Goat Day

On the Goat day, it is difficult to determine your desires: the world is full of temptations, everywhere you want to keep up. There is a tendency to fantasize, there may be a thirst for change. The future beckons with its mystery, promises a lot of pleasant adventures. However, it is worth thinking about a more rational use of the resources of this day. A gentle, charming and so defenseless Goat has an amazing ability to get things done without much effort. With the help of charisma and charm, it will not be difficult to make profitable acquaintances, enlist the support of an influential person. If you behave at ease, without compromising principles, you will be able to realize all your dreams. The main thing is organic and natural.

In addition to mental and physical comfort, relations with others come to the fore. Although the Goat is charming in its spontaneity and narcissism, it is necessary to give an account of everything that happens. It may be easier to blame others for their failures, but this does not change the essence of the matter. It’s better to try to figure out your own problems than to harass everyone around with reproaches and suspicions. You can not fear fraud, intrigue behind: on the Goat day there is no place for evil and violence. However, it is worthwhile to show more interest in the affairs of others, and not think only about yourself. It is equally important to take responsibility for your work. It is impossible to succeed without perseverance and hard work, it is necessary to complete the plan to the end.

Goat Day and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of one of the five elements, the Goat day acquires individual characteristics that determine the nature and direction of events. Each element has its own unique properties, for example, Wood symbolizes growth, creativity. Fire gives passion, emotionality, and the Earth, on the contrary, testifies to stability and constancy. Metal represents strength, perseverance, in turn, Water — flexibility, modesty.

Wood Goat Day implies complete harmony in relations with others. No need to argue, prove your case, you can just live and enjoy what you have. The atmosphere of the day is conducive to communication, people should not be avoided. Sociability, cheerfulness, sentimentality — qualities that make it easy to make acquaintances. Even a conversation on general, insignificant topics can be extremely useful if you show a drop of attention and participation to the interlocutor. Frivolity, even jabbering, is welcomed; one should not take everything that is happening seriously. It is sincere, direct behavior that will help attract people to your side. Financial assistance is not excluded: acquaintances can be not only pleasant, but also beneficial.

Fire Goat Day is intended for great things, at least such a sensation may appear. It is completely permissible to indulge your desires, rush off somewhere, not taking the road, have fun and completely not think about tomorrow. However, such behavior can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, do not ignore the inner sensations: intuition will help you find the right direction, competently manage the opportunities that have opened up. You should refrain from rash words, absurd acts. Although on this day they will seem quite appropriate, but in the future they can cause a lot of trouble. If you direct emotionality, indefatigable imagination and developed imagination of the Goat in the right direction, you can achieve great success. However, caution does not hurt.

Earth Goat Day is the time to showcase your business skills. Although it is impossible to do without fuss and hassle, it will be possible to carry out everything planned if we act wisely. Even if there is some disagreement with others, you should remain calm: criticism can be useful. Conservatism, poise, prudence — qualities that will help to cope with difficulties. You should control your actions and desires, you should not succumb to momentary desires. Frivolity is completely unacceptable, unpredictable actions can damage the reputation and slow down the process. You may have to sacrifice your comfort in order to achieve your goals, but responsible work will be rewarded.

Metal Goat Day is not intended for idleness: only a bitter struggle to the bitter end. Indecision and weakness are categorically rejected; one cannot demonstrate insecurity in one’s own strengths. Bravado and excessive self-esteem, leadership qualities and equanimity are encouraged at a great price. Even if a hurricane of doubt rages in the soul, feelings corrode the soul, but you can’t lose face. Any obstacles can be overcome if you are not distracted by all sorts of trifles and trifles. For Goat, everything that does not coincide with its goals is so insignificant that it does not deserve attention. Although it would not hurt to listen to advice and comments, excessive self-confidence can fail at the most inopportune moment.

Water Goat Day — time to fulfill wishes. Everything that was dreamed of will be realized, and quite easily, with little effort. Most likely, you will not have to overcome obstacles, change your usual lifestyle. It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude, to behave nicely and directly — this is enough to achieve the goal. Although a little perseverance and determination will not hurt: counting on one luck is short-sighted. Despite the goat’s complacency, you should control your emotions. You can not stoop to squabbles and intrigues, to show aggression towards people. The day is conducive to friendly communication, promises many pleasant meetings. You can use this circumstance to your advantage to make acquaintance with the right people.

Wisdom of the Goat Day

It’s good on the Goat day to establish friendly relations, to resolve disputes: most likely, it will turn out to come to a peace agreement. You can go to the reception to the authorities, conduct business negotiations. It is useful to meet with influential people: with a high degree of probability cooperation will be fruitful.

In terms of health, no problems are foreseen, but caution is advised when driving. Country trips and walks in the forest will have a beneficial effect. On the Goat day, it is useful to engage in any creative activity: write poetry, sculpt from clay, paint pictures.

It is necessary to contact with metal as little as possible, for example, to wear jewelry or sharpen knives. You should not start construction work, trade. It is not recommended to make long trips, move to a new place of residence and update the wardrobe.

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