Virgo Woman Scorpio Man

Despite the fact that they appear to outsiders to have little in common, the relationship between a Virgo woman and Scorpio man can be very strong. Let’s take a closer look at how this surprising compatibility pans out.

The Virgo woman and Scorpio man are both quite reserved in company, but it seems that both find each other intriguing and want to find out what lies behind their respective masks. They appreciate the lack of flashy behaviour and each partner senses an integrity in the other which they have been seeking. There’s also a depth of shared honesty here, because neither of the these people lie very easily. Virgo woman Scorpio man compatibility may be mysterious to the rest of us, but it seems to make sense to them.

Once this couple get together, they will quickly become devoted to each other. The Scorpio man will go to the ends of the earth to defend his loved ones, and rapidly becomes the Virgo woman’s biggest champion. She in turn is utterly devoted to those she loves, and will never waver in her support for her Scorpio man. This is an earth water match, and their sexual compatibility is strong too. The Virgo woman is not as virginal as she seems; she trusts the Scorpio man and that allows her inner sensuality to shine through. The Scorpio man is a highly sexual being, but his passion with his Virgo woman is surprisingly tender and romantic. For the Virgo woman and Scorpio man, compatibility in the bedroom just reinforces what they instinctively already knew about each other.

The Scorpio man loves the Virgo woman’s highly perceptive mind; he feels as if she can see through to the core of him in a way that others can’t, and rather than bothering him, he’s delighted by this. The Virgo woman adores the Scorpio man’s view of the world, and is both moved and intrigued by his depth of emotions; she also loves the way he digs so deeply into any given subject, and shares her attention to detail. For the Virgo woman and Scorpio man, compatibility involves a meeting of minds as well as bodies.

One thing the Scorpio man will not love, however, is the Virgo woman’s tendency to nag. He’s not going to change for anyone, not even her, and he could grow to resent her constant suggestions for improvement. Mostly, however, he will just smile wryly and then carry on doing his own thing; his tolerance for the Virgo woman exceeds his tolerance for most other people. The Virgo woman for her part can sometimes lose patience with her Scorpio guy’s moods and his lack of rationality, but she is so devoted to him that she will quickly come back round. She is pragmatic enough to cope with his occasional spiteful retort, and he is sincere enough to try hard not to hurt her. Virgo woman Scorpio man compatibility is helped by the Virgo woman being a mutable, flexible sign, willing to adapt to this emotional journey, and it’s also helped by the Scorpio man’s intense and honest love for his partner.

So for a couple who didn’t appear to have that much in common, Virgo woman and Scorpio man compatibility is actually a very strong match. This couple can remain quietly, privately and tenderly devoted to one another for a very long time indeed.

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

This is one of the power couple combinations. There is a precision, intensity, and devotion to detail that is natural to these two signs and which makes domestic partnership, built on things like housekeeping, budgeting, and car maintenance, a pleasant experience for each of them. Both signs thrill to a job well done and both are likely to be very proficient at whatever it is they do.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Virgo Woman

I hate to say this, but your first line of attack is to convince him that you can be very useful to him on whatever trip he’s currently taking. Scorpios are interested in power and he would be very interested to know that you are interested in his power trip and can support it efficiently and productively. If you can’t be that businesslike it would be better that you not even approach him. This is not to say that he doesn’t have feelings or romantic inclinations, they’re just secondary. You’ll never see them unless you first impress him with how much you have it together.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Scorpio Man

Dress neatly, attractively, and successfully. Appearances are no joke to the Virgo woman. You will be judged (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Neatness is another big factor. Keep your car detailed, your hair trimmed, and the cat box out of sight. Virgo ladies are among the most desirable and they are very discriminating according to their own set of criteria which varies from woman to woman. You must be willing to prove that you have integrity, which takes time. By all means, for Heavens’ sake, mean what you say or don’t say it at all. Small, tasteful gifts are always appropriate. Perhaps monogrammed or detailed in some way that makes them personal without being intimate. She needs to know that you notice things.

Degree of Romance

If the romance comes, it comes late in the relationship after the work is done. Pillow talk may be an important way to bond because you are sharing after the fact and helping each other lay the day to rest. You can lie there sweetly next to one another going down your mental checklist of what has been accomplished and what remains ahead. There is a lot of hidden tenderness in this relationship. Virgo is one of the few signs for which Scorpio would ever let his guard down.

Degree of Passion

Passions ebb and flow with the Scorpio tide, but this is pretty much okay with Virgo because she likes to put the kitchen in order in her spare time.

Degree of Friendship

These two can make fabulous working partners and there are no better friendships than those based on the shared success of a project well done.

Degree of Marriage

This is an excellent combination for marriage. Both partners are serious and devoted, intense and loyal. Arguments will be few and far between with the focus being on accomplishment rather than demonstrative feelings or imagined slights. Both partners are inclined to keep their word and be faithful, and tend to keep toxic energy away from their prime relationship.

Progression of Relationship

When I think of how this relationship progresses, I think of the game hopscotch. There is a set formula to be followed with a little variety but not much. There are a few steps that have to be accomplished in the right order. There is a definite start and a definite finish. In other words, the rules are well-defined. This is what you can expect with a Virgo Scorpio courtship.

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Virgo Woman Scorpio Man
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