Cancer Woman Taurus Man

Compatibility between Cancer and Taurus is generally very good, and the Cancer woman and Taurus man can be one of the sweetest couples around. They share a romantic outlook on life, and crucially both are seeking emotional security, which the other can provide. Cancer woman Taurus man compatibility is a mutually beneficial state which both will find hard to leave, having found it.

The Taurus man is stable, loving and kind, which is exactly the kind of man the Cancer woman is seeking. The Cancer woman is gentle, nurturing and loyal, which is exactly the kind of woman the Taurus man is seeking. Together, Cancer woman Taurus man compatibility is excellent, and this partnership can create an extremely loving home together.

For both partners, family is important, and they will probably want to have lots of children. Neither the Cancer woman nor the Taurus man will do anything to threaten the security of their little nest, so this is usually a highly faithful partnership. The Taurus man is very possessive, however, and this can upset the Cancer woman if she perceives it as a lack of trust. Why would he want to know where she’s going and who with? Can’t he just trust that she’s not doing anything wrong?

The Cancer woman’s moods are very emotional and fluctuating. Fortunately, the Taurus man has the wisdom, patience and kindness to sit these out, waiting for his beautiful Cancer woman to return to him. She will appreciate his emotional stability as a balance against her erratic feelings. As an earth and water combination, these two partners go together like the oceans and the land. The Taurus man can soak up the worst of his Cancer woman’s emotions, while she in turn can bring life and beauty to his otherwise fairly barren emotional landscape. Cancer woman Taurus man compatibility benefits both partners equally.

Since both the Cancer woman and the Taurus man are shrewd and careful with money, this is likely to be a materially successful relationship. Sexually they are highly compatible too, although the Cancer woman would sometimes prefer a loftier, more idealistic approach to sex than the Taurus man’s earthy approach, but she does appreciate his sensuality. Fine dinners and romantic gifts are plentiful in this relationship and the couple will want to spoil each other on special occasions.

One point to watch with this relationship is its tendency to become a little insular. Since the Cancer woman and Taurus man give each other everything they need (so they feel) they often become so wrapped up in one another that nobody else exists – friends and family may find themselves pushed out into the cold. Cancer woman Taurus man compatibility is simply not very sociable!

If the couple make an effort to counter this, however, and to maintain outside interests beyond their relationship, then this can truly be a magical relationship where mutual loyalty, respect and love combine in the most lovely of ways.

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

When these two team up, it’s all about home, family, warm hearts and full tummies. Life tends to center around the kitchen and family room. The ‘audience” is a small enthusiastic crowd of one or two, creating a secure circle of life and love. Both partners are rabid about security. They eat, drink, sleep and breath it. As long as they both contribute equally to this ideal haven or port in a storm, things go well. Problems start if one partner is irresponsible or seems not to be contributing to the secure package (called “Our Future”) by taking foolish risks or, really, any risks at all or even shows a pulsebeat now and then. They tend to get things set up and want to keep them that way, thank you very much. Pretty soon their house begins to look like a garage sale. That’s ok. They love the feeling of old, familiar things.

Attract a Taurus Man as a Cancer Woman

Ask him how he feels (meaning are his physical needs being met). Fuss over him – is he eating right? Does he need help with some errands? How’s work going? Keep the conversation very personal. No need to invite the Obamas into the small talk you’ll both enjoy so much. Brush imaginary lint off his shoulder. Straighten his tie. Mirror his body image during conversation. Become more aware of your own body language so you are communicating in the language he understands best.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Taurus Man

Let slip that you pay your bills on time and are supporting a vulnerable elderly relative (or would love to). Ask her about her mother. Your mantra must become “Family is Everything to Me” – of course you don’t mean what she means by that but all’s fair in love and Guerre. Be a conscious tipper. Study the bills carefully before handing over your credit card. Act like you take money very seriously.

Degree of Romance

The urge to submerge and be protected is too urgent to allow for much romance. There’s just enough to be decent to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Degree of Passion

Passion is a little disturbing to these two because it is not premeditated and therefore untrustworthy. Who needs passion as a motivator when the fanatic desire for security underlies every word and deed?

Degree of Friendship

They can be fast friends because they each tend to focus on one other person. It would not occur to one of them to divvy out a microeconomic KIVA loan until they both had enough “stuff” for themselves and that day will never come for these two.

Degree of Marriage

Perfect for marriage and gathering of the clans every Sunday afternoon for a BBQ. Don’t even dream about inviting strangers and stay off that chair. That’s where Uncle Harvey always sits.

Progression of Relationship

Predictable. A huge big deal is made about meeting each other’s families.

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Cancer Woman Taurus Man
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