Leo Woman Aries Man

When fire meets fire, as it does in the Leo woman Aries man relationship, you can be sure of one thing – the flames are going to get hotter and hotter. For this couple, an instant attraction leads to a highly sexual relationship where passion and drama can become addictive. So long as something exciting is happening – for better or for worse – this couple are in their element. When dealing with the day to day humdrum routines of life, however, their compatibility is less clear cut.

The Aries man is very attracted to the Leo woman’s confidence, glamor and warmth. The Leo woman senses that the Aries man can match her assertiveness and she is flattered by his attentions. Both partners understand straight away that this needs to be a partnership of equals, if it is to work at all, because neither partner will agree to become subordinate to the other.

The problem with that, of course, is that the Aries man always wants to lead in a relationship – and so does the Leo woman. More than that, the Leo woman wants a man who will adore her, put her needs first and make her feel like the most important creature on the planet. The Aries man is not that guy. He’s far too selfish and self-important for that. He does love and admire his Leo woman, but he’s not going to keep telling her so, and she does need that constant level of approval.

In a quirky kind of way, however, this disparity can work in the couple’s favor. The Aries man wants to feel that he has made a good catch, so he is proud to encourage and display his regal Leo lady. In this way, pandering to her demands actually makes him appear to have won, in a roundabout kind of logic, so he may well go along with it. Meanwhile, the Leo woman will make allowances for the Aries man’s selfishness because she too senses that she’s dealing with a powerful personality. She is probably more willing to let Aries off the hook than any other sign, and may even become a gentle pussycat in his hands rather than the roaring lion she normally is.

Leo woman Aries man compatibility works on a practical level because their outlooks are similar. Both are financially extravagant and slightly irresponsible, so the household income could be rather unpredictable, but they like it that way. The Aries man works hard to better himself, which is definitely something Leo woman approves of; she in turn is determined to forge her own way in the world, which relieves him of the responsibility of having to provide for her and allows him some more selfish indulgences. Materially, it works.

Jealousy can be a problem for both signs, but their mutual passion is usually sufficient to overcome problems of this nature, if only after a series of blazing rows. This is a couple that often seems to come to the verge of a breakup, but always manages to find a way to stick together in the end. It’s a volatile relationship, but deep down this couple trust one another, and they understand each other on an intimate psychological level. For the Leo woman and Aries man, compatibility is a dramatic affair, punctuated by flare ups and make ups, but together they create enough spice to see them through the more boring aspects of marriage and into a shared future.

Leo Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

This is an icy-hot combination, full of fun and adventure. To an outsider (actually to the other three element signs that are not fiery), it may look like they play pretty rough, but to them it’s fun. Have you ever seen someone get roasted on TV? This is fire sign territory. It takes a good, strong ego and the ability to laugh at yourself. The truth is, Leo and Aries won’t respect you unless you can stand up for yourself. When they push you, they expect you to shove back harder. This, of course, leads to great make-up sex.

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Leo Woman

Well, to start with, you could say something pretty ballsy. That’ll get it off and running. There is nothing, repeat nothing an Aries likes, or needs more, than a challenge. Please do not cling, show signs of desperation, faun, or carry on emotionally. Not that you would anyway. Always return tit for tat, in good sport. You don’t need to worry about hurting his ego — it’s strong enough to take some good-natured bashing. There is a famous old musical called Kiss Me Kate which is either about an Leo-Aries or Leo-Leo combination. It shows the dynamic pretty well. Be exciting. Stay one step ahead. Flirt with other men in front of him. Knock him down a little bit. And keep one foot out the door, just so he won‘t take you for granted. My dear Leo, you have the catch of the zodiac. It’s worth a little effort to try and keep him.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as an Aries Man

First of all, for God’s sake don’t show any weakness. You must court her like John Wayne on a cattle drive, and, Pilgrim, you better have your stuff together. This lady is not very forgiving in courtship. As a matter of fact, here is a saying to carry around in your wallet while you are trying to bed this damsel: “There is no mistake in courtship which can be made up for.”[1] For better or for worse, love is conquest between the two of you. She knows this as well as you do. Impress her with your confidence and warm heart and, if you can, compete in some way for her attention. That’s a real plus. It would be especially helpful if you could be the first to kiss her toes, bring her a mockingbird that sings, etc. Please be original and sincere. The Leo lady likes to be complimented, but only if there is something sincere about it. If her hair is not her best asset, it would be better to say, “Gosh you’re the hardest woman to date I’ve ever met,” rather than “What beautiful hair you have.” Ms. Leo has a wonderful sense of humor as long as you are honest with her. As far as gifts, please, nothing but the best. By all means pick up the tab, open the door, and worship freely at the throne. This lady gets lots of attention wherever she goes. Make sure you can handle it before you tread in this territory. You wouldn’t expect Madonna to sit at home and darn your socks, would you?

Degree of Romance

These two wrote the Book of Romance. They can quote it, book, verse and chapter. In this relationship, they will have a chance to play out their wildest fantasies where romance is concerned. He can actually get away with saying the corniest lines. Mr. Aries is one of the few men who could actually deliver Rhett Butler’s famous line from Gone with the Wind: “You need to be kissed…and often…and by someone who knows how” without getting slapped in the face. The Leo lady loves to play her part — stage center — and she will have many lines that she’s rehearsed for years in her fantasies.

Degree of Passion

The Aries man may be heard to say, with a look of passion in his eyes, “I must have you. I’m an all or nothing-at-all person.” Passion is the special province of the fire signs and these two were born to play their part. Of course passion includes drama, not to mention melodrama, and exaggeration. Aries fans the flame while Leo catches fire. It’s an exciting, fast-paced, extraordinary combination that can last forever.

Degree of Friendship

These two can be great pals and if shared activities are a cornerstone of friendship they can be found hand-in-hand at the bowling alley, theater, or sports arena. It could be said of each of them, Leo woman and Aries man, that they will do anything once. This relationship should be full of firsts for both as they trade experiences and menu selections. Her: “You mean you’ve never had a manicure?” Him: “You’ve gotta go to Vegas and see a heavyweight match once in your life.” Her: “Let’s go to the mall and walk some dogs for free.” Him: “Why don’t you go ahead and dye your hair red. You can always dye it back again.”

Degree of Marriage

This is a strong candidate for marriage. After all, they speak each other’s language. Both partners are used to unintentionally intimidating others. It is such a relief to be able to let your hair down and be yourself, even if you get a little punchy.

Progression of Relationship

This relationship will be fast-paced and exciting. Aries — contrary to popular stereotypes — wants to do everything with their partner. Leo will bask in the attention. The Aries guy is quite a handful, but he makes it worthwhile because he’s bound to be successful at whatever he’s doing.

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Leo Woman Aries Man
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