Pig Day

On the Pig day, you should not waste time running around and bustling, hoping to succeed greatly. All actions should be aimed at ensuring their own comfort. Only a calm and prosperous life can arrange this good-natured animal. All career ambitions and labor feats should be postponed to another time. This day will not change anything, it is hardly worth waiting for grandiose events that can dramatically turn life around. You can safely enjoy luxury, beautiful things, if, of course, wealth allows. Do not reproach yourself for idleness, a temporary respite will benefit. There is no reason to worry about your future: optimism is the best doctor for all failures. If you don’t think about the bad, you can avoid trouble, at least you want to believe in it.

A good help in business will be the help of loved ones and colleagues. Naivety, sociability, kindness — qualities that will help to gain the trust of others. On the Pig day, you should not work alone, spend time alone with yourself. Complete isolation from society will not lead to anything good. It is necessary to be in full view all the time, to actively communicate with colleagues, friends and even unfamiliar people. No need to be afraid of omissions and quarrels, most likely, there will be no reason for resentment. Although gossip and intrigue are not ruled out, excessive gullibility is a weakness that crooks and deceivers can take advantage of. In any case, you can’t lose control over yourself: patience, humility are the best advisers in business.

Pig Day and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the element, patronizing the Pig day, events acquire a certain color. Each of the five elements has its own distinctive features that set the tone for everything that happens. For example, Wood — gives peace, activates intelligence. And Fire, on the contrary, strengthens impulsiveness, risk appetite. Earth element indicates reliability, stability. The element of Metal gives straightforwardness, decisiveness, Water — bestows wisdom, poise.

Wood Pig Day is the time to tackle organizational issues. You can count on the help of others, although it most likely will not be urgently needed. The energy of the day is such that you want to communicate and work together, regardless of the nature of the work. However, caution does not hurt. Despite the general complacency, there is a great risk of becoming a puppet in the wrong hands. Gullibility, naivety, gentleness are undoubted advantages, but only in combination with the ability to think rationally. Time-consuming paperwork, endless approvals — everything that hands did not reach before will be especially easy to succeed. One should not miss the chance to quickly, as if effortlessly dealing with accumulated matters, without exhausting oneself with overwork.

Fire Pig Day is suitable for any work related to communication. You don’t have to make special efforts to rally people around you. There is enough energy and enthusiasm to find a common language with all, without exception. If earlier it was not possible to agree with colleagues and friends on controversial issues, you can count on progress in this regard. The main thing is not to spray, trying to cover several cases at once. You need to control yourself, gossip less and talk in vain. The desire to be visible, to shine in society is understandable, but you can become a hostage to an unpleasant situation. No need to rush to extremes, an even, calm course of affairs is the sure way to success.

Earth Pig Day is a time of wealth accumulation. When conducting business, care should be taken, all actions should be aimed at improving the financial situation. Although the craving for pleasure will be strong enough, you need to refrain from rash acts. You need to have fun and relax wisely without wasting the last accumulations. If you want to move up the career ladder, you should carefully probe the situation. It is not recommended to act actively, but it will be useful to establish contact with the right people. You can make profitable contacts not only in a strict official setting, but also in a relaxed atmosphere of a friendly party. This day should pass on a positive wave.

Metal Pig Day is suitable for implementing ambitious plans. No matter how fruitful the efforts are, the main thing is moving forward. Moreover, you should continuously interact with others, show sincere participation and interest in their affairs. Firmness and determination are qualities without which success cannot be achieved. However, the support of faithful people is indispensable. If you want to seriously advance in business, you should get like-minded people. It is not necessary to pore over work all day, it is quite acceptable to discuss official issues in an informal setting. A warmhearted and friendly Pig will also like a dinner party and a fun party.

Water Pig Day is a time of entertainment and emotional communication. Diplomacy, flexibility, tact are welcome. If there is a desire to expand the circle of acquaintances, it is necessary to take an active part in society. Everything that happens on this day is conducive to communication, it remains to correctly take advantage of the chance. The only difficulty is excessive emotionality. It is unacceptable to show irritation, impatience and cause trouble to others. The main thing is a friendly attitude and sincere interest in people. The Pig should not be responsive and good-natured, but it is equally important to be able to control yourself and show elementary politeness in communication.

Wisdom of the Pig Day

Slowness, comfort, convenience in everything are the characteristic features of the Pig day. It is equally good for quiet family gatherings, friendly parties and corporate events. You can schedule business meetings and negotiations with influential people.

It is useful to strengthen family relationships, friendships and professional ties. You can count on reconciliation with long-standing opponents, the successful completion of litigation. To protect against evil forces and attract good luck, it is recommended to conduct rituals to remove damage, invoking happiness and prosperity in the family.

Pig day is auspicious for study, passing exams, protecting projects. Any activity related to trade and finance will be successful. You can count on the conclusion of profitable deals. It is not forbidden to spend money on luxury goods, new clothes, works of art — purchases will be successful.

Unforeseen expenses are possible, the risk of robbery, loss of valuable documents and things increases. You should not start construction and repair work, you can not cultivate the land. It is better to postpone moving to a new place of residence and travel over long distances.

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