Libra Woman Pisces Man

The Libra woman and Pisces man can create a very appealing water/air relationship, but will it shine like a rainbow or whip up a tropical storm?

Both the Pisces man and the Libra woman are gentle, unassuming souls. The Pisces man often lacks self confidence. Although the Libra woman has enough confidence, she is a self-effacing woman and doesn’t have an ego problem. They are both charmed by each other, and can easily fall in love. The Libra woman is especially attracted to the Pisces man’s spirituality, and he is especially attracted to her social graces. Libra woman Pisces man compatibility gets off to a good start.

The couple share a love of romance, and together they can create a very magical courtship, which would be the envy of many other couples. The can live in their own little dream world, barely coming up for air. It’s a good match sexually too, as the Pisces man’s romantic sensuality warms up the air sign Libra woman’s slightly aloof approach to sex, and gives her plenty of glamor and passion to enjoy. Libra woman Pisces man compatibility initially seems strong.

The Pisces man, however, needs someone who can ground his strong emotions. The Libra woman will struggle with this, as she’s not in touch with her own emotions, let alone someone else’s. She in turn needs a man she can rely upon, who will stay with her forever. The Pisces man is faithful, but gullible, and can easily be led into an affair. He’s also not particularly full of inner strength, and even if he is never unfaithful to his Libra woman, she may lose him to his own emotions if he sinks into a depression. As you can see, Libra woman Pisces man compatibility is not as clear cut as it first appears.

The couple do share a strong sense of idealism, but this can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they want their relationship to be perfect. The Libra woman is a cardinal sign, and she will take the initiative in trying to ensure that everything is OK, all the time – she can’t stand arguments or discord, and will be forever smoothing over any gaps. The Pisces man is a mutable sign, and will work hard to adapt to his Libra woman’s needs, so he puts in the effort too in pursuit of this perfect relationship. That certainly helps Libra woman Pisces man compatibility, but it’s not the whole story.

Because this couple are hung up on idealism, both of them can become very disillusioned when reality bites. They put each other on pedestals from which they can only both fall. Both the Libra woman and the Pisces man will turn to escapism when this happens – he, perhaps, through drink or drugs; she, perhaps, in the arms of another man. Libra woman Pisces man compatibility does indeed shine like a rainbow during the good times, but it’s by no means always robust enough to survive life’s tougher moments.

Libra Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Peace and harmony. That’s what this couple is all about. An ideal aesthetic at work between them brings these two signs together at a very deep level. They want everything to be beautiful; these two tender souls can pull it off. They bring out the ethereal in each other.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Libra Woman

To get the attention of the fish, you can rely on the soothing elements and charm that are such an integral part of your personality. Things will go a little slower than you like, but patience is a strategy all its own. You won’t have any trouble figuring this guy out, but draw him into your net may challenge you. If he swims away, get a bigger net and try again. What you have to offer is pretty irresistible. Special tip: Bait the hook by wearing silver earrings, big hoops, or dangles. Fish love them.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Pisces Man

To win this intellectual lady you must court a little more systematically than your nature. She is a romantic but also a logical thinker who will analyze your every move. To her everything is calculated. If you see her for three Saturdays in a row and then miss the next one without explanation, she’ll want to know why. If you date her once a week for a month, then twice a week for a month then three times a week for a month, she’ll need an interpretation for that, too. I know you don’t think this way, try to see that she does. All your dreamy, lovely little nothings will come to just that, nothing, if you fail to follow communicate with the Libra in her language.

Degree of Romance

There are infinite possibilities with this combination. We see you enjoying a gourmet picnic together in a pastoral setting or reading poetry to one another under the spreading chestnut tree. You two can recapture the timeless natural elegance of social interaction that you both crave. Even if you meet online, you’ll quickly move on to the time tested winners: holding hands watching the sunset, wine and cheese on the balcony, a latte delivered to your hotel room in the morning.

Degree of Passion

Passion can be a little orchestrated, but it is an important part of the romantic repertoire. No problem for Pisces, the partner pleasing shape shifter, but a stretch for the calm, cool and collected Libran. She secretly desires to be led astray and give in to impulses for once in her life because this lady never really does anything impulsive. If she seems to, it’s calculated and mentally rehearsed. Throw her down on the bed a few times or do it Matt Damon-style, on the floor, on a towel by the door, or up against the mini bar a few times. Take her where she wants to go.

Degree of Friendship

These two can remain superficial enough to stay best of friends. Both respond positively to politeness and gentle good manners. They are good listeners and believe in taking turns. Most arguments will be headed off at the pass by pretending there’s nothing wrong or will be solved by hearing both sides and deciding to compromise, something at which both are very good.

Degree of Marriage

This combination is excellent for marriage, particular a second marriage or one which will not involve the messy realities of children!

Progression of Relationship

Pisces, please try hard to show up on time, plan an organized evening, introduce her systematically to your friends and eventually your family. There are no such hierarchies in your world – you want to sacrifice your whole life for her – but please don’t act accordingly. The disorder of your mental and emotional world would send a distress signal to the lady who hates to clean up spills and messes.

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Libra Woman Pisces Man
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