Monkey Hour

Monkey hour (15:00 โ€“ 17:00) is a hectic time, you can expect anything. Everything around is in motion, life is in full swing, there is no time for rest. The brain works actively, quickly captures and processes information. Efficiency increases many times, the body can withstand any load. If until this moment it seemed that there was absolutely no power left, a second wind will open. No action will be taken to activate hidden reserves. All processes are natural, no need to customize yourself. It is necessary to redo a lot of things before nightfall, so the work is easy to argue.

Monkey Hour and 5 elements influence

The nature of the Monkey hour can change under the influence of the dominant element. Depending on its individual properties, the events taking on a certain color and special meaning.

Wood Monkey Hour suggests activity in affairs, the degree of curiosity is extremely high. Do not take words on faith, you need to delve into and double-check everything. Moreover, there will be no shortage of strength and energy. An undoubted advantage is the ability to quickly grasp information. This will benefit those involved in intellectual activities. We should not miss the chance to advance, to prove our superiority over others. Help in business will be the ability to hold a punch. Hot temper and resentment can interfere with the achievement of goals, otherwise there will be no obstacles.

Fire Monkey Hour is not intended for idleness: there is no place for boredom and idleness. Even if the activity will be chaotic, it is quite possible to exist outside the system. Healthy adventurism, desire to try something new are welcome. This is a great opportunity to prove yourself, stand out clearly against the general background. In all spheres of life, luck will accompany, one can hope to improve their positions. You donโ€™t have to worry about the results; in difficult times, intuition will come to the rescue. At this time, she is stronger than ever. It is inner feelings that will play an important role, but not hard work and zeal.

Earth Monkey Hour promises good luck in activities that require concentration. Brilliant prospects for those engaged in serious activities: business, politics, finance. Fans of easy success and quick profit have nothing to hope for. Better save your talents until next time. All actions should be aimed at improving their social and material situation. Any attempts to cheat will result in failure. Only honest work and responsible attitude to business. Although those who want to fool around can count on luck. Perhaps they will be able to break ahead, but not for long.

Metal Monkey Hour is suitable for public activities. All actions are aimed at strengthening their position in society. Without the support of others it will be very tight. If until that time public opinion did not matter, the need for approval increases sharply. I want to like people, make new friends. What is important, the support of colleagues and relatives will help to cope with any troubles. You can behave boldly and relaxed, a little cunning and ingenuity will not hurt. If you act wisely, it will turn out to take a leading position.

Water Monkey Hour is a time to act in our own interests. Scrupulousness and embarrassment should not be shown, it is necessary to benefit from everything. You can wrap yourself a good attitude of others. This is a favorable moment for personal requests and favors. Relatives and colleagues will be happy to help, the main thing is not to be intrusive. Due to its softness, delicacy it will be possible to get around sharp corners. You need to stay confident, speak convincingly, but without unnecessary clarifications. Do not overreact to criticism, otherwise it will fail. There may be problems at work, a career will slow down.

Influence of the Monkey Hour

The influence of the Monkey hour is not always favorable; for some signs, this time does not bode well. Troubles can be avoided if you act carefully. Serious barriers may arise in the way of people born in the year of the Tiger: violation of agreements, financial setbacks. Do not do anything significant, it is better to reduce activity to a minimum. Goats may have difficulties, it is difficult for her to maintain a fast pace of life. There is a great risk of getting into trouble due to distraction and lack of assembly. People of the Pig sign should not be distracted by unnecessary fuss, only full focus on business guarantees success.

The calculating Rat will be able to adapt to the unpredictable Monkey. The main thing is to remain calm and act decisively. You should take the initiative and not wait for outside help. Financial losses are likely, but minimal, basically everything is going quite well. Representatives of the sign of the Snake must trust intuition. If there is no confidence in their actions, it is better to do nothing at all. Particularly successful is the hour of the Monkey for people employed in the field of education. It will not be difficult for dragons to promote their ideas and projects. You can invest in any contract, you will be able to make big profits and succeed in your career.

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