Virgo Woman Taurus Man

What an earthy combination this is – the Virgo woman and Taurus man, both earth signs, have a great deal in common. Is that enough to see them through a committed relationship, or will Virgo woman Taurus man compatibility prove that you can have too much of a good thing?

Although both the Virgo woman and Taurus man can be rather shy and slow to get started in a relationship, once they are in love, they are a surprisingly sensual pair. Their love life will be conducted firmly behind closed doors, as they value their privacy, but you can be sure that sexually, they are very compatible indeed. The Taurus man has a romantic nature and his solid, reassuring presence is enough to coax out the inner sensuality of his Virgo woman too.

When they’re in love, the Virgo woman and Taurus man make a quiet and unassuming but deeply loyal partnership. He admires the Virgo woman’s intelligence, and she admires the Taurus man’s determination and inner strength. They are both solid, dependable, practical people, and if they decide they want to be together, nothing on earth will stop them. Virgo woman Taurus man compatibility can be as strong as the couple want it to be – but it also has some unavoidable cracks.

The Virgo woman is highly critical, both of herself and her partner. Although he’s a patient guy, the Taurus man will eventually find this highly irritating. He doesn’t understand why she can’t just leave things be; why the desire to always improve everything? For her part, the Virgo woman will come to realise that the strength she so loves in her Taurus man also translates into stubbornness, and resistance to her gently suggested changes. She cannot mould him, and the more she tries the more he resists. Virgo woman Taurus man compatibility revolves around how well the couple handle this balance between change and stability.

Taurus is a fixed sign, while Virgo is a mutable sign. It’s always going to be the Virgo woman who has to give in, adapt and work out a compromise here. For the most part, she will do so with good grace, since she’s adept at flexibility and she doesn’t really mind fitting in with her lover. The Virgo woman has no trace of an ego problem, which helps her adapt to her Taurus man’s refusal to budge. However, Virgo woman Taurus man compatibility problems can emerge if the Taurus man takes the Virgo woman for granted for too long.

Resentment can slowly build in this relationship for a variety of reasons – whether it’s the Virgo woman tiring of being met with a blank wall, or the Taurus man tiring of being shaped and advised and “helped”. Dramatic rows will be few and far between, since neither partner has a huge temper – but the undercurrents of bitterness can instead be far more damaging to the Virgo woman Taurus man long term compatibility.

When the relationship is going well, the Virgo woman and Taurus man enjoy a deep but understated love which only they will truly understand. Others may find them too quiet or too self-absorbed, or might wonder why they’re not bored by each other. That, however, is other people’s problem, not the problem of this down to earth couple. They certainly won’t be bored of each other, but they’re not the most spontaneous of couples and may need reminding every now and then to do something fun and different.

If the relationship comes under pressure, however, neither the Taurus man’s loyalty nor the Virgo woman’s devotion will be enough to completely salvage it. Although they may love one another deeply, this couple may ultimately realize that their needs are best met by other partners. The Taurus man needs someone a little less perfectionist, and the Virgo woman needs someone a little more intellectual. Nonetheless, Virgo woman Taurus man compatibility remains strong, and even if they do part, this couple are likely to remain good friends and on good terms.

Virgo Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

This is an ideal combination for a stable, ideally exclusive marriage or partnership. Each is capable of living in a rather small world, existing of one or two other people. They can focus on a task at hand, are reliable, good with money, careful and cautious about things in general and afraid of excitement and change. They will collaborate on getting something set up and keeping it that way. Each adores routine and luxuriates in simply day-to-day things. Together they make a bulwark against the outside world.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Virgo Woman

If you’re a Virgo woman who wants a Taurus man, you pretty much have to knock on Taurus’ door over and over again and wait until he opens it. Nothing is too obvious or repetitive to get his attention. In some ways it’s like hitting a mule over the head with a stick. His pace is slower than anyone else in the zodiac. You are likely to run circles around him in your own mind, but you don’t need to have constant companionship, so that’s okay. You may have to add zest to the recipe. He is singularly unimaginative and insensitive to others, even ones he cares about. You will have to overlook some very selfish impulses on his part and it would be best if you set a precedent of his paying for your dates or else it will be hard to pry money out of him later on.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Taurus Man

Dress nicely. Be patient. Be kind. Take your time. Be a good listener. Remember things that she’s talked about and bring them up the next time. Keep the pace leisurely and comfortable. In other words: be yourself. You are lucky because she’ll do most of the talking.

Degree of Romance

Romance is not a value to either the Virgo woman or the Taurus man. Virgo is the great flirt of the zodiac and is bound to inflame Taurus’ possessive nature upon occasion.

Degree of Passion

The bull can be lusty enough, that’s for sure, but Virgo tempers his nature and brings out more refinement. The main way Taurus is likely to show passion is in a jealous rage, and Virgo will learn how to handle that quickly enough.

Degree of Friendship

Virgo woman and Taurus man can be quite companionable together. They can share an interest in day-to-day matters and enjoy accomplishing tasks together such as making out a shopping list and taking it to the grocery store, detailing the car, or arranging the children’s camp program. These two earth signs cooperate beautifully and fall into step quite easily as far as routines are concerned. It all adds up to a wonderful life together.

Degree of Marriage

Taurus man and Virgo woman is an ideal combination for marriage. The duties of married life come naturally to these two. She creates a lovely green pasture for the bull to graze in. They are devoted, present, and hands-on parents. Each of these people has good boundaries and a high degree of integrity and self-sufficiency. Communication between the two can be exceptionally good because it is likely to be based on practical matters. Each is inclined to say what they mean and mean what they say. There is a notable lack of melodrama and pretention.

Progression of Relationship

Now I’m going to say something that will get Virgo very, very excited. I’m going to talk about digestion. You know how long it takes the bull to digest its food? You know there’s the cud, the four stomachs … ? That’s how long it will take him to “digest” the courtship process, so you’d better keep yourself busy while he chews his cud. There is no point in trying to push a bull, even to green pastures.

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Virgo Woman Taurus Man
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