Libra Woman Taurus Man

Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, so that should mean that Libra woman and Taurus man compatibility is a sure fire thing, no? Well, yes. And no. It’s not quite as simple as that, and this beautiful couple have many nuances to their relationship.

Given their shared rulership, there are some things that both the Libra woman and the Taurus man have in common. They are both romantic souls, with a touch of idealism. They both love and appreciate all things artistic and beautiful. They can both be…well, not lazy exactly, but languid. When the Libra woman and the Taurus man fall in love, all of these shared qualities contribute towards an instant attraction, and help in long term compatibility too. But that’s not the whole story.

Another thing the Libra woman and Taurus man have in common is that they both take ages to make up their minds about anything (including dating each other). However, Taurus is an earth sign, and the Taurus man does his thinking quietly and logically. Libra is an air sign, and the Libra woman chats constantly about what’s on her mind, verbalizing her decision making processes in a way which the Taurus man finds quite irritating. This is of course just a minor blip in Libra woman Taurus man compatibility, but it does give us a clue as to the reasons behind any relationship problems these two have.

When earth meets air, it can be whipped up into a sandstorm or a whirlwind. The Libra woman has this effect on the Taurus man – or at least, she tries to. She is a cardinal sign, an active sign, and she wants to be doing something about her ideas. The Taurus man’s stubbornness can frustrate her a great deal, as he digs in his fixed sign heels and refuses to get the party started. This conflict between a fixed sign and a cardinal sign lies at the root of any issues in Libra woman Taurus man compatibility.

Together, however, this couple can make a real difference in the world. The Libra woman is an idealist and a humanitarian, and will push hard to try to change things for the better. Her determined, stable, practical Taurus man can help her in this, since his innate kindness is also sympathetic to her humanitarian goals. On a more personal level, the Libra woman is seeking a man she can rely on, who will never leave her or be unfaithful to her. The Taurus man is highly faithful and reliable, and will not let her down in that regard. For the Libra woman and Taurus man, compatibility has a lot to do with the emotional security they both want.

The Libra woman is charming and sociable, and can lift the Taurus man out of a humdrum existence, showing him how to be more confident and how to mix more widely on a social basis. In return, the Taurus man can bring practicality to the Libra woman’s dreams, and can show her how to carefully build the future she wants. They’re good for each other, these two, and can be good for the world too. The inner spark of romance, brought to both by their shared Venus rulership, can create beautiful Libra woman Taurus man compatibility, but in the long term the relationship can turn into a push me-pull me one.

Neither partner will really want to leave this relationship, even in times of trouble, but if push comes to shove, it will the Libra woman who calls time. Her cardinal nature will cope with the change much better than her Taurus man, who will find his status quo shattered if he loses his Libra love.

Libra Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Look at this list of famous couples. Talk about people who live in the Beautiful Bubble. What secretly ties these two together is beauty, the personification and worship of it by these two Venus-ruled signs. Yes, Libra and Taurus are both ruled by the planet (and love goddess) Venus. Sensuality and a love of luxuriating connect these two to one another with pleasure bonds. They may especially enjoy owning a home together not only for its aesthetic but as a business venture. Both are excellent with money. Taurus gathers it into money pots, Libra comes up with the winning investment strategy. Here’s a pair that loves to own AND TAKE CARE OF nice things. Look in their driveway!! This couple can also have a terminal attack of cuteness. They are the couple most likely to have little white and brown bunny yard art and, guaranteed, somewhere in the bedroom there will be a teddy bear. They have endearing “pet names” for one another from the start.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Libra Woman

Talk about how much money you’re making and in general what kind of investments you think are good. Then listen to him. He won’t say very much. He’s kind of shy. Taurus has the lowest self esteem of all the signs in the zodiac and Taurus is the most introverted sign. Unfortunately he has been seduced and taken advantage of more than once. His low self esteem makes him an easy mark for sexual predators so stay out of that territory for the first 3 months Try to understand. No one finds him very interesting so if you lend him your ear, he will be in heaven. Be sincere and try too realize he’s going to take everything you say literally, even to a ridiculous degree.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Taurus Man

You’ll probably need to brush up your social skills. If you’re in that price bracket, ask her for help decorating your home. Show an interest in her and the people in her life. Unlike you, she’s not a loner and needs to know that you would accept her large circle of friends and family. Don’t talk about how much everything costs! Think about some variety in dating. Don’t go to the same place twice until you know you’re comfortable there as a couple. I know you expect everything to drop right into your lap but you must put some personal effort out to get this charming lady. Ask a buddy for some advice if need be.

Degree of Romance

This couple is likely to fall into a stylized type of romantic behavior which means something to them as individuals. It may mean setting his slippers out at night, or rubbing her neck while watching t.v. Their lives with be full of reciprocals like this. There is less emphasis on romanticizing outside of the home, for example honeymoon vacations or romantic weekend getaways. It’s not that they can’t afford it, it’s just that these two really enjoy their own nest and likely it is as luxurious and comfortable as they can possibly afford. Look for their bed to have an overstuffed duvet, lots of plush pillows and quite likely a chaise lounge for her. We vote this the couple most likely to watch t.v. together in bed.

Degree of Passion

Taurus may try to get very passionate from time-to-time, particularly over issues of possessiveness and jealousy. Libra, however, is the calm, cool and collected sign. She will not be interested in playing the Apassionata which is probably a very good thing. Othello was without a doubt a Taurus.

Degree of Friendship

Taurus is a loner by nature, not accustomed to traveling companions or project associates. Libra, on the other hand, is open to everyone’s energy — at least at the physical level. Therefore there may be a lot of friends in the picture because of Libra. Taurus, however, really does stand alone as an individual. No matter how committed they may talk, or how much they may buy into the marriage party line, they never really give up ground and cross boundaries to merge with another person. Libra won’t even notice, so it’s not an issue. Libra will think they are best buddies and that’s good enough.

Degree of Marriage

This can make an extremely compatible marriage. The compatibility between the Libra woman and the Taurus man is about as good as it gets. Deep down inside, both are peace-seekers and peace-makers. Taurus loves to maintain the status quo. Libra likes change but only on the superficial level; for example, a Libra will re-decorate a house, not re-model it. Same goes for a marital relationship. They are both very happy having established the status quo and maintaining it. This is an important thing to have in common for a long-term relationship.

Progression of Relationship

Basically the Bull expects ripe fruit to fall from the tree right in front of him. He doesn’t even want to get a basket to catch it in. Libra, however, will expect a full-out courtship dance so they will begin to learn to compromise in the dating process. Libra must keep the relationship moving forward till it reaches a contractual state, otherwise the Bull will just wander around the pasture eating the grass that’s right in front of him. Libra will probably take many occasions to explain to the Taurus man “just what it is” she wants and expects, which is futile on her part but you can’t tell a Libra anything. The question with Taurus really becomes — not how to keep him, but how to get rid of him if he bores you to death. Most Tauruses drop by to visit for the afternoon and wind up spending a decade.

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Libra Woman Taurus Man
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