Snake Day

Snake day is marked by wisdom and contemplation. Actions should not be chaotic, only a well-defined strategy can lead to success. Incompleteness, eccentricity bring clutter to life, prevent you from choosing the right direction. It is better to act slowly, slowly thinking through each step, than to make no sense fussing, not understanding the ultimate goal of everything that happens. Secrecy, strong intuition, caution — the qualities of the Snake, testifying to the strength of its nature. There is no need to spend a lot of time and energy on solving problems. The main secret of success: complete concentration — and just one accurate throw. It remains only to enjoy the result.

First of all, you should be guided by your own feelings. The Snake has developed intuition, bordering on clairvoyance, which avoids many troubles. Even at rest, you can be one step ahead of the rest if you do not give in to doubts and do not listen to other people’s advice. On the Snake day, any extraordinary decisions are welcomed, some secrecy and isolation are forgiven, but you can not cross the boundaries of what is permitted. There should not be a clear neglect of the majority opinion; the best tactic is silence. No need to share your thoughts, try to convince someone, much more effective detached goodwill.

Snake Day and 5 elements influence

In many ways, the nature of the Snake day is determined by the influence of one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of the elements in its own way affects everything that happens, setting the vector of events. The main qualities of the Wood are benevolence, generosity, flexibility. Fire is responsible for passion, emotionality. The Earth element is characterized by solidity, reliability, Metal — authority, decisiveness. The Water element gives wisdom and tact.

Wood Snake Day is conducive to a measured, calm life. All actions should be subject to certain goals, and not be random. First, you should take care of financial security. There is a great risk of falling into the maelstrom of events, information and losing the inherent calmness of the Snake. Only your own experience can save you from mistakes, so you need to take a break before acting. Exposure, composure, pragmatism — qualities that can protect from trouble. If you use the positive nuances of the day, you can not be afraid of shocks. It is not forbidden to resort to tricks, but within the framework of permissible decency: one needs to think flexibly, to act elegantly.

Fire Snake Day is an opportune time for the realization of leadership ambitions. If you act carefully, do not say too much and do not reveal the intrigue to the end, you can achieve unprecedented heights. Even character traits such as ambition and arrogance can play into the hands with a skillful approach to business. Criticism, sarcasm should be abandoned, especially since one does not need to put pressure on those around him by the power of his authority. Ease of communication, goodwill will help attract people to your side. No need to go against public opinion, it is necessary to direct it in the right direction. It is much easier to achieve the desired result if you convince everyone around that you are right. In the ability to manipulate people, the Snake has no equal.

Earth Snake Day is favorable for strengthening the financial condition and position in society. Calm, relaxed atmosphere is the best suited for measured work. You need to abandon everything that annoys, causes negative emotions in order to fully focus on business. Slowness, prudence, caution — qualities that perfectly match the proposed circumstances. It is quite enough to conscientiously fulfill your duties, not to scatter on trifles in order to imperceptibly, step by step, be on top. If you work in pleasure and properly manage the fruits of your labor, there is nothing impossible: the ability to live effortlessly has a special chic.

Metal Snake Day does not tolerate indecision and lack of will. If you want to hide from everyone in order to plunge into suffering, you need to immediately pull yourself together. Any manifestations of weakness will only aggravate the problem, so you need to go forward in spite of everything. The iron endurance and the strong intuition of the Snake will help you quickly navigate the situation. It is only necessary to draw up a detailed plan of action, to think through each step in order to achieve success. You should not share your thoughts with others: too much attention and conversations can prevent you from fulfilling your plan. At the same time, one cannot be too distant from society: it is rather reckless to set up against yourself those whose help may be needed in the near future.

Water Snake Day is favorable for learning new information. You should not focus only on achieving material well-being. Financial solvency allows you to feel comfortable in any environment, but personal growth is no less important. You should take advantage of time, you should not miss the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and abilities. Everything that happens will be conducive to this: the wisdom and insight of the Serpent is an incentive for improvement. If there is no self-confidence, there is no understanding in which direction you should move, you can turn to others for help. However, it is better to refrain from revelations and complaints: it is not easy to regain a lost reputation. It is better to move in small steps, showing independence, than to depend on the majority opinion.

Wisdom of the Snake Day

On the Snake day, practical issues are especially well managed, so there is no need to come up with excuses to postpone household chores for later. Favorable are any actions aimed at restoring order in the house: cleaning, cleaning, repair. It is useful to spend a lot of time outdoors, work in the garden or mess with indoor flowers.

The wisdom of the Snake is the best adviser in business, so it is recommended to schedule meetings, negotiations, and go to an appointment with the authorities. It is equally useful to spend time in a circle of close people, you can plan a visit or invite friends and colleagues to your home.

On this day, you can closely engage in their professional growth, or at least outline an action plan for the near future. The right strategy will help you go up several steps along the career ladder. However, one should not rely only on luck, it is necessary to engage a lot and hard, to increase your intellectual level.

On the Snake day should refrain from construction work. It is recommended to postpone moving to a new place of residence. It is necessary to limit contact with piercing and cutting objects. Large amounts of money should not be spent, unless there is complete confidence that the expected profit will more than cover all expenses.

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