Dog Hour

Dog Hour (19:00 – 21:00) stands guard over peace of mind: thoughts are concentrated on the house and family. The day is nearing completion, you can think about rest. Everyone will find a job to their liking. It is not necessary to spend time at home, devoting evening hours to household chores. You can go to visit the gym or just take a walk in the fresh air. It will be useful to devote some time to your hobby. The main thing is to distance oneself from everything that annoys and causes discontent. The body prepares for bed, negative emotions can cause overexcitation, as a result: problems with falling asleep.

Dog Hour and 5 elements influence

The individual properties of the dominant element give a special coloring to everything that happens. Under their influence, some features of the Dog’s hour appear more vividly, therefore, various scenarios are possible.

Wood Dog Hour does not endure fuss, senseless troubles and deceit. It’s better not to do anything than act to the detriment of anyone. Inner harmony, peace, friendly relations — this is the main goal. You can sacrifice your own interests for the peace of others. The feeling of an elbow is more developed than ever, I want to patronize others, to please them and in every possible way protect from all adversities. The situation is conducive to relaxation, but all sorts of surprises are not excluded. One must be prepared in case someone close needs help. However, one should not fuss too much, everything should be in moderation.

Fire Dog Hour — time to learn from the older generation. If in doubt, there is no understanding of your future, you can ask for advice. Sincerity, attention and respect will help build trust. Many problems can be avoided by relying on the support of more experienced people. However, do not force yourself to communicate if there is no desire. It is unlikely that the evening will end peacefully in an atmosphere of tension and misunderstanding. Most likely, the scandal cannot be avoided, and this is completely unacceptable. It is better to direct energy in a useful direction: yoga, fitness, swimming. It’s time to gain positive emotions and prepare for sleep.

Earth Dog Hour has a comfortable rest. It is worth abandoning all cases, reduce activity to a minimum. If there is a choice between work and family, the only right solution is close people and their problems. Of particular interest are material issues. It’s time to discuss the family budget, make a list of necessary purchases. Perhaps it will be possible to resolve controversial issues, agree on something important. However, vain promises should not be made. It is better to limit yourself to pleasant conversations than to touch upon sensitive topics. A nervous situation can negatively affect your health.

Metal Dog Hour warns against excessive activity. Despite the desire to help others, to guide them on the true path, it is better to refrain from advice. There is no doubt that all actions are performed disinterestedly, out of love for one’s neighbor, but one should not aggravate relations. Why is it unreasonable to spend energy looking at night? You can spend time to good use. Watch an interesting program, read a book or prepare for a new working day. This is a great opportunity to collect your thoughts, look at things from a different angle. If there is an activity that helps to relax, you need to pay attention to it.

Water Dog Hour requires sacrifice and selfless actions. Likely to be disrupted plans for the evening. If loved ones need help or advice, you should forget about your own interests. Nothing terrible will happen if you have to postpone things for a while. But it turns out to establish trusting relationships with those who are nearby. There is nothing more important than family values. This period is ideal for heart-to-heart talks, taking advantage of the moment, you can learn something new about yourself. It’s time to adjust your behavior, intuition will be of great importance. An inner voice helps you find answers to important questions.

Influence of the Dog Hour

For some characters, Dog’s hour is the most unfavorable time of day. People born in the year of the Dragon may be unhappy with everything that happens around. To search for those responsible for their failures is an empty idea. It’s better to calmly prepare for bed than to try to solve at least some problems. Representatives of the Ox sign may be in an unpleasant situation if they are not careful in words and deeds. You must carefully monitor your behavior. For Goat, a hectic time comes, it will be necessary to maneuver between people to please everyone. Do not draw attention to yourself, enter into disputes and take unnecessary initiative.

People of the Tiger sign will be able to establish relationships with loved ones. The calm atmosphere of the Dog’s hour is conducive to confidential conversations. It will be possible to resolve long-standing disagreements if you behave more docilely than usual. An affectionate Rabbit will be able to get everything he dreams about. It will not be difficult to convince friends or colleagues that you are right; you can reach beneficial agreements on many issues. People of the Horse sign, despite the late time, will expect success in their work, and the most effective will be collective work. You can outline a plan for further actions, discuss important business issues.

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