Dragon Day

On Dragon day, life is in full swing, you can expect anything. The events that are taking place are likely to have a positive connotation: success in business, compliments, general attention — and many other reasons for a good mood. Therefore, there is no need to look for a special occasion for joy. If suddenly serious troubles cannot be avoided, with a high degree of probability they will be of short-term nature. You need to use every moment of the day to your advantage. The Dragon is lucky, a minion of fortune, he can cope with any trials of fate. Someone else’s advice and support from others will not be needed: the splendor of this mythical animal is the best protection against troubles and failures.

On Dragon day, the need for compliments is very high, so criticism is perceived especially hard. Outbreaks of irritation due to seemingly insignificant trifles are not excluded: one careless word or a sideways glance. In such a situation, one should be patient, do not engage in open confrontation. All actions and actions should emphasize full confidence in one’s own strengths, one should not expose weaknesses and complexes in front of others. It is necessary to fight to the last, not recognizing defeat. Relaxedness, ease, even arrogance, but not licentiousness and lack of assembly are welcome. A superficial approach to business can adversely affect the final result.

Dragon Day and 5 elements influence

Dragon day is under the auspices of a certain element: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. It is the characteristic features of one of the five elements that have a significant impact on all events. If the Wood element endows with rationality and calmness, then Fire strengthens such qualities as temper, impatience. Element of the Earth represents stability, Metal — resistance, tenacity. The element of Water gives softness, developed imagination and strong intuition.

Wood Dragon Day patronizes determined people who are able to achieve their goals despite everything. You should not spend time for long thoughts, carefully developing the preparatory phase. If you want to fulfill your old dream, you should get down to business immediately. The whole world will help in the implementation of the plan, regardless of the goal. Successful will be both creative and financial projects. The only condition is not to lie under any circumstances. Only an honest, sincere attitude to life is worth encouraging. Any attempt to receive an undeserved reward will be harshly suppressed. Fate will not deceive expectations if acted in good faith.

Fire Dragon Day involves the fireworks of passions and emotions. Assertiveness, vigor, determination are welcome — qualities that can elevate to the pinnacle of success. Good luck will be on the side of those who are not afraid to take risks, which means that we should immediately take up the embodiment of the most daring ideas. The current situation may require a non-standard approach, even some courage, but the result will be excellent. Vanity, leadership ambition are the best motivators for moving forward. Although without hard work, ingenuity, a fair amount of patience and inspiration can not do. The help of loved ones should not be neglected, one should at least listen to their opinion. Pride can overshadow the mind.

Earth Dragon Day promises good luck in solving routine issues. No illusions, vain expectations, only hard work and struggle to a victorious end is the main secret promising success for any undertakings. In addition to complete self-control, the ability to get along with people is useful. A good result will be given by teamwork, so you should listen to the advice of others. However, you must leave a casting vote for yourself. Prudence, patience, organization are the qualities of a true leader, able to lead others. If there is a desire to loung, it is better to immediately accept defeat. Only a balanced, responsible approach to business can guarantee good results.

Metal Dragon Day is designed to work on yourself. If you follow only ambitious goals, not paying attention to your own spiritual needs and desires of others, you can lose something important. You can never predict how life will turn, so you should not completely devote yourself to serving the cause. Perhaps you should use the strength, perseverance and power of the Dragon to achieve goals that are not related to career, financial wealth. It is necessary to slow down the pace of life in order to calmly analyze the current situation and draw the right conclusions. Having gained strength, enlisting the support of others, you can achieve heights that previously seemed unattainable.

Water Dragon Day is a time of peace, contemplation and leisurely reflection. Doubts, unnecessary fuss and any attempts to accelerate the course of events should be left. Everything on this day is subject to a certain rhythm, which must be followed. There is a certain charm in this: calm self-confidence, complete harmony with the outside world. You can’t rush, conflict, be stubborn — everything has its time. It is better to refrain from making important decisions, especially since it is not worth making hasty conclusions. In the near future, the situation may change dramatically, it is necessary to strengthen its position. Communicating with the right people in a pleasant environment will help to avoid future problems. The strength of the Dragon is not only in courage and courage, but also in the ability to win over any interlocutor.

Wisdom of the Dragon Day

Dragon day is favorable for changing the image, any experiments with appearance will benefit. You can completely update your wardrobe or get rid of some things. Metal jewelry, clothes made of shiny fabrics should be preferred.

Great prospects give communication with a variety of people. It is useful to make new acquaintances, make visits and invite guests. The energy of the day is such that it will be possible not only to strengthen the old ties, but also to find new ones that can bring great benefits in the future. You can schedule negotiations, hold business meetings, and go for interviews.

In financial terms, one should expect a lot of profitable offers, contracts and deals. Most likely, it will be possible to significantly strengthen their financial situation, but much will depend on the circumstances. It is undesirable to rush into a decision: the shine of the Dragon is deceptive.

It is necessary to closely engage in the development of their abilities, skills and abilities, it is necessary to fill in the existing knowledge gaps. To this end, you can enroll in continuing education courses, listen to a seminar on a topic of interest.

On Dragon day you can’t lend, most likely it will not be possible to return the money or you will have to make a lot of efforts to get it back. It is not recommended to carry out earthwork, plant trees and flowers.

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