Monkey Day

On the Monkey day you cannot be sad and indulge: life is beautiful, can there be any doubt about it? There is a way out of any seemingly deadlock situation if you think carefully or shift some of your problems to others. And you don’t even have to ask for help, you just have to hint at some difficulties in life, there will immediately be those who want to help out in difficult times. In the ability to charm, subject people to their will, the Monkey has no equal. It is not forbidden to trick, to dissemble, on the contrary, ingenuity will help to pass the tests with honor. The main thing is to maintain good spirits, firmly believe in yourself, no matter what. Let the people around feel better surprise, interest, than regret and sympathize.

Dexterity, resourcefulness, cheerfulness play on the Monkey day an important role. You should not take everything that’s happening seriously, worry about every little thing. Otherwise, there is a great risk of wallowing in petty problems and routine affairs, which can lead to depression. It is not at all necessary to complete what has been started, it is better not to start complex and responsible work at all. It is much more useful to spend time at your pleasure, and you can not worry about the result. Savvy, lively mind and ingenuity Monkeys suggest the best solution to any problem. If you can’t cope with a bad mood, communication will give strength. Without warmth, attention and compliments, living this day will be quite difficult.

Monkey Day and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of one of the five elements, each of which has certain properties, the nature of Monkey day can change. For example, the impact of the Wood enhances the desire for knowledge, the desire to grow and develop as a person. The Fire element symbolizes joy, light, warmth. Earth means reliability, stability. The Metal element gives clarity of mind, purposefulness, Water — mind, tact.

Wood Monkey Day is an opportune time to develop and improve your talents. With a high degree of probability, luck will accompany in all spheres of life, you can do anything. However, the price of success is quite high: labor, diligence, and most importantly — patience. Suddenly, nothing can be solved, you will have to try a lot, show remarkable endurance. The desire to leave everything halfway can lead to irreversible consequences: do not give in to momentary weakness. Sometimes minor details can play a decisive role. In any case, no matter how the circumstances arise, you need to believe in yourself and not give up. The Monkey’s cheerful disposition, her love of life and amazing intuition will always help and help out.

Fire Monkey Day is intended, though not for great things, but for significant ones absolutely for sure. You should not be shy to show your leadership qualities, courage and perseverance in resolving any issues. On this day, you can take on the most difficult things, take the initiative, support is guaranteed: others will gladly meet them. Apart from compliments and praise, you probably won’t have to hear anything. It is especially important to follow your inner feelings, thanks to intuition it will be possible to avoid significant problems. Although even failure will not spoil the mood: Monkey’s optimism is so strong that it will not be difficult to overcome obstacles.

Earth Monkey Day promises relative calm, provided, of course, that you follow the rules. Better to give up trying to change your life for a more appropriate time. Euphemism and eccentricity are not welcomed; restraint and calm should be maintained under any circumstances. It may not be possible to avoid some problems, but the consequences will not be very dire. It is equally important to establish a dialogue with others: quarrels can significantly complicate life. However, one cannot follow the wishes of others’ desires; a measure is good in everything. Excessive goodwill can be regarded as weakness. The main thing is to firmly follow your goal, everything on this day should be subordinate to your own interests.

Metal Monkey Day does not tolerate idleness and thoughtless spending. If you devote it only to relaxation and entertainment, you can miss something important in life. Let the goals and objectives be not too ambitious, the main thing is to tirelessly move forward. Although ambitious Monkey prefers large-scale affairs, she is able to cope with work of any complexity. Dexterity, determination, iron will — qualities that can lead to success in the shortest possible way. If there is a desire to spend a certain amount of money, it is better to invest in a long-term project than to make unprofitable purchases. Perhaps you should pay more attention to others: the narcissism and pride inherent in Monkeys can alienate people. It will be quite difficult to achieve something truly worthwhile alone.

Water Monkey Day is a good time to realize your plans. Everything that happens will contribute to the implementation of the plan, most likely, significant problems will be avoided. You can not worry about the result: unnecessary worries, unreasonable anxiety will only aggravate the situation. You should not wait for a dirty trick, beware of intrigue, but you need to think about who from your close circle is able to provide support. Enterprise, prudence — the merits of the Monkey, deserving the highest praise. It is these qualities that characterize her as an excellent strategist. However, you can’t do without outside help. It’s worth a little to sacrifice your own principles in order to achieve your goals.

Wisdom of the Monkey Day

On the Monkey day, it is important to rely on resourcefulness, ingenuity, and not blindly follow logic and reason. You can set up meetings and negotiations, but it is better to limit yourself to friendly communication. This is a good time for fun gatherings, visiting cultural and entertainment events. Familiarity with powerful people should be made.

Any creative activities that develop imagination and imagination are useful. It is recommended to take long walks, you can go on a trip. In financial terms, it is unlikely to be able to make big profits, but you can count on the return of old debts. In order to gain inner strength and confidence in the future, rituals of protection from evil forces, evil tongues and the evil eye can be performed.

On the Monkey Day, it is better not to start construction, repairs and gardening. Special care should be taken when making transactions and concluding contracts. It is not recommended to waste money and repay debts. It is dangerous to quarrel, to engage in confidential conversations, so you should control your words and actions.

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