Cancer Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man is drawn to the Cancer woman because he sense that here is a woman who can take care of him, and make his life easy – freeing him to pursue his intellectual interests in his own time. This is true, but what’s in it for her? Cancer woman Gemini man compatibility is a workable relationship, provided that the Gemini man remembers to offer his Cancer woman the love and respect she needs.

In many ways, this couple epitomize a battle between the head and the heart. The Gemini man is uber-rational, with many diverse interests and a tendency to analyze everything in intellectual terms. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is a soulful creature, whose heart definitely rules her head. She is deeply emotional and will make decisions based on instinct. Logic rarely gets a look in, and when it does it only makes her worry more about making the right choice. For the Cancer woman and Gemini man, compatibility needs to forge these two very different ways of being, bringing the best of both to the partnership.

It can be done. The Gemini man can provide a lively and curious adventure to the Cancer woman, opening up doors she didn’t know existed, and encouraging her to make the most of her life. The Cancer woman will, as we already know, take care of the Gemini man, but more than that, she can show him how not to be afraid of his emotions, and she can teach him that his instincts can be trusted. Sometimes, however, she will tire of his eternal youthfulness – it’s as if she has an extra child in the house! Cancer woman Gemini man compatibility will try the patience of the Cancer woman, that’s for sure.

The problem is that she is looking for emotional security and stability. The Gemini man is unlikely to provide much of that – he’s too fickle and changeable. The Cancer woman perceives a certain amount of risk in loving a Gemini man. The fact that she’s willing to take the chance in the first place should flatter the Gemini guy – but he’s unlikely to notice, because he doesn’t, at first, understand her emotional depths. One thing he does understand, however, is her moodiness, because he’s moody himself in a different way. The Cancer woman will appreciate his knowing when to approach and when to back off, and she will certainly adore his ability to say the right thing at the right time – but she won’t tolerate the superficiality of feeling that Gemini is known for.

For the Cancer woman and Gemini man, compatibility also means juggling their very different priorities. For the Cancer woman, her home and family is her absolute top priority, every time. Not her career, and certainly not her Gemini guy. For him, however the top priority is to explore and to learn, and if that means uprooting the family to go and live in Guyana for a year, he’s cool with that. She won’t be. Compromise is of course essential, then, if Cancer woman Gemini man compatibility is to work out. And guess who’s going to have to do the compromising? Gemini guy, all the way. The Cancer woman is a fixed sign, and she won’t budge from her life’s purpose.

The success or failure of this relationship therefore depends on how in love the Gemini man is. If he’s smitten by his gorgeous Cancer woman, he’ll be willing to change. But the question is, will he get bored by her homeliness before he really falls deeply in love?

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

After the initial attraction, because he is so masculine and she is so feminine, they’re pretty much destined to drive each other crazy. Gemini is too busy being busy to provide the security that Cancers craves, and furthermore, he interprets her needs as evidence she’s “clingy” and “whiny”. If she happens to be secure enough to use her sense of humor aggressively like Gilda Ratner, she might be able to hold her own, but a Gemini man and a Cancer woman is not a recommended match.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Cancer Woman

The Queen of Beguiles meets the King of Wiles. What we have here is a summit meeting of ploys and conniving. If this fascinating creature has caught your eye, Cancer, you will have to use all your feminine wiles to attract and keep him. By all means, play hard to get. Curb all tendencies to wait by the phone or to complain that he didn’t call you back fast enough. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. The best thing you have going for you is your zany sense of humor and the natural skills that go along with being a Cancer: cooking, nurturing, and home-making. Even a Gemini spins out from time-to-time and needs a cushy pad or lap in which to crash.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Gemini Man

Cancer women are interested in security and whatever that means to them personally. She may equate security with your constant companionship or a promise to buy her a home in the future. She may equate it with how much money you make, or that you stay in constant touch with her via text. As you can see, this is guaranteed to drive you absolutely batty. No Gemini in the world wants that close a tab kept, but if you are smitten with this lovely moon creature, you will have to find ways to reassure her of your constant affection. Most women you can conquer with the blarney stone, but the Cancer lady wants deeds not words. She will expect you to back up your promises by your actions. That really is a stretch, Gemini.

Degree of Romance

Cancer, be prepared to be swept off your feet. If he wants you, there is no one more romantic than a Gemini man. The trouble comes when it’s time to back it up. But let me warn you if this is your first encounter with the Gemini species that you will probably hear the most beautiful words you’ve ever heard spoken and it will be hard to resist believing them. Try to reserve your judgment.

Degree of Passion

If Gemini wants something and that something requires passion, he will produce it. He is a master of disguises, a wizard. Beware of Siegfried’s Tarn — now you see him, now you don’t. After all, he is ruled by Mercury and no one can hold quicksilver in their hands — or their claws, dear Cancer.

Degree of Friendship

Cancer looks for affection more than friendship, and being sheltered more than sheltering. Gemini believes in high exposure, risk-taking, and living on the edge. These two would certainly never be friends, though they might be lovers for a while.

Degree of Marriage

This combination can work if the Gemini man lets the Cancer female stay at home all the time while he’s out running around doing his thing. This is not to suggest that Gemini is unfaithful, but they need a very long leash to engage in their important social activities and networking. It is typical for a Gemini to “drop by the house occasionally” rather than actually living there. If Cancer wants to revolve her life around him, she will be sorely disappointed. The relationship works if she builds her life around her children, mother, siblings, and other relatives who need more constant companionship than he does. Caveat: Geminis is the sign we vote most likely to leave a woman standing at the altar.

Progression of Relationship

Gemini is sporadic and inconstant even in courtship. If you pay close attention, you may find that he is texting and emailing regularly because it’s so easy to keep in touch that way. And it gets him off the hook of actually showing up. He may drive you crazy with changes of plan, backing out, and canceling at the last minute. He isn’t doing this to be mean; it’s just his way. He doesn’t understand how upsetting this is to you — and that’s the whole problem right there. In a nutshell. Cancer needs constant reassurance and the physical presence of the beloved to feel loved and cared for. With Gemini, it’s not gonna happen.

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