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A relationship between a Pisces woman and a Leo man brings together two individuals who are both quite needy in their own ways. The question is whether each can provide what the other seeks or whether this fire/water combination will evaporate away into vapor and nothingness.

The Pisces woman and Leo man are drawn to each other by their shared romantic natures. Both partners have a very idealistic view of love, but they do sense in each other someone they can trust. The Pisces woman is a very gentle and loving soul, and extremely easily hurt. She brings out the Leo man’s protective instincts, and he will immediately feel that he can and should take care of her. He himself wants a woman who will adore him and support him, and he senses instantly that the Pisces woman will devote herself utterly to him. For the Pisces woman and Leo man, compatibility initially seems like a good bet for both for them.

When you blend together the Leo man’s creativity, generosity of spirit and vision, and the Pisces woman’s imagination, spirituality and compassion, you have scope for a truly magical relationship. Together, this couple can create their own little world of fantasy; this is a unique relationship where the bond the couple have may not really be understood by outsiders. Although the Leo man is a natural leader and the Pisces woman belongs to an easily led sign, the real magic of the relationship is that it’s much more equal than you might suppose. The Leo man does call the shots in public, but behind the scenes he is deeply influenced by and respectful of his Pisces woman’s wisdom, sensitivity and insight. Pisces woman Leo man compatibility is a many layered thing.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, this is a fire and water sign mix – and what do you get when you mix fire and water? Steam. This is sure to be a steamy and heady partnership in the bedroom, and a very sensual one too, but this aspect of the couple’s lives will be very private. They value their intimacy and won’t put it on public display. The Leo man is a very sociable being, however, and will want to be out and about a great deal, showing off his lovely partner. The Pisces woman will struggle with such a hectic social life, as she prefers to spend time at home. Together, Pisces woman and Leo man compatibility is such that they can and will find a compromise.

The Pisces woman trusts her Leo man, and trust is a very big issue for her. She can see past the arrogant streak to the loyal and deeply faithful individual underneath, and she knows that he will not hurt her. The Leo man trusts the Pisces woman too; he understands that she can see things he can’t, and that when she disagrees with him, there’s a very good reason behind it. Both partners take their relationship seriously, and both will seek at all costs to maintain their Pisces woman Leo man compatibility.

Of course, the relationship is not perfect – no relationship ever is. The Leo man’s temper can deeply hurt the sensitive Pisces woman unless he consciously tries to contain it. If he doesn’t, his fire can eventually boil away her watery sensitivity leaving her with nothing but despair. This cuts both ways; she is easily prone to sinking in the depths of her emotions, and if the Pisces woman gets into a downwards emotional spiral, she can overwhelm even the Leo man’s optimism and enthusiasm, leaving him feeling depressed and miserable.

This is a savvy and self-aware couple, however, who are both know their own strengths and weaknesses. They are deeply in love, and usually smart enough to resolve any problems before they get out of hand. When they can do this, Pisces woman Leo man compatibility can be a wonderful thing, and one which both partners can happily sustain for a lifetime.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

This is one of the most romantic and workable combinations in the zodiac. Both Leo and Pisces love to fantasize and put their partners up on pedestals. Both are able to stay on pedestals once put there, too, oddly enough. These two can create and sustain an enduring lifelong romance that never tarnishes. They may not do so well with the practical aspects of career and marriage, but their connection to one another is likely to last forever.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Pisces Woman

He wants to be your hero. Please let him. It would be a good idea to read “The Rules” and brush up on your dating etiquette. This Leo man is a genuine knight in shining armor, a traditionalist who will want to carry on a genuine courtship, and you must play your part. The biggest turn off would be to chase him. He honestly wants to win your hand. You can be sure that if he is dating you he is seriously interested in a future with you. Leos don’t play games.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Leo Man

Leo, you should be strong and manly, complete with white horse and shining armor. You know you love it! Impress your Pisces female by arriving on time, looking attractive and well-groomed, having a lovely evening planned, opening the doors, and paying the bill. Don’t forget to lay your cloak down over any puddles that might be in her path.

Degree of Romance

Both parties crave romance and know how to play their roles perfectly. There is sure to be an abundance of candlelight dinners, beautiful bouquets, and tasteful sentimental gifts to Pisces carefully chosen by Leo to make the best impression possible.

Degree of Passion

Pisces will bring out the passion in Leo. He is, after all, a fire sign, and showing appreciation for his ardor only fuels the fire. You are an audience for him, don’t forget. The nice thing about Mr. Leo’s passion is that it never overtakes his reason. His head really rules his heart. There will be drama, but it’s not all an act.

Degree of Friendship

Pisces and Leo make wonderful friends. There is a sense of innocence and naïveté that pervades their joint exploration of the world. They both have the ability to create fantasy explanations for everyday matters, which is a special bond between them.

Degree of Marriage

It might be better to leave this as a romance. The perils of marriage could be a crash down into reality. Ms. Pisces probably needs more tenderness than Mr. Leo can provide, and the lion needs more stimulation and confrontation than the fish can dish out. What happens when the rose colored glasses fall off?

Progression of Relationship

The relationship is likely to run very smoothly from the beginning. Pisces will acquiesce to anything Leo wants, and Leo is comfortable taking the lead. Problems develop after a while when Leo gets bored and Pisces, feeling unfulfilled, starts to wonder.

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Pisces Woman Leo Man
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