Goat Hour

The Goat hour (13:00 – 15:00) is favorable for communication: it is like talking. Such behavior can affect the quality of work, it is better to take a short break. It is unlikely that the results of labor will please: the head is occupied by another. Moreover, the topic for conversation can be any: personal relationships, leisure, finance. The main thing is to enjoy the process of communication. A little respite will only benefit, thoughts will come to order, a desire will appear to move on. This period is filled with kindness, positive, there is no catch. You can use it to strengthen relationships, make new friends.

Goat Hour and 5 elements influence

Everything that happens at the time of the Goat is under the influence of the dominant element. Based on its individual characteristics, we can make an assumption about possible options for the development of events.

Wood Goat Hour will help you find a common language with any person. The degree of benevolence just rolls over, universal unanimity reigns around. We must not miss the opportunity to improve our affairs in all spheres of life. It doesn’t matter what topic is to be raised in the conversation, the result will be equally excellent. This is a favorable period for arranging interviews, meetings, negotiations. You can contact your boss about raising salaries. If there are problems in personal relationships, it’s time to achieve reconciliation or make serious recognition.

Fire Goat Hour is favorable for any creative work. Developed imagination, vivid imagination, sociability — everything is conducive to activity. You can’t stay up and waste time in vain. If before such talents were not observed, you need to use this moment to succeed in business. Perhaps it will turn out to open up from a new angle, to attract universal attention. People in creative professions will be able to make a breakthrough in their careers. However, it should be remembered that excessive impulsiveness can ruin any business. In some cases, it is better to restrict communication on extraneous topics.

Earth Goat Hour calls for seriousness, it’s time to focus on business. Despite the tendency to think, the desire to sit back, have to work. This period is favorable for making deals, solving material problems. Thanks to personal charm and the ability to build a dialogue, it will be possible to achieve favorable conditions for oneself. Those around will willingly meet any suggestions. It is not difficult to pay off a debt or borrow a large amount. At the same time, the risk of squandering money for all kinds of nonsense increases. Do not get involved in shopping.

Metal Goat Hour is the time to embody ambitious tasks. All endeavors will be accompanied by luck. Circumstances favor bold and decisive actions: there is a place for reasonable risk, any adventures are welcome. However, do not go too far, excessive self-confidence can lead to conflicts. Straightness and stubbornness will only lengthen the path to the goal. It is better to act carefully, without attracting attention. You should bet on charm, confidential communication. The ability to win people over is the basis of success. It’s time to shine with your eloquence.

Water Goat Hour is favorable for pleasant conversations, minor matters. It will not be difficult to attract people to your side, make new acquaintances. The friendly atmosphere disposes to some frivolity. You can embellish your achievements a little, a harmless lie only for the good. The ability to think creatively, sociability, flexibility will help in achieving goals. However, do not be too zealous in work. Inattention to details can lead to sad consequences. Possible cheating by colleagues and partners. It is better to refuse transactions and conclude contracts.

Influence of the Goat Hour

The interaction of the animal hour and the patron of the year of birth is not always beneficial. In some cases, the Goat hour is a serious danger. Ox sign people should not plan anything for this time. If it is not possible to postpone an important work or meeting, you need to be extremely careful. Personal conflicts and personal troubles are not excluded. For the Rat, this is not an easy period, there is too much fuss and noise around. Due to an insignificant trifle, a big deal can break, financial losses are likely. Representatives of the Dog sign may be alone, without support it will be difficult to cope with work problems.

People born in the year of the Rabbit, waiting for a lot of pleasant surprises. Nothing will impede fruitful work. Only favorable offers and the right people, ready to provide support in all endeavors. In personal relationships, complete harmony will reign. In the Horse’s life, changes are possible, undoubtedly for the better. Favorable conditions in the team, success in resolving work issues and financial success - all this is possible, but with due diligence. For the sign of the Pig, there comes a time of personal happiness. Lovers will be able to verify the correctness of their choice, and couples — to agree on important issues.

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