Dog Day

Dog day is held under the motto: duty above all. Despite any difficulties and obstacles, one should firmly adhere to the goals set. There can be no talk of egoism, indulging your whims: the interests of the case come first. It does not matter if you have to sacrifice your own comfort in order to succeed. Others will be happy to support, and the attention and gratitude of people is the best reward for their work. Everything possible must be done to assemble a team of like-minded people. No need to be afraid to take responsibility: there will be plenty of energy. However, it will take a lot of work to win universal trust. The role of a leader is, of course, honorable, but requires significant physical and emotional costs.

In many respects, the success of this day depends on the internal mood. You can’t accumulate resentment in yourself, withdraw from society. The strength of the day of the Dog is in a team spirit, only together we can solve the most complex problems. However, a measure is needed in everything, noisy companies should be avoided so as not to get tired of communication and not to be disappointed in people. It is necessary to enjoy everything that happens without looking for tricks and flaws. Restraint, exactingness, uncompromisingness are the qualities of the Dog that characterize it as an integral, purposeful nature. Although you can behave a little frivolously to learn how to overcome obstacles with a smile. Goodwill, optimism are no less important components of success than industriousness, strong will and determination.

Dog Day and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of one of the five elements, the character of the Dog day can change. Each element in the Chinese calendar has its own characteristics that leave a certain imprint on everything that happens around. For example, the Wood is characterized by a desire for growth, activity, optimism. Fire gives liveliness, emotionality, sincerity. Earth is the personification of conservatism, restraint. Element of Metal gives decisiveness, hardness. The Water element indicates strong intuition, patience and flexibility of thinking.

Wood Dog Day is suitable for teamwork: the team is a salvation from all adversities. It will not be difficult to gain universal popularity and sympathy. Kindness, an excellent sense of humor, charm are the main secret of successful communication. It is quite comfortable to exist in an atmosphere of friendly warmth and participation, moreover, to achieve the desired result. There is no need to rush, to rush forward, pushing everyone elbows. Success is easily predictable, so you should leave your fears and doubts. If you go long and hard to your goal, everything will come true. You should not conflict, artificially attract attention: modest behavior will be appreciated by others.

Fire Dog Day is a time of action, not an idle chatter. You should not restrain your impulses, afraid to go beyond what is permitted. You can create, without knowing the barriers, put forward bold ideas, argue and rebel — anything but indifference and idleness. If you sit back and wait for everything to settle down by itself, there can be no talk of any success. We’ll have to come to terms with what is at a given time, or even be one step behind everyone. It is unlikely that ambitious ideas will be realized without persistent and responsible work. Help from the outside is welcomed, goodwill and a positive attitude will help to find a common language with others. Most importantly, words should not be at odds with deeds.

Earth Dog Day is ideal for implementing long-planned plans. Vigilance, caution, prudence — the only true tactics of behavior. Improvisation is unacceptable, it is impossible to successfully solve practical problems, twisted in the clouds. It’s possible that it’s boring to live without adventures, but a responsible attitude is a guarantee of stability. This day is nothing more important than comfort, tranquility and material well-being. Although there is a danger of spoiling relations with others because of their unwillingness to meet the requirements. No need to harass people with their nit-picking: you won’t help the grunts and reproaches. The main thing is to adhere to the chosen line of behavior, and the rest can behave as they please.

Metal Dog Day is favorable for self-affirmation, to defend their interests. It is not forbidden to show integrity and even some rigidity. Radical methods of solving problems are quite appropriate, one does not need to be afraid of difficulties, they temper the character. Thanks to hardness, uncompromisingness, you can achieve great heights in your career, but rudeness in communication is unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between personal and professional problems, you should leave your belligerent mood at the doorstep of the house. Leadership will help to assert oneself in life, but it is impossible to be happy alone. It should be gentle and compassion for others, not everyone will be able to maintain the pace set by the Dog.

Water Dog Day - it’s time to enjoy chatting with like-minded people. No quarrels and conflicts, only leisurely conversations with friends and family. Most likely, you won’t have to firmly defend your interests, things will be decided as if by themselves. Although it is likely to wallow in other people’s problems. The desire to please everyone can lead to the fact that their own interests fade into the background. The Dog is characterized by devotion, sacrifice, but there is a reasonable limit to everything. It is necessary to use the advantages of this day to your advantage, you can make useful contacts, strengthen old ties. Healthy selfishness is welcomed, fully devoting oneself to the lives of others is a sacrifice that may not be appreciated.

Wisdom of the Dog Day

On Dog day, you can do anything, both physical and creative work is recommended. Any activity will be successful, and not only professional. You can do hobbies or homework. The nature and scope of the work does not matter, the main thing is the result.

It is recommended that you do good deeds and help those in need. Business negotiations and meetings will be fruitful, you can schedule interviews, go to appointments with management. It is useful to establish new professional contacts.

Dog day is good for health, if you spend it in harmony with nature, it is recommended to plant trees and flowers. In financial terms, it’s worth waiting for the conclusion of profitable deals, a possible increase in position with an increase in salary. To improve material well-being, it is possible to carry out the rite of multiplying wealth.

You should refrain from aggressive actions that cause inconvenience to others, you can’t start a lawsuit, demand a return of debts. It is not recommended to begin construction of the house, earthwork. You should not spend money on large purchases, for example, on a complete wardrobe upgrade.

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