Dragon Hour

Dragon hour (7:00 – 9:00) — a time of complete awakening of forces, do not lie in bed. Sleep will not bring rest and relaxation, on the contrary, a feeling of weakness and weakness may appear. Morning visions are troubling, nightmares may occur. All living things enjoy a new day, nourished by energy and filled with power. This is a time of happy dreams and grandiose plans. You can not remain indifferent to everything that happens: lack of will and laziness are destructive. Every little thing matters, even conversations and news accidentally heard. Any actions will be successful, the main thing is to be in motion.

Dragon Hour and 5 elements influence

Everything that happens along with the animal-patron is under the control of the dominant element. Depending on its properties, the nature of the Dragon’s hour does not just change, but otherwise affects the mood and behavior of a person.

Wood Dragon Hour determines the success of an entire day. There is no time for whims, unhurried awakening and lengthy thoughts. We must be alert, take an active interest in everything that happens. If there is not enough willpower for decisive action, we can assume that the day is ruined. One should enlist the support of others; goodwill is the shortest path to understanding. Personal and business meetings will be equally successful. However, you should not get carried away with conversations, revel in your own irresistibility. Everything needs a measure, this period is not conducive to dreams: business comes first.

Fire Dragon Hour provides a chance to start the day interestingly. We must act with enthusiasm, without regret, getting rid of everything boring and unnecessary. Fate favors daredevils who are not afraid to challenge everyday life. It is possible to turn life into a game, give everyday rituals a special meaning. You can not just have a quick breakfast, but arrange a tea ceremony. This is a time of good luck, new achievements, you can not spend it in the hustle and bustle, ineptly squandering yourself into rubbish. It is worth paying more attention to others: partners, colleagues, not to mention loved ones.

Earth Dragon Hour is a period of relative calm and predictability. Nothing violates the usual course of affairs; there is time to prepare for a new day. You can shine and swim in your irresistibility. The future is painted in rainbow colors: all the problems are on the shoulder. At the same time, a little lightness does not hurt, you need to think boldly and feel free. It is completely permissible to change your usual schedule, to violate some agreements — this will not interfere with the matter. If you look at the world with a fresh look, it will open from a new angle. Good luck will accompany you throughout the day.

Metal Dragon Hour is the beginning of new victories and achievements. If you miss a moment, your plan may not come true. Even in moments of rest and relaxation, you should not waste time in vain. This is a period of total luck in everything related to work, financial matters and personal relationships. You can schedule business meetings, make deals, plan important family events. Even at the stage of negotiations, great progress will be made, not to mention concrete actions. Success lies in the speed of reaction, determination and self-confidence. The winner cannot be modest.

Water Dragon Hour does not tolerate neglect and unceremoniousness. Without inner calm, focus on your sensations, nothing will work. You should not fuss, act for the sake of others, but against your will. Things will wait — this is not the case to run forward headlong. If you can not cope with anxiety and anxiety, you need to draw strength in simple things. Any physical activity is welcome: breathing exercises, leisurely walks, swimming. Any contact with water is favorable; its energy is especially strong during this period of time.

Influence of the Dragon Hour

The glitter of the Dragon is able to dazzle, deprive a sense of reality. For some signs, its effects can be detrimental. Dragon hour is especially dangerous for people born in the year of the Dog. It is not suitable for work requiring concentration, attention to detail. The mood can suddenly spoil, conflicts arise from scratch. Representatives of the following professions are at risk: doctor, teacher, lawyer. Short-tempered, contrary to their usual behavior, can be people of the Ox sign. You should not set aside negotiations for this time, make financial transactions. Rabbits are equally vulnerable: emotions beat over the edge, everything falls out of hand.

People of the Rat sign can breathe a sigh of relief: monetary success is guaranteed. Any steps taken during the Dragon hour will bring a good profit. Good luck awaits financiers, economists, sellers. Even if you have to wait for the result, it will not disappoint. Representatives of the Rooster sign can count on an increase if their activity is related to creativity. These are designers, artists and stylists. No less fortunate are people born in the year of the Monkey. You should use this moment to reach an agreement on favorable terms. Success will accompany those who work in the service and education sectors.

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