Gemini Woman Pisces Man

For the Gemini woman and Pisces man, compatibility can be as elusive as these two signs themselves can be. This water/air match is a tricky one, but sometimes it works, and when it does, it can be imaginative and magical.

Although the Gemini woman and Pisces man can be good friends, sharing stories and creating tall tales together, they find it difficult to relate to each other on a deep, emotional level. That’s because the Gemini woman really isn’t very emotionally deep. She is an air sign, and she keeps her feelings at arm’s length – and her feelings change so quickly in any case that she’d get lost trying to keep up. The Pisces man, on the other hand, is a very intuitive and instinctive being, and he struggles to keep up with the logic the Gemini woman displays to breathtaking effect. Gemini woman and Pisces man compatibility is awkward in this sense.

For two signs which are so good at communicating, it’s strange that this couple can’t communicate better. The Gemini woman is ruled by Mercury, and communicating is no trouble to her, but much of what she says is light, airy and superficial. The Pisces man is creative with words, but he doesn’t do superficial. And there’s not much air deep in the ocean where he swims. He is tossed and turned by his strong emotions, but he doesn’t even try to rationalize them, he just lives them. This is alien to the Gemini woman, and that’s why Gemini woman Pisces man compatibility makes communication so tricky.

Both partners in this mix are kind hearted and free from temper, so there’s not a great deal of angst or screaming and shouting here. However, there is some nervous tension. The Gemini woman is constantly on the go and she does worry a lot. Here, she’ll be worrying about whether she’s said the right thing to the Pisces man or whether he’s going to go off in one of his moods. She feels that she can’t truly relax. The same is true of the Pisces man, who definitely worries. He worries that his Gemini woman’s flirtatious nature will eventually lead her astray, and he worries that she just doesn’t understand him – he may be right about that one. Gemini woman Pisces man compatibility means that neither partner rests entirely easy.

When the relationship goes through a tough time, the sensitive Pisces man can become frightened by the emotional aloofness of his Gemini woman. She will want to talk through the problems, where he just wants to run away from them, which is another issue of concern. For her part, the Gemini woman feels tied down, and almost responsible for the gentle Pisces man. She wanted a lover, not a child, and after a while, she may find that this relationship is just too deep and clingy for her liking.

Neither partner in this relationship is above telling lies, which can be a big problem for Gemini woman Pisces man compatibility. The will lie with different intentions – the Gemini woman because she can, the Pisces man in order to avoid an uncomfortable truth – but the lies are lies just the same. Without that fundamental basis of honesty, the relationship can easily be consumed by its other problems. Sadly for Gemini woman Pisces man compatibility, the magic is often quick to fade and the Gemini woman will move on to a less complicated partner.

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

These two are friendly and talkative. Each of them has an interesting take on reality, and both love to gossip. Their first date might be spent talking for four hours straight. That’s not so unusual for a new couple, but unlike other pairs, these two focus on others’ foibles and delights rather than the personal details of their own lives.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Gemini Woman

You are lucky here because Pisces men are naturally fascinated by Gemini women. All things being equal all you need to do is cross his path and he’ll at least notice you. When he asks you out, don’t burden him with your problems. It’s okay to talk a lot, but not about “downers”, such as an unhappy job or your sick kid. He is looking for someone to help him straighten out his life, and he wants some indication that you will be able to do that.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Pisces Man

Gemini women are among the most desirable in the zodiac. You may have to take some time circling around her. As you wait to catch her attention, try to figure out the things that please her. Hopefully you’ll encounter her in an environment where that’s possible, such as the workplace. She loves a sense of humor and someone who can take the conversational ball and run with it. If you can, be up to date and trendy in your selection of topics. Do not ask her anything personal. Stay focused on other people.

Degree of Romance

This can be a pleasantly romantic relationship based on a subtle, intellectual courtship style. Expect genuine bon mots. Together these two will discover new places, people, and things which fire the romance nicely. Both parties are turned on by novelties.

Degree of Passion

Passion is not the prize here as it is for fires signs. This combination involves an air sign and a water sign, each of which is also mutable or changeable energy. The emphasis is on communication rather than physical and emotional entanglements. If Pisces can learn to lighten up a little bit in expectations regarding lovemaking, he can enjoy her willingness to experiment. Geminis have a way of making you feel young again, a real plus for the sometimes world-weary fish.

Degree of Friendship

These two can be great friends. No doubt about it. Pisces is generally quite amused by the Gemini, and she enjoys playing to an appreciative audience. Neither one is trying to “win” an argument or be right in the conversation. Rather they enjoy the act of communicating, the sheer pleasure of comparing and contrasting their views. This is a lot to have in common and a good basis for friendship.

Degree of Marriage

This can be a pretty good combination for marriage. Each of them will focus on having an interesting life with lots of socializing, drawing others into their network. They have an ability to speak freely with one another, even about those things others might find difficult, such as sex and money. Neither sign likes to argue, so conversations can be amazingly constructive. If problem solving is a big part of the marriage contract, these two are way ahead of the game.

Progression of Relationship

Gemini will need to be the pacesetter in this relationship. Although the Pisces man is fascinated by her, he’s a born procrastinator (and a little drifty, too). There is a scene in King Kong where the captive female tap dances to get the great ape’s attention. The Gemini lady in this relationship better have some tricks like this up her sleeve to keep the relationship moving forward.

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Gemini Woman Pisces Man
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