Ox Day

On Ox day, monotonous work is especially successful, which does not require an extraordinary approach or improvisation. The key to success is adherence to traditions, and feelings and passions do not play any role, rather they prevent you from moving in the chosen direction. One should not rely on blind luck; it is unlikely that one will be able to deceive fate and receive preferences undeservedly. The Ox symbolizes strength, reliability, fertility. The patronage of this animal gives endurance, the ability to work much and fruitful. Even if the path is too complicated and thorny, there will be forces to overcome all difficulties to the end. The main thing is to adhere to the chosen course.

Use with caution the powerful potential of Ox day. The need for spiritual comfort, the desire for stability come first. The Ox does not tolerate hackwork, empty talk and fuss, he is not interested in intrigue and undercover games. Silence, modesty, sincerity — character traits that cause sympathy among others. At the same time, despite the external calm, even some inhibition, has a rather stormy temperament. Therefore, outbreaks of aggression and irritation are not ruled out, which not everyone can repay. It is better to abandon attempts to cheat, to achieve his goal with the help of lies: falsehood on this day is unacceptable.

Ox Day and 5 elements influence

Ox day is influenced by one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of these elements, which has a certain set of characteristics, dictates its own rules of behavior. The element of the Tree gives purposefulness and endurance, Fire — power, dynamics, uncompromisingness. Earth means duty and perseverance, Metal — rigidity and willfulness. Water represents flexibility, softness.

Wood Ox Day is suitable for doing noble deeds. It was at this time that a person felt a desire to help his neighbor, to provide all possible support. Unlimited kindness and endurance help to overcome misunderstanding, successfully resolve any conflict situation. However, active participation in public life, the desire to realize their creative ideas cannot distract from the main goal — the achievement of well-being. If there is a willingness to work responsibly, not paying attention to fatigue, there is a high probability of gaining not only material wealth, but also to gain the respect of others. Perseverance, hardness, hard work — qualities that indicate a focus on high results.

Fire Ox Day is full of contradictions, in such a situation it is better to think carefully, and not act at random. However, external circumstances may prompt spontaneous decisions; squabbles and scandals are not ruled out. Unpleasant consequences can be avoided if you take the time to think and not chop off all the ends at once. Gradually passions subside, and over time, everything will fall into place. A surge of aggression and irritation will help free oneself from the accumulated tension. It is much more pleasant to start life from a new sheet than to persistently repeat your mistakes and stagnate in one place. Energy, grasp, sharp mind, cheerfulness are qualities that allow us to hope for a successful course of affairs, despite all the difficulties.

Earth Ox Day promises good luck in commerce and commerce. If you have ideas for promoting your business or a desire to strengthen your financial situation, you should closely address this issue. The main thing is no emotions, logic and common sense above all. Do not underestimate the slow and down-to-earth Ox, at the right time he is able to demonstrate his iron grip and the wonders of his wit. The chance to realize yourself is very great if you approach the matter by correctly distributing the forces and resources. Although a little compliance and accommodating does not hurt, it is not necessary to bring others to frenzy with their obstinacy in order to achieve the desired. Do not protect yourself from the whole world, relying only on yourself.

Metal Ox Day is a good time for career advancement. Such qualities as independence, ambition, and enterprise make us hope for success. The main thing is the correct strategy of behavior and complete equanimity. It is necessary to leave doubts and focus on what will ensure stability and prosperity of the cause. It should be remembered that the consequences of mistakes can be devastating, especially if there is a tendency to exaggerate their talents. Ambition should correspond to real possibilities; one should not give slack. It is better to hedge and not take risks without good reason. You have to work hard, but if you firmly follow your vocation, you can count on a successful course of affairs.

Water Ox Day is suitable for teamwork; you should not be left alone. The desire to revel in one’s own strength can lead to collapse, the risk is high of being on the sidelines of life. Success does not always depend on ability and hard work; there is an element of unexpected luck. The desire to work tirelessly, isolation, fixation on oneself may not bring you closer to the goal, but vice versa — move it away from it. Water gives an intuitive understanding of trends, allows you to catch the subtle nuances of what is happening. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to make assumptions, be surprised and find joy in communication. Goodwill, openness will help to achieve a greater result than a pragmatic approach to life.

Wisdom of the Ox Day

The calm, balanced energy of the Ox day is suitable for performing a monotonous, even a little boring work. A scrupulous approach to business, attention to every little thing guarantee the conclusion of profitable deals. The day is favorable for trade, commerce, you can count on good profits and further strengthening of business ties.

Any housework is welcome, you can disassemble the wardrobe, clean up the papers, bills or do cleaning. Favorable is any interaction with nature, it is useful to cultivate the land, plant flowers and trees. You should spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, it is advisable to take a walk in the park or have a picnic in a picturesque corner. In terms of communication, more initiative needs to be shown, friendly gatherings and participation in working meetings are welcome.

On Ox day, you can not wear metal jewelry, work with sharp objects. You should not actively study new things, begin to implement ambitious projects. It is advisable not to change the place of residence, not to lend others things and various household items. It is recommended not to travel long distances, especially when it comes to water travel. In financial terms, it is better to refrain from large purchases, you should not give money in debt.

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