Rooster Day

On the Rooster day, any professional activity is successful. Team spirit and passion of healthy rivalry is the ideal atmosphere for pursuing career ambitions. You should forget about all doubts, discard false modesty and scrupulousness: success at all costs. You can not be afraid of difficulties, the courage and enthusiasm of the Rooster are the best helpers in overcoming obstacles. And you will definitely not refuse him the ability to improvise and speak beautifully. Therefore, you can count on minor, but still progress in your career. The main secret of success is sober calculation, mutual assistance and impeccable courtesy. You can’t stick out your dignity too much and belittle the merits of others; you can be at a disadvantage.

The likelihood of deteriorating relationships with others cannot be completely ruled out. There may be omissions, quarrels due to stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise. You should not insist on your own and ignore the arguments of others, you need to direct the conversation in a positive direction. The strength is not in pressure, loudness, but in the ability to live in harmony with oneself and the world. In the courage and determination of the Rooster there are no equal, but it will not be superfluous to pay more attention to details. Not everything is as simple as it seems, you need to thoroughly delve into the essence of the matter. Punctuality, meticulousness, diligence are the main components of success. Therefore, on the Rooster day, in addition to ease of communication, a positive attitude, honest labor and a conscientious attitude to the matter are in the price.

Rooster Day and 5 elements influence

The nature of the Rooster day may vary depending on the prevailing elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of the five elements has its own characteristics that affect everything that happens around. The Wood gives kindness, cheerfulness, patience. The Fire element represents action, creation, the Earth — calm, poise. The influence of Metal can explain some stiffness, stubbornness and intolerance. The Water element gives events a positive color, strengthens intuition and intellectual abilities.

Wood Rooster Day is favorable for strengthening friendly and professional relations. You should not rely solely on your own strengths, you must closely interact with the team. It is the support of others that will help to cope with the difficulties of this day. Although the help of people is just a response, so you need to try to get them to yourself. Ambition, pride, leadership ambitions should not become a hindrance in communication. If you sincerely empathize with the problems of other people, you can count on their respect and even submission. There is no need to fight fiercely for power, to prove to everyone their own superiority. With a skillful approach, you can enlist the support of society, while maintaining a leadership position.

Fire Rooster Day gives hope for a happy future. All dreams are feasible if you take up the matter with enthusiasm, and not work through the sleeves. The main thing is to persistently follow your goals, without slowing down for a minute. If there is a need to sacrifice something for a dream, do not hesitate to expose yourself to painful doubts. The only thing that should remain unchanged is an honest and fair attitude towards people. You can’t lie, intrigue and manipulate the feelings of others. The pressure, enthusiasm and inexhaustible optimism of the Rooster is enough to achieve success without complicating the life of either himself or anyone else. If you properly manage the available resources, you can not only succeed, but also create a foundation for the future.

Earth Rooster Day is suitable for the implementation of practical issues, ambitious business ideas. Creative work will not argue, or rather, will have to work hard to implement the simplest idea. Although the imagination and imagination of the Rooster do not hold, but on this day they are not valuable. Persistence, responsibility, scrupulousness, even tediousness are welcome. You just need to work honestly to get a well-deserved reward. There can be no talk of any undercover games, let alone intrigue — this is a tedious task. It is much more pleasant to spend the day in the usual chores, and in the evening to enjoy the long-awaited rest — and no fancy. Everything is quite easy and simple: comfort and peace come first.

Metal Rooster Day is not intended for rest and idleness. You should not miss the chance to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time and without any special problems. Even small efforts can lead to excellent results if you think about a behavior strategy in advance. The main thing is not to get out of the beaten track, to firmly follow the established rules. It is necessary to actively contact with others: detachment, intractability can significantly slow down the course of affairs. If you do not want to follow someone else’s instructions, you need to think about the prospects, perhaps in the near future you will need the help of others. Of course, hard work is a guarantee of success, but without the advice of competent people can not do.

Water Rooster Day requires prudence and endurance: there will be no descent to gossips and schemers. There is no need to exaggerate their merits, try to seem more significant than they really are. Boasting and posturing is not the best way to attract attention and succeed. Such behavior will not cause anything but laughter. You should direct the energy in the right direction, in no case should you waste time on empty conversations. If you want to spend the day idle and idle, you should not count on luck in the near future. Initiative, energy, sociability — qualities that allow us to hope for a successful completion of affairs. If you behave friendly towards people, take responsibility for work, you will not have to calculate losses.

Wisdom of the Rooster Day

On the Rooster day, you can begin to perform professional tasks — luck will accompany all undertakings. One should expect a promotion or monetary incentive, it will be possible to reach mutual understanding with partners and colleagues on many issues. Particularly successful will be activities related to communication, communications and trade.

Any homework is favorable: monotonous work will help calm the nerves and put things in order. You can make out things, paper, a little refresh the interior. It is equally important to find time for your hobby, preferably associated with creative activity — this will help to find new sources of inspiration.

The Rooster day is ideal for companionship and promising new acquaintances. You should not spend time alone, it is useful to be in public, regardless of the scale of the event: a party in a narrow circle, a major celebration. You can arrange a joint trip or plan a future trip.

It is not recommended to engage in quarrels, lend money and make large purchases. Extreme sports must be excluded, for example, you can not make long swims, climb mountains. Care should be taken with sharp objects.

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