Rabbit Day

Rabbit day is for pleasure, you should not burden yourself with boring and unpleasant work. Heroic efforts to overcome difficulties will not lead to anything good. It is much more pleasant to spend time in the circle of close friends, enjoying fun and communication. Weaknesses on this day are not condemned, on the contrary, some frivolity is welcome. All actions should be dictated only by their own desires: no anger and aggression, complete harmony with the world. There is no need to crouch, dissemble, and specifically draw attention to yourself. The inborn charm and diplomatic talent of Rabbit will help to easily win the favor of others.

The soft, charming and sociable Rabbit is lost in a difficult situation, it is difficult for him to navigate in unfamiliar circumstances. However, he does not like to lose, he will always find the opportunity to adapt to new conditions. Not all dreams and desires come true at once, therefore it is necessary to maintain optimism, faith in the future. There is no need to stir up the heart with feelings, it is important to follow your inner feelings. Everything destined for will be fulfilled — such is the magic of Rabbit day. Although you should not exclude gossip and intrigue behind you, but if you try, everything that happens will not go beyond decency. You should not attach importance to any trifles. You can just go with the flow, getting great pleasure from it and even dividends.

Rabbit Day and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of one of the five elements, the character of Rabbit day can change significantly. The Wood element sets in a friendly way, strengthens a positive attitude towards life. Fire gives vivacity, emotionality, with an unfavorable combination of circumstances — short temper, impatience. The Earth element is responsible for logical thinking, rational mind. Metal endows with ambition, determination, aggravates leadership qualities. Characteristic features of the Water element are composure, high intelligence, strong intuition.

Wood Rabbit Day promises good luck in financial affairs and negotiations. An important condition is teamwork. Everything related to communication will work out especially easily. You won’t have to adapt, curry favor, use blackmail and intrigue. Those around with pleasure will go forward, it is only necessary to indicate their position — and everything will turn out perfectly. Diplomacy, friendliness, tact are the qualities of the Rabbit that attract people to him. If you add to these advantages the dexterity and luck characteristic of it, you can not be afraid of any serious problems. If necessary, you can resort to a little trick, it is not necessary to say everything on your mind. A little stealth will not hurt.

Fire Rabbit Day gives an infinite number of opportunities for the implementation of the plans, including creative ideas. Do not be shy, afraid to show your best qualities. All words and deeds will be perceived properly: general attention, rather admiration is guaranteed. Professional success, pleasant and profitable acquaintances are the logical results of this day. The only thing to be wary of is impulsiveness, temper. You may have to work hard: not always conceived turns out right away. However, do not despair and cross out past achievements in one fell swoop. If you manage to cope with irritation, you can achieve a lot.

Earth Rabbit Day is suitable for solving material issues. You can improve your financial well-being without resorting to painstaking and hard work. If you manage to properly dispose of the opportunity, success will not take long. You must trust your intuition, but in everything you need a measure. Excessive caution may inhibit forward movement. A pragmatic approach to life, the ability to achieve clearly defined goals are welcome. It is necessary to direct all efforts to solving practical problems, and the meaning of life can be thought at another time. It is better to refrain from unnecessary reflection, worries: emotional instability will only worsen the situation.

Metal Rabbit Day is an opportune time for self-realization. It doesn’t matter in which sphere of life you have to prove your worth: all expectations will be justified. If there is a penchant for public speaking, you can safely negotiate and take part in conferences. No less successful will be creative activity, as well as actions aimed at strengthening the financial situation. A keen mind, arrogance, secrecy, pragmatism — qualities that can lead a timid Rabbit to success. It is only necessary to firmly follow the intended goals, without being distracted by reasoning and doubt. Passion for one’s work is a sign of mastery.

Water Rabbit Day is conducive to communication, heart-to-heart conversations. It is necessary to get rid of everything that causes bad memories and disturbing thoughts. Peace of mind comes first, so you need to control your mood. A sensitive and vulnerable Rabbit is too tactful and prudent to openly express its opinion and conflict. If you can’t establish relationships with close people or colleagues, you can temporarily step aside. There are no hopeless situations, you just need to reflect on the problem properly and the puzzle will be solved. It is impossible to succeed without the support of others; it is important to strengthen friendly and business ties. The ability to listen is useful, and most importantly — to hear.

Wisdom of the Rabbit Day

Rabbit day is favorable for meetings with influential people, communication with higher authorities. Any collective work is good, you can begin to discuss working moments, current and future plans. Disagreements, most likely, will not arise.

In financial terms, it is worth waiting for the conclusion of profitable contracts and transactions. However, serious attention must be paid to the preparation of documents, not missing the smallest details. A frivolous approach to business can lead to significant losses.

It is recommended to use every opportunity to develop your talents, it is always nice to learn something new. You can sign up for a training seminar or attend an interesting exhibition. The information received on this day will be of great benefit in the future. If possible, you should spend as much time as possible outdoors, for example, walking in the forest, swimming in open water.

Rabbit day is unfavorable for construction and repair work. Hard physical work will not give the desired results, but it can negatively affect health. You should refrain from long trips.

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