Pisces Woman Capricorn Man

At first glance, it looks as if the Pisces woman and the Capricorn man might be good for each other – but can his earth/water sign partnership stay afloat during bad times as well as good?

It’s easy to see what attracts this couple to each other. The Capricorn man is smitten by the gentle, spiritual charm of the Pisces woman, and she also brings out his protective instincts. The Pisces woman is drawn to the calm stability of the Capricorn man and she instinctively knows that he has the practical solution to most of her problems. Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility looks good on paper, but what about in practice?

There’s a strong sensual bond here, between the Capricorn man’s earthy nature and the Pisces woman’s emotional, romantic approach to sex. Theirs can be a fairy tale romance in the bedroom at least, but in the real world there’s a slight problem. The Capricorn man is grounded in reality; he lives in the here and the now, while planning for every eventuality in the future. The Pisces woman, on the other hand, lives in a dream world, afloat on an emotional sea she can’t control. Reality often scares her, to be frank. On one level, the Capricorn man can provide her with a rock of stability, and she can provide him with some emotional depth – but Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility only works in this way when both partners are clear on what to expect.

The Capricorn man may find that his patience quickly wanes when the Pisces woman seems unable to take on any kind of responsibility. The Pisces woman may find that the magical aura vanishes from around her Capricorn man once he’s been sarcastic or cruel to her one too many times. It’s not that he means to be cruel, mind – but to the sensitive Pisces woman, an inability to share emotions is cruel. When he responds to her impassioned pleas with cool indifference, the Capricorn man is being cruel whether he means to be or not. Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility suffers because of this basic emotional mismatch.

During the happy times in this relationship, however, both partners can grow and learn. The Pisces woman will try hard to nurture her Capricorn man and to bring some magic to his life. The Capricorn man will try hard to provide for his Pisces lady and to bring some reassurance and groundedness to her chaotic emotions. The Pisces woman, being a mutable sign, tries especially hard – but all of these efforts are not always enough for Capricorn man Pisces woman compatibility to survive.

The Capricorn man wants to build a stable life, and the Pisces woman’s fluctuating moods are just too unstable and too irrational for him to bear. The Pisces woman wants a perfect romance, and the Capricorn man’s methodical, step by step approach to life is just too cold for her. This is far from an instinctive match, and unfortunately for this couple, Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility may prove just too elusive, despite their best efforts.

Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

This couple conjures up all the deep romance of “Phantom of the Opera” or the classic “Beauty and the Beast” with a little of the better parts of “King Kong” thrown in. A Pisces woman is probably every Capricorn’s dream lover. You see, deep down inside, every Capricorn guy feels at least a little like a hairy beast with horribly lustful desires and he is completely disarmed by the fairy like ethereal qualities of numinous Pisces. The erotic tension is unmistakable as well. It is sheer magic if she is 5-10 years younger. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship veers off into sado-masochistic territory if the partners aren’t well balanced like “The Secretary”.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Pisces Woman

You always have a circle of admirers, Pisces, and Capricorn is too shy to compete so you need to give him a special pass to the front of the line. He is particularly vulnerable to a kiss on the cheek or you might take his hand. DON’T look to him for great conversation or hype. DO look in his eyes and you will see that he sees his Soul in you.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Capricorn Man

She’s much more resilient than she seems. Don’t be afraid of her. She is kind and would never hurt your feelings on purpose. Ask her out to something manageable like a Starbucks date Sunday afternoon. If that goes well, ask her out for Saturday night at a place you’ve been before and feel comfortable. Select some place quiet and softly lit as she is very sensitive to noise, crowds and bright lights.

Degree of Romance

Romance is at its height with these two. Pisces, who is just the opposite, always seems to come across as virgin which adds to the thrill of the chase. She brings out the last ounce of romanticism in any man and Capricorn is no exception. Somehow she gets flowers and pretty things out of guys you’d never imagine. Even personal poetry upon occasion.

Degree of Passion

This is something far deeper, far more meaningful than passion. It is one Soul recognizing itself in another. It is the perfect union that brings peace and the end of longing and desperation. Together at last!

Degree of Friendship

They are the most unlikely and intrepid of friends. These two will be there for each other with complete understanding and forgiveness no matter what happens, including divorce, betrayal, bankruptcy … anything. It is the very epitome of unconditional love.

Degree of Marriage


Progression of Relationship

It begins with a lot of mutual reassurances that Pisces really does think Capricorn is special and doesn’t feel that way about any other guy. Capricorn will try to get her entire sexual history. Slowly Capricorn starts to believe it could be true and could be happening to him. Then he begins to build some permanence into the relationship like paying off her bills or paying for her cosmetic surgery.

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Pisces Woman Capricorn Man
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