Ox Hour

The Ox hour (1:00 – 3:00) is designed for relaxation, its soft energy favors retirement to bed. No rush and fuss — this is a time of reflection, contemplation and enjoyment of inner freedom. The day is over, worries and troubles are left behind. The time has come to take care of yourself, to be alone. There is no need to pretend, to seem better than it really is. This is a great opportunity to restore strength, recharge your batteries. Although active nature will find something to their liking. Despite the atmosphere of appeasement, work will argue, especially intellectual activity.

Ox Hour and 5 elements influence

The individual characteristics of the Ox hour largely depend on the dominant element. She leaves her mark on the behavior of the patron animal, strengthens or weakens some features of his character.

Wood Ox Hour is a great time for a sound sleep, the body should rest after a hard day. The movements slow down, a pleasant weakness appears in the body. No need to customize yourself, try to redo all unfinished business. Perhaps a second wind will open and it will be possible to complete the plan, but it is better to postpone the activity. As a last resort, you can read a book or write down your plans for the near future. In any case, it’s worth following the logic: night is for sleep, not thought. In the morning, life will appear in a different light, so do not waste precious time in vain.

Fire Ox Hour suggests vigorous activity. Suddenly, your mood may go bad or you may have the idea to have fun, despite the late time. The desire to break the usual rhythm of life can turn into trouble. It is likely that others will not be ready for such a turn of affairs. Do not get angry with them, prove your case and throw out negative emotions. Straightforwardness and a keen desire to talk heart-to-heart will not lead to anything good. It is unlikely that it will be possible to reach an agreement, but to ruin the relationship is easy. It is better to direct energy into a peaceful direction.

Earth Ox Hour is the time of accumulation of forces and energy. You need to relax properly to fall asleep faster. It is better to refuse to read, watch TV or work on a computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully relax. In extreme cases, you can make important notes, make a plan for tomorrow. Although the body is able to cope with any loads, do not burden yourself with unnecessary things. If there is a need to complete urgent work, the result will be excellent. A high level of working capacity remains: the fruits of labor will bring satisfaction. However, the main task is rest.

Metal Ox Hour gives a feeling of coziness and comfort, I want peace and warmth. However, the internal state is extremely unstable, you may want to delve into yourself, deal with the complexes. It is categorically unacceptable to waste time worrying and thinking. Quarrels with relatives are especially dangerous, any careless word - and scandal is inevitable. All important and unimportant things should be left for tomorrow: there will be a day, there will be food. Nothing sensible of the steps taken will work. If you can’t relax at all, you need to think about something pleasant or do breathing exercises.

Water Ox Hour is good for communication. Despite the late time, you need to find at least a couple of minutes to find out about the state of affairs of loved ones. It is likely to manage to resolve a long-standing quarrel or eliminate an annoying misunderstanding. The main thing is to remain patient and listen carefully to the person you are talking to. A personal opinion is best left with you. Moreover, you should not indulge in the passion of gluttony. It is necessary to abandon everything that interferes with relaxation, including from a late dinner. You can listen to calm music, mentally plan tomorrow, but no more than that.

Influence of the Ox Hour

Each of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac acts in its own way with the hour of the Ox. For people born in the year of the Goat, this is the most unfavorable time, promising trouble and adversity. It is better to refuse any business, and if there is no such opportunity, you need to adhere to the rule - do not act alone. Only with the support of loyal friends can major troubles be avoided. No less serious problems await those who are patronized by the Horse. Hot temper, impatience can cause love and financial failures. Under attack, people of the Dragon sign. Complications in relations with business partners are likely, which can negatively affect the future career.

For the sign of the Snake, the hour of the Ox does not pose any danger, on the contrary, it gives calm and confidence. Efficiency increases, brain activity intensifies. Creative people will be able to successfully implement their ideas, and it is better to refuse physical labor. For those born in the year of the Rooster, great opportunities open up, especially for artists and designers. This is truly a wonderful time: inspiration knows no bounds. People of the Rat sign, on the contrary, will be able to focus on the result. No creative impulses, only a detached analysis of the situation. With a high degree of probability it will be possible to find a solution to long-standing problems.

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