Horse Hour

Horse Hour (11:00 – 13:00) awakens strength, fills with energy. The sun rises high above the horizon, the pace of life changes: all processes accelerate, time inexorably runs forward. There comes a period of maximum physical activity, the body is able to withstand any load. If you want to go far in business, you need to immediately start work. Diligence, industriousness combined with endurance guarantee success in everything, not only in solving pressing issues. This period is ideal for fitness classes, visits to the gym. The main thing is not to be at rest, missing the opportunity to succeed.

Horse Hour and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the dominant elements, the nature of the Horse’s hour undergoes some changes. The changes concern all spheres of life, including the physical and emotional state of people.

Wood Horse Hour brings together, promotes the establishment of friendly relations. This is a good time for socializing, conducting business negotiations and speaking in public. People are set up for cooperation, willingly help each other. It will turn out not just to convey your thoughts to others, but to gain unconditional trust. However, one should not rely solely on charm; one will have to try not to violate the agreements reached. Despite the atmosphere of warmth and friendship, financial problems may arise. Do not completely rely on others, you need to be aware of all the matters.

Fire Horse Hour is not suitable for a showdown. Scandals arise from scratch: emotions beat over the edge. Finding a common language with business partners and loved ones will be very difficult. Therefore, do not go into details, look for a trick in everything. It is necessary to direct energy towards achieving specific goals, and training will be especially easy. New information is absorbed quickly, despite the large volumes. You can take part in seminars, make excursions, attend cultural events. You should not limit yourself to the scope — this is the time of new discoveries.

Earth Horse Hour is favorable for any physical work. If in the early morning the body lacks energy, at this time there is a surge of strength. It will turn out to carry out a large amount of work, with little or no effort. You should not pay attention to what is happening around, you need to work tirelessly. Otherwise, the favorable moment will be missed, in the future you will have to sweat pretty to complete the work. The intense rhythm can unsettle, you need to find an opportunity to rest and eat properly. This period is intended not only for work, but also for a full meal.

Metal Horse Hour is a time of sharp jerk ahead. Everything around is conducive to the implementation of ambitious plans. Any work is argued, regardless of the field of activity. Fate is supportive of hardworking people, you can do anything, but just not mess around. Simple is unacceptable, no excuses, obstacles on the way – just an excuse to double your efforts. Although you should not behave insolently, take rash steps. Everything is good in moderation; excessive enthusiasm for work can lead to energy exhaustion. In addition, you should be wary of conflicts with colleagues.

Water Horse Hour calls for attention and caution. One has only to stumble a little — and unpleasant consequences can not be avoided. The fact that everything will be easy, including communication with others, is encouraging. This time is filled with fantasies and dreams of a beautiful future. I want to share my thoughts and feelings. However, excessive enthusiasm can turn into problems. Financial and professional failures are not ruled out, you cannot rush and act rashly. Although people of art can do as they see fit. In this case, some frivolity in matters does not hurt.

Influence of the Horse Hour

Not always the hour of the Horse carries prosperity, for some signs it poses a serious threat. In the life of the Rat, the most unpleasant events can occur. Even diligence does not guarantee a successful course of affairs. Likely problems with financial analysts, traders, managers. For optional Rabbits, an obstacle may be the need to work much and hard. It is better to take a break from work, otherwise you will have to put up with defeat. The people of the Ox sign, on the contrary, will be so passionate about their work that they will begin to conflict with everyone who does not share their views.

A lot of pleasant surprises were prepared by the Horse hour for the Tiger. People of this sign will be happy, they can act in accordance with their desires: good luck at their feet. This period is especially favorable for free Tigers, romantic adventures are possible. The goofy Goat will be able to realize all his crazy ideas. It’s time to start implementing creative projects, but it is better to refrain from financial transactions. Lucky people born in the year of the Dog, they will not have to make an effort on themselves to succeed. Intellectual workers can hope for leadership incentives.

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