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On the face of it, the relationship between the Leo woman and Pisces man seems very one sided, with the strong fire sign taking the lead. In reality, however, both of these partners are needy in their own way, and for that reason, Leo woman Pisces man compatibility has more than its fair share of problems.

The Leo woman is initially drawn to the Pisces man because she appreciates his serenity. Well, serenity of sorts, anyway – he’s actually undergoing an emotional storm at any given moment, but he is a spiritual guy and manages to give the impression that he’s taking it all in his stride. The Pisces man is drawn to the Leo woman by her warmth and her love of life, as well as that magnetism she has. This couple have strong sexual compatibility and for the Leo woman and Pisces man, compatibility may well be forged in the bedroom.

Away from their steamy sexual relationship, however the cracks in this fire/water sign combination begin to show. The Leo woman needs to be adored, and she needs to be the center of attention. That’s absolutely fine with the Pisces man, who will indeed adore her and shower her with love and attention – until his own emotions get the better of him and he has a meltdown, unintentionally stealing her thunder and no longer in any fit state to offer her the adoration she wants.

Meanwhile, the Pisces man wants someone who will share his emotional highs and lows with him. No problem for the Leo woman – at least, as far as the highs are concerned. She will happily join in his exuberance and his joy, as she has a very sunny and optimistic demeanor herself. The lows, though? Forget it. Her instinctive approach will be to tell him in no uncertain terms to get a grip. What will the neighbors think? If there are any histrionics in this relationship, the Leo woman wants to be the one doing them. She’s very politically correct, but privately she probably thinks he’s not being very manly and just wishes he’d stop it. Which he can’t. Leo woman Pisces man compatibility therefore has several important hurdles to cross if it is to survive.

If the couple can overcome their differences, they can make this work. Kind of. The Pisces man is a mutable sign, and will work hard to provide what his Leo woman wants. In return, however, he expects her to budge a bit too. The Leo woman is a fixed sign with an iron will, however, and it’s her way or the highway. The Pisces man will be disappointed and upset with this, and he will view it as selfish, which it is. He can’t abide selfishness, and this alone may be enough to turn him off from Leo woman Pisces man compatibility.

When this relationship does work well, it’s a creative and passionate one. The couple share a love of art and culture, and will enjoy spending time together. More often than not, however, it will surprisingly be the Pisces man who calls time on Leo woman Pisces man compatibility. He’s not as weak as his Leo woman sometimes thinks, and he won’t tolerate her selfishness indefinitely.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

This is one of the most romantic and workable combinations in the zodiac. Both Leo and Pisces love to fantasize and put their partners up on pedestals. Both are able to stay on pedestals once put there, too, oddly enough. This combination can create and sustain an enduring lifelong romance that never tarnishes. They may not do so well with the practical aspects of career and marriage, but their connection to one another is likely to last forever.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Leo Woman

Believe it or not, the Pisces man is always a little bit insecure and worried. He needs your radiant confidence to feel better. You can attract him by being sunshiny and positive. You will find that you do a lot of soothing and reassuring as the relationship progresses.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Pisces Man

You are the answer to every Leo woman’s secret prayer for romance. You can put stars in her eyes easily by your gift for expressing the bon mots of love. She will respond to your gentleness and the sense of adoration not realizing perhaps that you tend to treat all women who are the object of your affection that same way.

Degree of Romance

It is hard to imagine a more romantic combination. Leo loves to be fussed over and adored. Pisces loves to worship and please.

Degree of Passion

Passion is not particularly pronounced in this relationship. Rather it is based on positive feelings of kindness, tenderness, and affection. Neither sign trusts passion very much. Leo likes to be ruled by the mind, not the heart, and Pisces is frightened of things that don’t last.

Degree of Friendship

Leo can be a great pal for Pisces, as she helps him feel more confident and secure. It is likely that Leo will wind up helping Pisces a lot with day to day troubles, such as getting the car registration renewed or getting to the bottom of that difficult plumbing problem. Both feel at home in their roles, and this draws them closer together.

Degree of Marriage

Provided they take off the rose colored glasses at some point, this can be a good marriage. The Leo woman doesn’t mind being in charge. The only problem would be if she has a particularly weak Pisces who, for example, can’t hold a job. These things should be ascertained before walking down the aisle.

Progression of Relationship

Leo will more or less set the pace by demanding a traditional courtship. Pisces is a willing slave of love and will do everything he can to fulfill her demands. Provided no one else catches his eye, he is likely to be swept away by her ardent desire which suits both of them just fine.

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Leo Woman Pisces Man
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