Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

The Gemini woman Scorpio man relationship is a air/water combination, which tends to produce either monsoon storms or pretty rainbows, but not both. How does compatibility work for this couple, and can this be a relationship which lasts?

The initial attraction between the Gemini woman and Scorpio man is not very clear. The Scorpio guy is a deep thinking, highly emotional man with a very intense, private demeanor. The Gemini woman, on the other hand, is a light and fluffy, sociable, flirtatious woman with an easy approach to life. Both are highly intelligent, but it’s hardly love at first sight. Getting this couple together in the first place could be tricky, since the Scorpio man loathes the Gemini woman’s party persona, and she will find his serious attitude too boring. Gemini woman Scorpio man compatibility may not get off the ground in the first place.

If this couple do get together, however, they will learn to appreciate each other’s qualities. Slowly. The Scorpio man can learn to lighten up a little from his Gemini woman’s free and easy nature; the Gemini woman can learn to focus if she appreciates her Scorpio man’s relentless determination. Gemini woman Scorpio man compatibility is far from obvious, however, and the couple will always find each other slightly odd.

Part of the problem here is that we’re dealing with probably the most extreme versions of light and shade in the zodiac. The Gemini woman is renowned for her happy go lucky personality and her gregariousness. She is very clever, but quite superficial, never spending long on one subject or with one person. The Scorpio man, in some ways, is her opposite. He has one of the deepest and potentially darkest personalities of all, and he can’t abide superficiality. When he is interested in something or someone, he digs very deep indeed and will not rest until he knows all there is to know. He’s also a very private man and will resent the Gemini woman’s curiosity about him. Gemini woman Scorpio man compatibility is a fundamental mismatch, really.

There’s also a lack of an emotional connection. The Scorpio man feels everything very deeply indeed and will want to bond with a woman on that level. The Gemini woman, however, being an air sign, keeps her emotions at arm’s length and will over-analyze the ones she admits to having instead of just living them like the Scorpio man does. She will quickly tire of his emotional moods, and he will quickly tire of her emotional distance and aloofness. For the Gemini woman and Scorpio man, compatibility is neither a meeting for minds nor of hearts.

Gemini woman Scorpio man compatibility falters seriously at another level too. The Gemini woman is very flirtatious by nature, whereas the Scorpio man is highly possessive and notoriously jealous. You can see where that will be a problem. Ultimately, this couple are both intelligent enough to see that they’re just not right for each other; they’re far too different and neither provides what the other one wants from a relationship.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

There are about five people present in this relationship. It’s a box inside an enigma inside a mystery. The trouble is that it’s hard to catch everybody at home at the same time. It’s definitely a costume party, which remains a party as long as no one has to take their mask off.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Gemini Woman

Gemini women hardly need advice on how to catch a man, or at least catch his eye. There is something about you like a worm on the end of a hook that lures the big fish. Scorpio, being a deep creature, is utterly fascinated by your superficiality and allure. The more mercurial you can be, the better, even to the point of being purposely irresponsible about small and inconsequential things – be a little bit late, be hard to catch on the phone, say “I’ll get back to you” a lot, be willing to disappear. All your beautiful words and verbal ability mean absolutely nothing to him, but he will be transfixed by the sound of your voice.

How to Attract to a Gemini Woman as a Scorpio Man

Have you ever tried to squish an ant at a picnic? You know the way you have to chase it with your eyes and hands at the same time? That is what it is like trapping the beautiful Gemini creature who is as alluring as a butterfly. Long periods of intense waiting and watching must be followed by deft acts and deeds. This lady, one of the most desirable in the zodiac, is as hard to pin down as quicksilver, her mercurial ruler, which is exactly what you need to lighten you up in the right way. Besides, the fascination is undeniable.

Degree of Romance

This can be an incredibly romantic combination. No one knows the act of flirtation like a Gemini, and Scorpio is the perfect instrument to play to. The Gemini woman can never ever be possessed by the Scorpio man (despite his deepest desire), and she will find the intensity of his intentions inconsequential and humorous. It is the stuff great operas are written about. The potential for Scorpio’s suffering is immense.

Degree of Passion

There is a tremendous degree of passion possible, but unfortunately it is one-sided. Geminis don’t digest passion well. It is never their first choice on the menu. Scorpios live for passion. Is this a good mix?

Degree of Friendship

Oddly enough this pair can give each other a merry chase intellectually and they can entertain each other endlessly with a running commentary on the foibles of human nature. They make great traveling companions on the journey of life. Her wit complements his perceptiveness for some great “aha” moments. This couple will enjoy talking about other people immensely and trying to dissect their motives.

Degree of Marriage

This couple has the downside of sticking together through thick and thin to the point of real pain and absurdity. There may be a constant diet of betrayal, painful and unnecessary confrontations, ridicule, sarcasm, and vendetta, and yet the relationship endures. This is not the best recipe for mental health.

Progression of Relationship

You know how you stare at the chess board at the beginning of the game trying to figure out what your strategy is? Figure two people doing that at the same time and then changing their strategy in response to the other person’s every move. The possibility of mind games is absolutely boggling and this may take the place of an erotic connection.

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Gemini Woman Scorpio Man
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