Tiger Day

On the Tiger day, there is no time for boredom and idleness: life is raging, sparkling with bright events and colors. Quietly sit out does not work, have to take an active part in everything that happens. Circumstances favor decisive action; there is no reason for fear and fear. The tiger is a symbol of protection and nobility, it is not in its rules to mend obstacles. Moreover, you can enlist his support if you behave correctly. Any surprises are possible, cheerfulness, adventurism and even folly are welcomed, but the principles of honesty and justice cannot be violated. Any attempts to achieve your deception or rude flattery should be abandoned. All secrets and tricks will be surely revealed.

The rebel nature of the Tiger does not tolerate inaction, does not seek comfort and peace. Always follows inspiration, ignoring any difficulties and obstacles. Material wealth fades into the background, the priority is the expansion of its territory. As long as there is a desire to move forward, one should not stop. There is no place for routine business on Tiger day; it is a time for the realization of ambitious plans and crazy ideas. You can not worry: strength and energy will be in abundance. Errors may not be avoided, especially in relationships with others, but the natural born winner should not have paid attention to the little things. Doubts are the destiny of weak people, it remains only to enjoy success and to accept favorably the gifts of fate.

Tiger Day and 5 elements influence

One of the five elements has a dominant influence on the nature of the Tiger day: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of them has a number of properties that give a special coloring to the thoughts and actions of a person, leave an imprint on all spheres of life. The Wood element represents development, Fire — energy and optimism, Earth — fertility. The element of Metal gives strength and enterprise, Water — sensuality, tranquility.

Wood Tiger Day is a great opportunity to demonstrate your courage and courage, but do not rattle your weapons in vain. Impulsivity, temper — character traits that are worth working on. Expectant tactics are more suitable, the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue is useful. It is necessary to rely on sociability, the ability to improvise. If you have to face criticism and misunderstanding, you should not aggravate the situation. Without public support, it will be difficult to achieve something meaningful. The best way to attract people to your side is to give up pride. There is no need to prove to everyone their viability, a little self-irony does not hurt.

Fire Tiger Day is suitable for the realization of ambitious plans. And it doesn’t matter at all whether circumstances favor this or not: passion and courage reach their maximum. Raging energy requires a way out, which means that we must act, go ahead, regardless of obstacles. Even if the whole world is against it, the running mechanism cannot be stopped. Haste, quick temper, self-confidence are not the best qualities, but they will help to achieve success. Any flaw can be wrapped up in one’s own favor, if one maintains firmness of spirit. Tiger is a leader, only he has the right to decide to go further or you can stop there. Someone else’s opinion and advice are absolutely not interested in him. Optimism and a strong character inspire hope for a favorable outcome.

Earth Tiger Day does not tolerate useless fuss and uncontrolled attitude to business. You should slow down a little, comprehensively consider the situation and give a correct assessment of the events. Only in this case can we count on success. Fearlessness, determination, courage — qualities that characterize the Tiger as a strong animal. However, the uncompromising, impulsive nature inherent in this powerful nature can be an obstacle to achieving goals. Diligence will turn into dust, and everything that has been won so far will easily go into the sand. You should control your actions: even if the path is much shorter, the results will be more productive. Caution in business and thoughts is the key to the success of this day.

Metal Tiger Day is a time of experimentation: the time has come to make dreams come true. If you act boldly and not be afraid to show your talents, you can hope for success. However, strength, assertiveness, originality do not guarantee instant execution of what was intended. It is not worth undertaking large-scale affairs just because of the desire to show off, to achieve universal recognition. One should be wary of intrigues: few can come to terms with other people’s success. The strength of the Tiger is not only in its courage, courage, but also in cunning, dexterity. Not the last role is played by intellectual abilities and predatory charm. Judiciousness will save you from many troubles. The pursuit of a dream should not end in disappointment.

Water Tiger Day favors good deeds. Any efforts to help others will not go unnoticed. Softness, goodwill, compassion — qualities that should be paid attention in the first place. Dividends may have to wait a long time. Rigidity, assertiveness, ambitiousness will quickly lead to the goal, but human relations are much more valuable. It is necessary to abandon selfishness, too serious a relationship to oneself, self-love and vanity will not bring anything good. It is people, public support — the main wealth, not material values. It’s important to be able to properly dispose of available resources, intuition will help out in difficult times.

Wisdom of the Tiger Day

On the Tiger day, one should not be afraid of major failures: the protection of a strong animal will serve as reliable protection. You can start implementing new projects, take exams, schedule negotiations. Financial transactions and trade promises good profits. There is a high probability of increasing your wealth or returning old debts.

Favorable will be business trips, long-distance trips. You should not limit your imagination, you can choose any direction. The main thing is to carefully prepare for the trip, provide for all possible costs. Material losses are not ruled out, cash spending may be higher than planned.

Timely actions will be aimed at improving housing conditions. If there is no way to expand the territory, it is recommended to update the interior. You can do repairs, moving furniture or ordinary cleaning. Favorably all that is connected by the earth, it is recommended to plant flowers and trees.

On the Tiger day should not conflict and sort things out: a minor quarrel can drag on for a long time. It is necessary to refrain from any action related to marriage. It is better to postpone the declaration of love for another day, misunderstanding may arise.

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