Horse Day

Horse day does not tolerate restrictions and tight limits: complete freedom and rejection of any pressure from outside. Although it will not be superfluous to control this powerful energy flow, it is necessary to direct it in the right direction. Horses are characterized by courage, independence, even some recklessness, if properly managed by natural data, can be achieved impracticable. It is difficult to hope for victory, relying only on the factor of surprise. Hotness and temper are not the best advisers in business. You need to control your actions and actions, if you want to succeed. It is better to adhere to a measured pace than to gallop, not noticing anything around, not dismantling the road.

Sociability, excellent sense of humor, cheerfulness — qualities that testify to the wide nature of the Horse. Most likely, there will be no difficulties in communication, although quarrels are possible due to issues of principle. You should not waste time clarifying relationships, trying to achieve universal respect and recognition. First of all, one should defend one’s material interests and solve practical problems. Others can be stubborn and intractable, it will take a lot of strength to insist on their own. On the Horse day you can’t act on the basis of your own whims, you need to maintain contact with people. Absolute independence does not guarantee success.

Horse Day and 5 elements influence

Horse day is under the control of one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of the elements gives a special coloring to the events. The Wood gives curiosity, the strength to move forward. Fire is responsible for emotions and feelings, with its excess, short temper, aggressiveness are observed. The Earth element gives practicality and judgment. Metal strengthens hardness of character, and in adverse circumstances — rigidity, limitation. The Water element symbolizes flexibility, diplomacy.

Wood Horse Day is filled with prudence and kindness. Conflict situations should be avoided, even to the detriment of one’s own interests. A benevolent attitude will help to win the sympathy of others, most likely, it will be possible to settle disputed issues by the world. If you fail to restrain the natural temper of the Horse, there is a great risk of becoming drawn into a protracted struggle. There is no need to go against people and circumstances, it is better to devote your energies to solving practical issues. Everything related to everyday life, routine work, will be especially easy to succeed. The main thing is iron discipline, hard work, organization. If you do not get distracted by trivialities, do not program yourself in the negative, you can quickly manage your affairs.

Fire Horse Day is dominated by emotions and passions. Do not spend time alone, the best way to solve all problems is to be closer to people. Activity, curiosity, sociability are welcome. It is not so scary to make a mistake as sitting and doing nothing while waiting for a magical deliverance from all troubles. Even if there is no mood, there is no desire to overcome difficulties at all, forces will certainly appear for further struggle. The main thing is confidence in the support and approval of others. The impulsiveness of the Horse may prevent you from seeing the true state of affairs. There is a great risk of getting involved in a gamble and finally getting confused in what is happening, so it is useful to listen to the opinions of those who are nearby.

Earth Horse Day is auspicious for hard, painstaking work. Cases to which hands have not reached before will argue, and profits will multiply. And you don’t have to make any serious efforts: everything turns out easily, as if by itself. Others may not realize how complicated and difficult the work was. One has only to carefully think through each step, find the shortest way to solve the problem, enlist the support of the right people — and success is guaranteed. On this day, strong financial shocks are not expected, on the contrary, one should expect profits. You can not be afraid of failure and setbacks, but still it will not be superfluous to maintain sobriety of thinking. Better to focus on work: frivolity is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

Metal Horse Day is not delayed: everything should serve one purpose — to succeed at all costs. Nothing can justify inaction. Even health problems and troubles in your personal life are not a reason to take off from business. However, the impetuosity, impulsiveness, inconstancy inherent in the Horse can significantly slow down the course of affairs. It is much easier to make contact with others than to waste time insisting on your own. You can wallow in petty quarrels because of your own stubbornness and unwillingness to meet people. Fanatical devotion to his ideas will not lead to anything good. You should maximize the benefits of this day without being distracted by unnecessary fuss.

Water Horse Day is for joy, enjoyment of life. It is necessary to get rid of everything that darkens the mood. Even if things are not delayed, those around and strive to puzzle over their requests, do not rush anywhere. Fantasy, imagination, ingenuity are qualities that are of particular value on this day. You can devote time to your favorite business or have a fun holiday. Easy communication will bring much more benefit than a business meeting organized at a high level. Sincerity, spontaneity — behavior quite appropriate in the circumstances. Others will be happy to support the format of close, friendly relations.

Wisdom of the Horse Day

On the Horse day, hard physical labor is well tolerated; gardening and construction work is recommended. It is equally useful to engage in a hobby, it is better if it is associated with natural materials. For example, metal or ceramic products can be made.

Communication with close people as well as with colleagues will bring joy and pleasure. Most likely, it will be possible to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings, but only if mutual reproaches do not arise. No criticism, stubbornness and lies, otherwise problems can not be avoided.

You should refrain from major financial transactions: temper and unpredictability. Horses can interfere with focus on business. Although with due attention to every detail of the transaction, complications are unlikely to arise. To consolidate success, you can hold a ceremony of attracting happiness and prosperity.

On Horse day, it is strictly forbidden to scandalize and sort things out. If the situation is out of control, you need to refrain from words and actions that may have negative consequences. Complete calm and neutrality is the best tactic of behavior.

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