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Every day in the Chinese calendar passes under the sign of a certain animal, dominated by the prevailing element. Thus, 12 zodiac signs and 5 natural elements form a continuous cycle that repeats itself after 60 days. According to eastern astrology, the nature of the day largely depends on the individual characteristics of the zodiac patron. An animal corresponding to a birthday determines the fate of a person, leaves an imprint on his thoughts and actions. Knowing your inclinations and habits, controlling momentary emotions, you can turn your own shortcomings into advantages. If you foresee possible difficulties in your path, then you can succeed in all areas of life.

When analyzing the day of an animal, in addition to the personal characteristics of a person born by this sign, one can get an idea of future events. Each of the 12 days of the Chinese calendar has unique properties that affect everything that happens around. Based on the nature of the animal and the active element, it is possible to determine the auspiciousness of the day for concluding transactions and contracts, career growth or relationships with people. If you adjust your behavior in accordance with the prevailing circumstances, you may find yourself in a winning position. This will help to allocate time correctly, without being distracted by useless things. The success of the day directly depends on how accurately the recommendations of the Chinese calendar were taken into account.

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