Capricorn Woman Scorpio Man

The Capricorn woman and Scorpio man are both very determined and focused individuals. What happens when they both focus on loving each other? Can this water earth partnership live up to each partner’s demanding expectations?

There is a strong attraction between the Capricorn woman and Scorpio man. Both are quite reserved in public, and guard their emotions. Both take life seriously, and each partner senses that the other is someone who can be trusted. Because this is a water/earth partnership, the couple are strongly sexually compatible, and it is this physical attraction which probably brings them together in the first place. Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility may begin in the bedroom, but can it survive elsewhere?

This couple are likely to be among the hardest working couples you will meet. The Scorpio man seeks emotional security, and is prepared to work hard to ensure that he gets it. The Capricorn woman seeks material security, and is likewise devoted to meeting that need. Exceptionally determined and very focused, this couple are likely to have a good standard of living and some considerable earning power. So Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility works in the bedroom and it works in the boardroom, but how about on an emotional level?

This is where the couple are likely to run into difficulties. The Scorpio man is exceptionally intense and highly emotional at all times. The Capricorn woman is quite emotionally distant, aloof even, and keeps her emotions under strict control at all times. The Scorpio man seeks a woman who can share his depth of feeling, but he’s likely to be disappointed by the Capricorn woman’s cool response. She is likely to be alarmed by his emotional instability, and will try hard to distance herself from him when he turns a mood on, instead of sympathizing or reaching out to him. Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility flounders when it comes to a shared emotional response.

There is another potential trouble spot too: who’s in charge in this relationship? This matters a lot for the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman, who are both used to getting their own way. The Scorpio man tries to manipulate his way to power subtly, while the Capricorn woman just assumes control with an air of inner authority; neither partner will like being told what to do by the other, and the Scorpio man in particular will resent being treated like a junior partner. The Capricorn woman can’t help being bossy by nature, but she won’t make any effort to soften it for her Scorpio man, thus compounding this particular problem for Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility.

Perhaps this relationship works best when we’re talking about a power couple. If both are devoted to their careers, and rarely spend time together, they will both make more of an effort to get along on an emotional level. For a couple with more mundane jobs, however, the constant power struggles and the lack of an emotional connection make Capricorn woman Scorpio man compatibility very tricky indeed.

Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Talk about power couples. When these two combine they are interested in material power, wealth, status and control. Each is dead serious about making it to the top no matter what it takes. Do or die. They are unforgiving about mistakes and absolutely intend to surmount all obstacles to achieve their particular type of fame and fortune.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Capricorn Woman

While your natural inclination is to be professional, Scorpio will find this crass at worst and boring at best. So do what you can to be subtle and mysterious. Scorpio men are consciously or unconsciously looking for someone to seduce or a mystery to solve. Don’t be too sophisticated or racy and, if you possibly can, allude to a past full of secrets.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Scorpio Man

You have to impress your Capricorn lady with your power and self-control. She is looking for someone who has mastered the material world, an alpha male with money who knows how to use it. Be prepared to impress her with well-chosen gifts, neither too lavish nor too cheap. Everything you do should be in impeccably good taste and speak to your appreciation of quality. Use words like “responsibility,” “authority,” “commitment,” and “dedication” if you want to get her attention. Take yourself seriously and she will, too. It wouldn’t hurt to dress nicely, either, especially with some signature clothes. Oh, and save your vulnerability rap for another girl. Show this one weakness, hesitation, or ambivalence and you may never see her again.

Degree of Romance

This is basically a business partnership with little room for romance. Each party tends to bring out the seriousness in the other. Combined, these two feel romance is frivolous and a waste of time.

Degree of Passion

There is an intense degree of passion here; however, it is directed towards career goals, material possessions, and business opportunities. That is a lot to share and both partners face the world in the same direction.

Degree of Friendship

Friendship is a word that is taken very seriously by these two, and it probably means more than friendship. They are dead serious about loyalty, keeping confidences, and intimacy, which they consider non-negotiable commodities. Each can be cold and is capable of using — or at least stepping over — people in a climb to the top. Yes, Capricorn and Scorpio have a lot in common, but I wouldn’t call it a disinterested friendship.

Degree of Marriage

This couple has an excellent chance of making it in marriage as long as both are competent and committed. Problems begin if one partner shows weakness or lack of will power. The stronger one may just step over a faltering spouse to keep on moving forward.

Progression of Relationship

There is a period of foreplay before the deal is done, but both parties know what is expected of them and what the meeting is all about: closure. These are high stakes players and everything means something. The implication is that if you sleep together, marriage is in the works. This may or may not work out, but that’s the mutual expectation.

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Capricorn Woman Scorpio Man
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