Gemini Woman Capricorn Man

A relationship between Gemini woman and Capricorn man is a strange one; sometimes it works out well enough, sometimes it doesn’t, but both partners will have definitely learnt something along the way.

While the Capricorn man is a man of few words, the Gemini woman talks incessantly. Indeed, she may even talk for him, which is one of the signatures of this couple. They probably felt awkward when they first got together, and not really sure how to approach each other, but over time, as this couple got to know one another, some surprising levels of compatibility were found.

Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility works best when each partner recognizes the other’s strengths, rather than focuses on their weaknesses. Yes, the Gemini woman, sociable and vibrant as she is, may find the Capricorn man dull and uninspiring. But she will also find him grounding, wise and able to help her focus her scattered energies into something worthwhile. Yes, the Capricorn man may find the Gemini woman childish, capricious and shallow. But he will also find her exciting, imaginative and able to bring some sparkle to his life. It’s where the couple learn from one another that Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility really shines.

There are potential problems for this relationship, however. There is a lack of sexual chemistry, for a start. The Capricorn man is surprisingly sexual beneath his serious mask – he is an earth sign, after all. The Gemini woman, on the other hand, can take sex or leave it. She’s not particularly passionate, and would often rather read a good book. Her slight aloofness will confuse and hurt her Capricorn man, although when she is in the mood she will delight him too. Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility is not sexually based, but when their love life works well, that’s an added bonus.

There is also a slight gap in this couple’s emotional connection. The Gemini woman is an air sign, and over-rationalizes her emotions. She finds it easy to express love verbally, but harder to actually understand what love is. The Capricorn man has no such problems understanding, but he doesn’t feel the need to constantly talk about it, which could lead the Gemini woman to believe that he doesn’t really love her. For Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility to work well, this couple need to sort out their communication issues.

There are a few social problems too. The Capricorn man doesn’t enjoy the Gemini woman’s social whirl, but may tolerate it for her sake. What he won’t tolerate, however, is her flirtatiousness. She will feel saddened by this – it’s not as if she means any harm by it – and will feel as if she’s being asked to change who she is. It’s almost as if the Capricorn man is playing the parent, telling the Gemini woman/child that she can’t go out dressed like that. She feels that she has to seek his approval all of the time, and that this approval isn’t anywhere near as forthcoming as it should be. This is a tricky issue for Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility.

Overall, however, this relationship can work much better than expected. The Gemini woman is a flexible, mutable sign and will do her best to adapt to her Capricorn man. He really does love and value her, and will do his best to treat her well and to embrace her strengths. Gemini woman Capricorn man compatibility is quirky, but has potential.

Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Love between a well-balanced Capricorn and a well-balanced Gemini can be like the two dancers on the music box that plays “The Wedding Waltz” (oh, how we danced on the night we were wed). Gemini’s talkative good humor and superficial merriment seem to be just what the sometimes dour Capricorn needs to get engaged in life. It’s like all of a sudden he has a trained monkey! We give the union of these two a big blessing. The best of youth plays with the best of age. Gemini keeps Capricorn spry while Capricorn keeps Gemini grounded.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Gemini Woman

Don’t talk too fast. You’ll get “deer in the headlights”. Be prepared to love how boring and predictable he is because you are always spinning over the edge. Try to realize that unlike you he really means anything he says. Refrain from monkeying with the rules around him. Put a real dollar bill in the parking spot, give the waitress an honest 15% (or more), set your cell phone to “off” in the movie theater, and try to order something straight off the menu instead of asking for fried potatoes and an extra desert instead of a side salad.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Capricorn Man

Go over and make some bold, opinionated (impersonal) statement to get the conversation rolling. Say “X is a terrible mayor, isn’t he?” or “They should impeach our boss, shouldn’t thy?” Don’t worry. She won’t take it seriously, and it’ll give her a drop off point to talk from until you get your tongue back from the cat. You will love the sound of her voice. She’s likely to dazzle you with her mercurial ways till you are spellbound. Just think, someone charming who will do all the talking for both of you!

Degree of Romance

The relationship of Gemini woman and Capricorn man is more mundane than romantic because somehow, when together, they always get more interested in what’s going on around them than making goo-goo eyes at one another, which is pretty darn healthy, really. Gemini gets to do a lot of flirting and especially teasing but is probably more straightforward than romantic. They are full of surprises. Capricorn can expect eyebrow-raising texts like “I forgot to wear my panties today” when she knows he’ll be in a business meeting. Har de Har. She’ll get a big laugh out of that.

Degree of Passion

Passion can run high because Capricorn men are so lusty and Gemini women are such teases. Gemini brings magic and entertainment into this format.

Degree of Friendship

Gemini can be a real pal to Capricorn, sort of a way to interface with the rest of the world, like a social translator Sherpa or guide dog for the small-talk impaired.

Degree of Marriage

Gemini woman and Capricorn man can have a great marriage, especially if they are sort of the same age.

Progression of Relationship

He will have the drift. And this is on the first date!

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Gemini Woman Capricorn Man
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