The Aquarius man is hard to pin down, and he becomes even more elusive when under pressure. The Cancer woman will have to learn to trust him without question; if she can do that, the chances are good that he will stay by her side through his own choice, but the mores she tries to force a commitment, the more chance she stands of losing him altogether. Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility always takes the form of a delicate dance around the issue of commitment.

Where the couple can find a way through this, however, this can be a surprisingly warm and tender romance. The Cancer woman’s loving and nurturing nature warms up the Aquarius man in the bedroom, and the Aquarius man’s pragmatism and analytical mind are of great help in stabilizing the Cancer woman’s strong emotions. The couple learn from one another in this way, and through their shared determination they can forge a successful if slightly offbeat relationship. Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility isn’t assured, but it’s not too far out of reach for either partner either.

Over the years, this couple will become closer and closer, but they may struggle to keep the passion alive. If they’re not careful, Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility can become more like brother and sister than lovers. It’s vital that this couple remind themselves regularly how and why they fell in love in the first place.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

She will attract him with her feminine ways and eventually drive him crazy with those same wiles. These two signs could not be more different. They are in quincunx relation to one another which makes it very hard to reconcile their differences. The Cancer woman has a very personal feeling connection with a few people and the small world around her, perhaps to include her mother, husband, and children, but not much more. The Aquarius man looks at the world from a broad vista, tends to live one generation in the future, and is concerned about the future of the species more than the progress or any one individual. You see the conflict. This relationship can work if the Cancer woman stays at home and tends the hearth and the Aquarius man puts his energy into a career that is devoted to the bigger picture.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Cancer Woman

No one can control or predict an Aquarian. There isn’t much you can do if he isn’t interested in you already. If you have caught his eye, don’t crowd him or demand too much of his time and attention. The Aquarius man will be willing to give you plenty of that if you win his heart, but during the courtship stages it could be a turnoff.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as an Aquarius Man

If you want to woo this lovely creature, your best bet is to be very fatherly and to show in as many ways as possible that you would make a good husband and provider. Chances are she’s interested in a home, and she will want to know how soon you will provide it. Her insecurities and anxieties yearn for the calming comfort of a mature man. She’s looking for a shoulder to cry on and someone to hold her tight at night.

Degree of Romance

This can be a very romantic combination because the gender identity in each case is so strong. Aquarians tend to be very manly men and Cancers are the ultimate feminine energy. She will play the damsel in distress and he will feel good about solving her problems so easily with his brilliant mind.

Degree of Passion

Somehow the protectiveness required of him in this relationship brings out about all the passion he can muster.

Degree of Friendship

There is little to base a friendship on in this relationship. The Cancer woman is interested in bonded intimacy, such as parent, husband, or children. The Aquarius man, although he has a reputation of being so friendly, is usually pretty much alone in the world. Neither sign particularly values friendship, and neither has the skills to develop it. But there is no need for friendship in this relationship because it is so strong in other ways.

Degree of Marriage

The combination of Cancer woman and Aquarius man makes a fine conventional marriage, particularly if he is 10 or more years older than her. Cancer women have a childlike need for protection and security, and Aquarius will easily shoulder the responsibilities of a family. Their love may be very focused on their children — for her, as a means of nurturing, and for him, as a window to the future. Both are a little idiosyncratic in their own way. We know a couple like this where the wife sleeps in the bedroom with the kids, and the husband sleeps on a cot in the hall. Well, it works for them.

Progression of Relationship

The Aquarius man will be very business-like in moving the relationship forward if he is seriously interested. If not, there is nothing you can do about it. The Cancer woman will feel surprisingly secure as the relationship develops because, relative to other men, the Aquarian man is so transparent. It can quickly evolve into cozy nights in front of the TV or her doing the laundry while he gets on the Internet. Conversation is not the strong point of either, yet they are able to develop much rapport.

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Cancer Woman Aquarius Man
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